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Avatar m tn Fasting plasma glucose test measures blood glucose level in blood after 12 to 14 hours of fasting and it is used in diabetes diagnosis. Oral glucose tolerance test measures the body’s ability in glucose metabolism and clearing excess glucose in the blood. Random plasma glucose test measures plasma glucose without fasting (no worry what have eaten), as called as casual plasma glucose test.
Avatar m tn Typically, lancet and lancet device are used in monitoring levels of blood glucose to drag out little blood sample from the patient to test his/her glucose level. The blood sample will be now dropped on a test strip and injected in a blood glucose meter to get the needed result. Blood glucose test strip This is a feature in the lives of many diabetic people. Strips depend on assessing conductivity by a minute blood sample taken by the diabetic person from a local site using a lancet.
1036906 tn?1296054367 I had to go back to the hospital for a 3 hour blood glucose test because my 1st test levels were high. Hopefully this 3 hour test comes back negative. I'm not too sure what will happen if I do have gestational diabetes.
713514 tn?1229571061 no gestational diabetes, but i found out i'm anemic
689528 tn?1364135841 Not sure what it is but my only thought good be that my blood sugar may have been low for the moment and that snack is what I needed. It was such an odd feeling!
1036906 tn?1296054367 So I called my Dr. today to find out my results of my 3 hour bllod glucose test. It came back with really high results. I have gestational diabetes. This really *****. I have to check my blood sugar 4 times a day and go on a strict diet. This really *****. I'm so upset that this has happened and there is nothing I could have done to prevent it. I'm trying not to cry but I just want to break down. I'm at a low today.
1009876 tn?1326490077 Blood has to be taken 3 times for this test. I drank the sugar drink after they did the first blood test. Now I'm not feeling so hot.
3246889 tn?1349974415 Do you welcome the possibility of being able to ditch a blood glucose test? What other technologies would you like to see developed to improve diabetes management? Live well and enjoy!
508203 tn?1233234804 Today I had some good and some bad news.... The good news is that I had a blood test done to screen for the presence of antibodies (as I am rh negative) and the results came back negative!! Great news!! The bad news is that I failed my glucose test and need to have a second one done this saturday; My mother had gestational diabetes so I won't be surprised if I have it.
Avatar f tn Went to Quest Logics to do a A1C blood test which is for glucose.
1001166 tn?1256950356 Glucose tolerance test for gestational diabetes!! whoo hooo! we celebrated by going to lunch and getting a milk shake!
1230936 tn?1384267689 i'm on my third set of yeast infection medication. the pill didn't work. the perscription worked but i stopped it to early and now i'm back to good ole monistate 7 (i used that while pregnant with lila). Though the mid wife claims i didn't have a yeast infection last week..i do. she may not see it under the microscope..but i can feel the horrible itching. i gave the yeast infection almost a week to magically clear up....or make my mind stop playing tricks on me..didn't work.
Avatar n tn Glycemic control A1C <7.0% Preprandial plasma glucose (before a meal) 70–130 mg/dl (5.0–7.2 mmol/l) Postprandial plasma glucose (after a meal) <180 mg/dl (<10.
1371772 tn?1278972172 Had to fast from 10pm last night til 1030am today had glucose tolerence test and bloods
Avatar f tn Fasting glucose test indicated pre-diabetes. Dr. suggested diet and exercise. I will be retested in June.
1434731 tn?1382722384 I have Diabetes in my family really bad so I am doing a 10 week 1 hour glucose test next Friday. my dad came over 3 hours after I ate lunch before i was gonna have a snack and checked my blood. my number was 123. He said that's a good number, and he is pretty sure I will have no problem with my glucose test. Only problem I see is drinking a bottle full of sugar and not having and sugar high all day! I don't normally eat a lot of sugar.
1469903 tn?1286646697 Diabetes Symptoms Symptoms of Type II Diabetes Some of the symptoms of diabetes include: • high amounts of glucose in the urine, which leads to dehydration and causes increased thirst and water consumption; • weight loss despite an increase in appetite; • fatigue; • nausea; • vomiting; • bladder, skin, and vaginal infections; • blurred vision; and • lethargy What is diabetes?
Avatar f tn had my diabetes blood test today hope it is ok
5314819 tn?1371277397 Today I called in at a pharmacy and had some tests done Total Cholesterol 0 6.2 mmolo/L Blood Pressure 128/80 Fasting Blood Glucose 7.
3253252 tn?1347048058 If your blood glucose exceeds that range, your provider will recommend a more extensive glucose tolerance test. For this test you have to be fasting overnight. Before you start the test, you will have a fasting blood sample drawn. Instead of 50 grams of glucose, you will be given a special beverage with 100 grams of glucose to drink, then have blood drawn 1, 2 and 3 hours after you drink the beverage.
1647475 tn?1363137097 30 a.m. today! Praying my glucose test went well so I don't have to do that again!
Avatar n tn Serum glucose test - To diagnose or screen for diabetes. Measures glucose in your blood at time of draw. HgbA1c - Measure your average glucose over the past 3 months. "why they do both?" - If you haven't tested positive for Diabetes, ask your doctor. On yearly checkup basis one or the other but not both.
Avatar m tn Phoned in for my test results today. NEGATIVA. :-) HIV and Syph. HEp B pending other lab. Then had an appointment with my GP. We discussed how I had got on with the Psych - fine and that he wasn't concerned about my mental health but physical health and recommended I go and test at 6m per BASHH / HPA / DoH guidelines (the detailed ones) My urine tested OK for Diabetes. I also wrote down the symptoms I have had and he had a look at them.
1440696 tn?1307117209 Had my 1hr glucose test today and failed. However, it wasn't as high as it was with my previous pregnancies. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I pass my 3hr test later this week.
Avatar n tn Hi all, I'm a 25 year old male who just had some blood work done for some chest, arm/leg pains I've been having. Xray and all blood work came back fine except for the glucose levels which I was told were "a bit high." Probably 45 minutes before the blood tests, I had a bowl of frosted mini wheats and a glass of juice. I am going back to get a fasting test, but wanted to know if eating the food/drink right before could have caused glucose reading to be a bit high?
1209036 tn?1299178657 t like soda and it was way too sweet for me, but I woThe oral glucose tolerance test is used to screen for gestational diabetes. Gestational diabetes is a type of diabetes that can develop in some women late in pregnancy (usually after the 24th week). Women who develop gestational diabetes do not have diabetes before becoming pregnant. The oral glucose tolerance test involves quickly drinking a sweetened liquid (called Glucola), which contains 50 g of glucose.
Avatar f tn I had to demand that the MA take my blood for my test this morning, it was well past 40 mins. And they had me sitting there.
1538488 tn?1331483305 You need to see an Endocrinologist for blood work. Your glucose levels are high, and the sooner you start treatment the better.