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Avatar f tn i was going threw the same thing but i took test after test and they should up negitive. After about 7 1/2 weeks of pain in my breast and fluid i went to the hospital for throwing up and little did I know I was pregnant wait a while and take another one okay...Hope everything works out.
Avatar f tn I have never had breast milk start leaking out of my breast before I actually started breastfeeding a baby I only needed the pads after my milk came in which took about 3 days to a week after I started breastfeeding
Avatar f tn Is it normal for it to come in and come in realy fast then make the breast hard and sore? Need help from mommies that breast feed please. P.s.
Avatar f tn I had a prolactinoma and my prolactin was... barely elevated and most of the times it tested normal! I had a LOT of breast pain. I was fully lactating out of both breasts and one very rude doctor, even after seeing it with his eyes, had the nerve to tell me that the tests did not support my lactation! Er, well, dude, sorry that my body did not cooperate with the lab ranges! She has an enlarged pituitary gland - dollars to donuts, that means she has a pit tumor.
Avatar n tn (stoppped pretty much immediately) I just started working a couple of weeks ago as a nanny for a 9-week-old little girl who drinks breast milk from the bottle, and this entire time, I've been having intense pain in my breasts. Today, I woke up with a soaking wet shirt..and am producing a LOT of milk. WHY IS THIS!? Please help.
348985 tn?1205241625 I stopped breasfeeding in August and resumed my period in Spetember. I have been running a roughly 22-25 day cycles since then. My milk "dried up" within a week of stopping breastfeeding. I have tuberous breast deformity so I had trouble making and maintaining milk supply for all my kids. However, about 2weeks ago, give or take, I started lactating from my left breast.
Avatar n tn I normally get breast pain right before I am going to have my period. Since you had pain before your period also it could be from hormones trying to regulate itself. So many changes are occurring in your postpartum body, the pain in your breast is probably one of them. I just had my baby 8 weeks ago and right now I am a terrible mess too. Things should get better for you soon since your are 10 mths out.
1461017 tn?1285816382 I am 42 yr women I am experiencing pain on both my breast the right more than the left. On the left breast I have black fluid coming out and on the left gray to dark brown. I have no insurance. Should I go to the ER. In 2005 I had a partial Hysterectomy. I really don't know what to do..
Avatar f tn My pharmacist and Dr took me off of Lyrica and the ticks slowed down and the breast milk went away. Pain became intolerable so they switched me to Lamectal and I have started breast milk again and well as a little more of the ticks than I had without any of the meds. Anyone with any ideas? I need the meds but I don't want the lactation to hurt my body in the long run. PS I have found that Narcotic pain relievers started the humming but the rest was definitley the lyrica.
Avatar f tn Coupled with this, in the last few years I have developed lactation of the R breast only, and was told this is normal. Recently I am also noticing weightloss. I've gone from 5'5" and 106 pounds to 97 pounds despite eating well. I have never been able to keep weight on nor develop muscle.
Avatar n tn i'm doing breast feeding for last 2yrs.recently feeling a pain in left lactation startd 4mths before delivery.
Avatar f tn have you had a lactation consultant evaluate your baby's latch? some pain in the beginning is normal, but if it seems extreme the baby may not be latching properly.
Avatar f tn Since that day whenever I sneeze I feel pain in my breast. It fees like prickles or tingles everywhere down to the nipples. Almost as if my milk were coming down but worse. And the pain lingers for a minute or so after the fact that I've sneezed and then my breast feel sore almost like I've been breastfeeding. I haven't breastfed since August last year. But if I try I can still milk. Am I still lactating? Is that right? I'm just confused HELP!
Avatar n tn It can also be due to increased prolactin. However Fibrocystic disease of the breast can cause pain and tenderness along with discharge. You are in the menopause age so hormonal changes are expected. Also fibrocystic breast disease is expected. Hope this helps. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Nipple pain could be due to rough sex if you are sexually active, ill fitting bra, jogging without bra, eczema, contact dermatitis, Paget’s disease of the breast, bacterial or fungal infection. If there is breast soreness then it could also be due to fibroadenosis or even an abscess. Please consult your PCP or gynecologist for primary examination followed by proper referral or treatment. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn Also simply over stimulation of the breast tissue can cause lactation. If you take any opiates or antipsychotic meds you should tell your doctor you are experiencing these side effects. Hope this helps!
Avatar n tn Regardless of all those cysts I have trouble believing that I do, inf fact have PCOS because statistically, women with PCOS who manage to have children typically have massive problems with breast feeding due to lack of lactation. Please help me as I do not have the money to keep seeing doctors who are making me worse than I was before and every time I try to talk to sme one about this problem they treat it as if it is not a serious problem.
Avatar n tn I breast fed my son for 18 months and I continued to have some lactation for 4 to 5 years afterward. He is 15 now and for the last few years when I express my breast I have dark green discharge, some pain before and after my period. My last mammogram was normal and the slide of discharge was normal but both my sister and my mother had breast cancer. I am 38. the same age as my sister when her stage 3 breast cancer was found.
Avatar n tn My hospital gave me a free hand pump before I was discharge. I use it at the beginning when baby won't take one of my breast. I pump my breast a little to get the nipple ready with a little drop of milk, it really help. Newborn baby can be inpatient sometime. Good for you for wanting to breast feed. It's going to be hard work and it will take lot of will power to get thru thd first couple of weeks. I'm at week 4 and sooooo glad I did.
Avatar f tn If you find you are having any pain or trouble, I strongly recommend consulting a lactation specialist.
Avatar f tn Ftm mom & am breastfreeding. My milk barely came in & on of my breast is so sore & full of milk but its in so much pain & it hurts. What can I do to make it go away? Am just feeding on one breast cause the one that hurts can't feed on.
Avatar f tn For me, it is a three bra minimum if there is to be any substantial physical activity. Every month there is the lump pain and lactation (I haven't been pregnant or nursed a child since 1990), every day there is the back, neck, shoulder pain. Given the laundry lists of suffering and symptoms among so many women, surely some options warrant exploration. Is it possible, with our technology to simply remove these lumps or sources of pain in the breasts? Every month is so uncomfortable.
915119 tn?1341952589 I have been having pain on both of my breast. The pain is on the sides of my breast. Even after I pump they feel full from where the pain is. Is this normal? I can't even touch them because they hurt so bad. I can't even get my arms too close to my breast because of the pain. I also have been having a fever, but the doctor said I had pnumonia. Could it be because of the pnumonia or is it something else?
Avatar f tn Make sure you can get in touch with a lactation consultant by phone or in person they are great encouragement and full of advice. Ice packs, heat packs, gel packs, nipple cream, hot showers and LOTS of patience will help ease the discomforts of breastfeeding. I enjoyed my second go around because I was more educated and had more info about baby growth spurts, unlike my first when I thought I wasn't making enough milk.
Avatar n tn It's important to know that pain can be normal just so you don't give up thinking that it's the implants that are causing the pain. When in doubt, call a lactation consultant and she will be able to advise you of nursing is in the cards for you. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I'm honestly more scared about the pain from breast feeding more than I'm scared of labor!
Avatar f tn Try letting your baby nurse.. I had this problem with my left breast because of constant pain/blister from the baby not latching on correctly. Once it healed I tried nursing again and mine went back up.
7365709 tn?1395402572 I don't plan on breast feeding so my question is how do I get rid of the milk quickly? With my first I was so soar and in pain and I don't wanna go thru that again but back then I didn't think to ask anyone about it I just let it go on its own. Help!!!