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Avatar n tn For the last three months I have been having aching pain and pressure in my left ovary (same area as the mettleschmertz I normally get during ovulation) during mid cycle - but for several days. The pain subsides during the rest of the cycle, though I still feel a "fluttering" feeling. The pain then returns just before my period, subsiding again to a flutter after menses begins.
Avatar n tn my periods. It worked each time. Then, beginning earlier this year, I started having mid-cycle bleeding. My periods were regular, but in between each, I would have 2-3 days of spotting. It has been anywhere from brownish to reddish. Today it was pink. I was not taking any birth control pills when this began. I have notified my ob/gyn about this as well, and they have prescribed birth control pills for me to take to regulate my periods. I have not started these yet.
Avatar n tn Last time had sex was Tuesday and the blood began Saturday. It came on very suddenly. I am in mid cycle, ovulated about a week to a week and a half ago. I think I will go to the clinic tomorrow. I am experiencing lower bak pain and cramping today too. Very tired and weak.. My periods are always so regular..
Avatar n tn Hi Kiaragrace Since you have not responded to my post I wanted to add something to it, Mid cycle spotting can also be a sign of Ovulation. Some women spot with pain mid cycle when they ovulate, this is a very good sign for women trying to get pregnant. Shows your fertile times. Hope you re post, if not good luck!
Avatar f tn i have all the symptoms of being fertile and approaching ovulation, including some mid cycle spotting. The mid cycle spotting is generally normal for me. Since i'm fertile, my DH and I have been doing the baby dance rather frequently. This afternoon after we had sex, i was bleeding quite a bit. It seemed more than my "normal" mid cycle spotting. I am not bleeding now...
Avatar f tn I am only mid-cycle. I have an average 26 day cycle and I'm on CD18. the past 5 days my breast have hurt so bad! Mainly in my nipple/areola area and above. Not sure why they would be so sore. I ovulated on CD13. any suggestions?
1180549 tn?1263995275 ve been having back pain feeling like i gotta vomit but i do not also breast feel like tey on fire hurt i took two pregnancy tes neg my cycle is irregular but it usually come on by day 32 im three days late i also have light cramps on the left side on and off for about two weeks now in mid headache can somebody write back asap
Avatar n tn As your spotting is mid cycle, this could to due to mittel schmertz. Look it up on google. Its basically when you release your egg (ovulate). You can expect normal period like cramps etc during this time. Spotting should only be brief. How long does the spotting last? Mittel schmertz is normal, I suffer with it badly, I know which ovary is releasing the egg and for a few hours after it has been released, I can barely walk. Most women don't get it, and ones that do only get it mildly.
Avatar f tn May be pertinent to mention i have had upset stomach in last few days and severe heartburn for last 10 days. I usually ovulate mid cycle but I am so confused and horrified now. I dont want a pregnancy. Does anyone experienced the same situation? Should I be worried??
Avatar n tn All bet are off when you are breast feeding. You cannot interpret things when you are breast feeding. You should do a cycle day 2 o3 FSH and Estradiol to measure ovarian reserve when you are not breast feeding The other numbers are not helpful. That being said, you are 41 and therefore the chances of getting pregnant are lower. If you are interested in having another baby I would immediately stop breast feeding and try to get pregnant.
Avatar n tn The hives and rash were persistant from mid cycle and my breast increased a full size. Now that I have started my cycle the rash has gone and my breast are still large and tender. Is this just due to my nutritional problems.
Avatar f tn Post due date, i felt breast tenderness and cramps increasing a little bit and today i had spotting just once. I am 7 days overdue the normal date (not considering mid-cycle bleeding) and all HPT came out negative (with clearblue even this morning with concentrated sample). Earlier, A medhelp doc had commented that the conditions i had (mid cycle bleeding) is due to irregular use of BC in high doses. I am so confused.
Avatar n tn A woman's breasts can keep growing in till mid 20's. And breast pain happens to all of us. I do remember my teenage years and that tenderness was severe, so I'm thinking u are ok but if u want to make sure u can always bring it up to a doc.
Avatar n tn Its implantation im 99% sure :) try a test and good luck!!
Avatar n tn I'm having mid cycle cramps been about 2 days... could I be ovulating I've never really felt this before, it feels pretty much like AF cramps. Just wanting to know if anyone else has them?
Avatar f tn t know a lot about mid cycle spotting, but I do know 1 of the reasons can be low progesterone. So yeah, probably a hormonal issue. If it happens regularly, you could mention it to your Dr. and perhaps they can help regulate things for you. I also have read it's more common in women who have irregular cycles. I know you told me, but I can't that the case with you?
Avatar f tn As soon as my husband and I started TTC, my cycles completely changed and strange things kept happening such as mid cycle bleeding etc. I have no idea why this happened. I've just had some small dots and strands of blood mid cycle when I wiped - a one off. I went to a new doctor on Friday who is a woman (my last doctor was a man and I didn't feel like he understood what was happening with me). However my new doc is great.
1340383 tn?1309990914 I am at CD 18 and have not ovulated yet (as per my BBT and OPKs)..I have never noticed any mid cycle spotting ever and my temps are still low..I have lower abdominal pains since yesterday similar to when AF is due... though no Eggwhite CM.. so was wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this?
1386765 tn?1451164337 I had never spotted mid cycle until after I had my miscarriage. I know it can be normal for some people - I think, but I wondered what people's experiences with this were. Is it at a certain time of your cycle? Did you go to your doctor to get checked? What did he/she say? It just seems like a big deal to me and if it isn't I'd really like to know before I start freaking out. Thanks for your thoughts anyone!
Avatar n tn I've been reading other posts and it's clear that mid-cycle spotting is pretty common (and especially spotting a few days before your period). For the past two days, I have been experiencing cramping and spotting, with dark brown blood and discharge, it's really light. I had my last period about 14 days ago, and from what I understand, this spotting may be because I am ovulating?
889551 tn?1416184483 Hi Nicole, i am experiencing somthing similar exept i am not on birth control, since you have a child already, did u have mid cycle spotting before? I never had that until last week and my period isnt due till next cramping for almost 2 days now and i cant explain this, did you experience this and it was acually ovulation ? or when and if you did , was it that u was pregnant? thank you for your time.