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Avatar f tn I have never had breast milk start leaking out of my breast before I actually started breastfeeding a baby I only needed the pads after my milk came in which took about 3 days to a week after I started breastfeeding
Avatar f tn i was going threw the same thing but i took test after test and they should up negitive. After about 7 1/2 weeks of pain in my breast and fluid i went to the hospital for throwing up and little did I know I was pregnant wait a while and take another one okay...Hope everything works out.
Avatar f tn You don't get breast milk in until 2-6 days after you give birth. First thing that is produced is colostrum, which is clear, milky, orange or yellow in color. That is the nutrient rich and thick stuff baby gets first. The more baby breast feeds the more your body will make the milk. Breast size doesn't matter in production of milk, you should make milk just fine. But you do need to drink a lot of water to produce enough breast milk. So keep hydrated after you give birth.
Avatar n tn Me and my boyfriend dont have sex but we do foul around. He loves to suck on my breast and I love it when he does its really nice. He ***** on them about everyday and well he did it today and said there was stuff coming out...Is it breast milk? Am I lactating even though I am not pregnant? Is it possible?
Avatar f tn I was about 12-14wks when I started. I thought it was strange too. But my doc said it was ok.
8171031 tn?1399327634 I'm 22 weeks and I just noticed in one cup of my bra it's wet... is this breast milk? And if so is it normal for it to start on one side?
Avatar f tn Hi I have noticed today while in the bath that both of my breasts are lactating I am Not PREGNANT I had my last child 18 months ago but never breast fed....nothing like thiws has happened before anyone one got any ideas as to what maybe the problem.... I wear a bra everday nothing has changed in my breasts ie when i was pregnant they were sore and heavy none of that is happening...
Avatar n tn I normally get breast pain right before I am going to have my period. Since you had pain before your period also it could be from hormones trying to regulate itself. So many changes are occurring in your postpartum body, the pain in your breast is probably one of them. I just had my baby 8 weeks ago and right now I am a terrible mess too. Things should get better for you soon since your are 10 mths out.
Avatar f tn My three sisters have all experienced the same pain at first and yes we have all seen lactation specialists. Keep it up and pain will go away!
Avatar f tn If your pregnant that's why:P
1466977 tn?1286463167 Breasts can sometimes secrete fluid at different times, even when not lactating. Call your OB. Most likely just hormones.
Avatar f tn Yes u will cuz some women dont start getting their milk in till a few days after bb arrives b patient it will come in soon!
Avatar f tn My milk supply is decreasing and even though I supplement my baby with formula I want to still give him breast milk. After the milk supply has decreased can I or I mean how can I get it back up, and is it possible?
Avatar f tn I never leaked with any of my 4 kids.
Avatar f tn My milk supply is decreasing and even though I supplement my baby with formula I want to still give him breast milk. After the milk supply has decreased can I or I mean how can I get it back up, and is it possible?
Avatar n tn my wife just passed away i have a 4 month old i do not want to do formal, i heard somewhere if a man stimulated his breast on a tight schedule he will be able to breast feed i am hoping this is true i have already started so far i have gotten a clear sweet liquid coming out of my breasts, not enough to satify a growing baby, if i can help out at all i'm gonna do my best even if it kills me.
Avatar f tn If you find you are having any pain or trouble, I strongly recommend consulting a lactation specialist.
Avatar n tn My hospital gave me a free hand pump before I was discharge. I use it at the beginning when baby won't take one of my breast. I pump my breast a little to get the nipple ready with a little drop of milk, it really help. Newborn baby can be inpatient sometime. Good for you for wanting to breast feed. It's going to be hard work and it will take lot of will power to get thru thd first couple of weeks. I'm at week 4 and sooooo glad I did.
Avatar f tn Support her body with your left arm and hold her head with your left hand to latch her on to your right breast. You have total control of her head. With your right hand move breast and brush your nipple off her lips. This should stimulate her to make a big wide mouth and when she does push her head in so she takes a big mouthful of nipple and breast. It takes practice! Keep doing it until you get it right.
3828469 tn?1358462325 Mine has a lactation consultant. Or they will point you in the right way to getting help. If its not pain. during actual feeding it could be mastitis or your breasts would just be really full. Expressing might help?
Avatar f tn There was lactation after that.. for a month.. i had breast engorgement too.. i had to squeeze them out.. but the lactation was gone for like three months already.. today i just felt a bit pain in my right breast and i squeezed it and a drop of milk came out.. it’s not plenty at all.. but should i worry ? Is that normal ? When that drop came out, that slight pain in my right breast is relieved.. i’ve been hitting gym and doing kind of strenous exercises for a month till now..
972246 tn?1311088535 The following medical conditions are some of the possible causes of Breast pain. There are likely to be other possible causes, so ask your doctor about your symptoms. Breast injury Normal female menstrual cycles Premenstrual syndrome - may cause breast pain or discomfort that is cyclic. Pregnancy - causes breast tenderness or breast aching Start of menstruation - causes breast tenderness in adolescent girls.
Avatar f tn My beautiful son was born on the first and i am breast feeding. Any tips for making this journey a successful one?
Avatar f tn I have tried breast feeding my first two babies and I made through a couple day but my nipples got really sore and started to crack and bleed so I had to stop does anyone know what it could of been and how to prevent it so I can try again?