How is a blood glucose test done

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Avatar f tn I'm 28 Weeks today and I got my glucose test done, I was wondering how long till you ladies found out the results?
Avatar f tn What's a glucose test? & what do you half to do?
1813627 tn?1337725975 a blood glucose test is normal when you first see the doctor around 8 to 10 weeks if your doctor thinks you have a risk factors for gestational diabetes such as being overweight. I am overweight and the doctor does 1 for me at 8 weeks and then again later on at the normal time. also your number could have been high if you didn't fast the night before.
2206560 tn?1354300304 how many weeks are yu wen yur suppose to take the glucose test? or is it the one they do right in the begining nd yu have to drink some nasty really sweet drink?
Avatar n tn Hello, After my blood test indicated elevated glucose my doctor just ordered a GTT to check for diabetes. Can someone please explain how this test is done. I assume it is a blood test again. Is it more complex, will I get the needle more than a usual blood test, if so, how many times? Is anything else involved? I really appreciate any help.
Avatar f tn the first, initial test is 1-hour... if you fail, you have to do the 3-hour test.. or that's how it was for me, in South Carolina.. maybe some places are different? not sure. I failed the 1-hour, took the 3-hour, and passed. good luck & congrats!!
8924846 tn?1410576501 You're doing the one hour glucose test. The three hour test is usually done if you "fail" the first or if there is an unusual/concerning result. The 3 hour is a fasting test. No eating between 8 and 12 hours prior to drinking the drink and then they draw your blood at the first hour mark after you drink, then the second hour mark after, and finally the third hour mark after and look at the results together.
10798067 tn?1431554033 They will draw some blood, like a normal Blood test. Then you'll have to drink a sort of juice, which is a glucose solution. Then you'll have to wait for an hour and they'll draw blood again. And that's it.
Avatar f tn You can't eat from midnight the night before your test. You have a blood test, drink 2 big cups of lucozade. Sit in waiting room for 2 hours. Have another blood test and go home. It's horrible I wanted to throw the whole lucozade up. If you eat breakfast it will mess us your results. This is in the UK though not sure where this page is based.
Avatar f tn Im 23 weeks pregnant baby num 2 i have my glucose test 11th nov...i never had this with my 1st..i know abit about it..wat did others think off it..
10389360 tn?1410827568 If that comes back positive, you have to fast overnight and go to the lab in the morning, where they will test your blood over a period of a few hours. I had gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy. It's a tough diet to follow, but not life ending.
Avatar f tn So it is a lengthy appointment compared to others, and if you need to have the second test done it is a 3 hr glucose test.
Avatar f tn What happens at a glucose screening test? and how do I know if something's wrong?
Avatar f tn How many hours ahead are you suppose to eat before you take your glucose test and does it matter if you eat 30-40 minutes before you go? Any advice on how to prepare for it? And how much blood do they draw from you?
8467907 tn?1407414942 So im suppose to get my glucose test done 2day...
Avatar f tn However thin people do get gestational diabetes as well, so don't assume you'll pass just because you're a healthy weight. It is called the one hour glucose tolerance test because your blood is drawn one hour after drinking the glucose drink. If you fail and have to do the three hour the draw your blood first, make you drink the drink, and then draw blood at specific time intervals throughout the next three hours.
Avatar f tn Its when you have to fast (not eat) and then they give you a sugary drink and take your blood to see how your body processes the sugar. They do it to see if you have gestational diabetes which can be potentially dangerous if you don't get it under control.
Avatar f tn I loved the drink it tasted like orange pop, youdo get a sugar ccrash, atleast I did and my baby wouldn't stop moving, I had the hour long test done twice do to a idiot student nurse who didn't take my blood right.
2075937 tn?1334887794 I have a doctors App tomorrow to have a glucose test done. So my questions are! -What is my doctor going to do? -Is it okay for me to eat or drink anything?
Avatar f tn The 1 hr tesr you get there they give you a sugary drink and you have to drink it within 5 min... they take your blood 1 hour later... the 3hr test is done if you fail the 1st one... they take your blood a total of 4 times... you have to fast until the test and they take it for fasting levels... then you drink the drink within 5 minutes and every hour up until 3 they take your blood... if you fail 2 or more of those blood sugar levels you have gestational diabetes. ..
6710217 tn?1386114492 What should I expect? If I have a choice to choose a flavor is the best one fruit punch? How long does this appt normally last?
Avatar f tn How does this glucose test work? I haven't had mine yet.
Avatar n tn What is this glucose test I keep hearing about? I'm 25wk and I've not done it.
8274643 tn?1406145196 Normally between 24 and 28 weeks.
9358102 tn?1418676967 I would think if it was just a cpl minutes then it would be pretty accurate but if they tested like 10 minutes early or something it could give you wrong results. I failed my 1 hr but passed the 2 hr test (they give an option of a 2 or 3 hr glucose test where I live).
7470604 tn?1396502550 So I took the glucose test where they make you drink this juice, wait about an hour then they take your blood out for the test.. I received a call today it was the nurse saying that it came out a little high so I have an appointment tomorrow which I have to go on an empty stomach. Does anyone know what happens next or why I have to go.? Is it something I should worry about that my test was a little high?