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Avatar n tn How do you tell the difference between HSV 1 and a cracked lip? Is a bump or dry spot on the lip definitely a cold sore? These are some things I'd like to know. Thank you.
Avatar f tn I don't recall getting a strong tingling or burning sensation a few days before I noticed the spot, like they say you do if it's a cold sore. It doesn't have a whitish or grayish appearance to it. No crusting brown or yellow. Please tell me what you think, if it's a cold sore I don't want to pass it to my boyfriend or family members.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what it is and I'm scared. Is there some kinda treatment, cure? And what is the proper name to call this lip sore or thing what ever it is. Does it go away? And how long does it take?
Avatar n tn My question is does this sound like a cold sore or just a really really bad section of chapped lip? Also, I had made out with my girlfriend the other night under the impression that it was just a chapped lip and then she proceeded to give me oral sex for just a little bit. Even if this was a cold sore, does that mean I just gave myself genital herpes???? Please advise as this is a bit of a stressful situation for me. Thanks.
Avatar n tn Could this be a cold sore? Please help... I've never had a cold sore before or ever had this happen. I'm tripping out. Thank you in advance...
Avatar n tn Hard palate is not a prevalent site for canker sore (aphthous ulcer) or cold sore(herpes infection).Based on the information provided, it appears that the swelling is associated with a tooth. The working diagnosis is periodontitis. Seeing an oral pathologist is advised.
Avatar f tn From what you describe it's more like an insect bite or just one of those everyday pimples we all get from time to time for no apparent reason,messing with it has made it worse for sure but I don't think I would worry about it being Herpes it doesn't sound like it to me at all ..... Keep a check on things though if you get any tingling or blistering on your lips or mouth in the future then that would definately be suggestive of Herpes ......
Avatar m tn so if a cold sore is not bleeding it is not an open wound and hiv cant be absorbed or get in, is this a correct assumption? or is a cold sore like a mucus membrane? the cold sore was probably only 12 hours old.
Avatar n tn Also, I do kiss my husbands mouth when I do not have a visible sore. My first cold sore was really bad, it itched, had alot of clear fluid and really was sore and it took a long time to heal. I really do think the first one is the worst, because you don't know what it is, Think,did you kiss anyone with a sore on their mouth, never do that.
Avatar n tn Hi All, Quick question. I'm 25 years old and have NEVER had a cold sore. I was actually given a blood test last year for HSV-1 and HSV-2 and both came back negative. I did however, since then date someone who had cold sores. In brief, it felt as though I had just had really really chapped lips that ended up splitting in one area. This area did NOT have a blister on it or anything like that but since splitting, has begun to heal (much like a canker sore).
7166590 tn?1408355016 Im 5w 3days and I think I may be getting a cold sore on my lip.... ive never had one and neither has my partner so I'm not sure how I may have got it. Is it a symptom of presgnancy, and how can I stop it before it gets worse. It taste silvery and kinda tingles. My mum gets them but I havent been in contact with her for a while.
Avatar m tn 1. Wouldn't cold sores appear in groups 2. Wouldn't I have other symptoms with this cold sore 2.
Avatar m tn considering that I've only kissed one boy, and I've only been with that boy since then. I am not sexually active. But I don't remember ever seeing him have a cold sore on his lip; plus i was the only girl he has ever kissed. But recently I've been thinking about it a lot (I'm not sure if it was actually a cold sore either, I don't remember it blistering up, scabbing or peeling off.. And it was never in clusters) I am afraid that I have herpes.
Avatar f tn I was pretty stressed about it and now have a cold sore under my nose, but I kissed my boyfriend on Wednesday before this new cold sore appeared and he has not had any cold sore symptoms.
Avatar f tn For a little over 2 weeks I have had a slightly raised circular dry patch on my upper lip. Then I had one on the opposite side on my lower lip. And now I have a bit of scattered dryness on the other side of the upper lip. The circular dry patch is not very noticeable (slightly lighter than the rest of my lip and about the size of a pencil eraser) and not like a blister, but more like a sore, except no oozing or crusting, just a raised dry patch.
Avatar m tn They do not hurt, itch, tingle, and they have not changed in two days. My PCP confirmed they look like neither a cold sore or a canker sore; there's nothing to swab as it's not really a blister, just slightly elevated skin as if I'd bit my lip. That's what I'd think it was if not for the weird placement and similar look of both the upper and lower sites. I've never had a cold sore, and had recently tested negative for HSV-1 and 2 via a blood test.
Avatar n tn Based on my description above if you could please advice me whether this might be a cold sore or just a large pimple I would be most grateful. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Is it sore or tingly? If it is tingly it is likely a cold sore (herpes). If it is herpes your boyfriend probably already has it. Most people do even if it is dormant and they don't know they have it. It is also passed on before the sore appears, the most infectious time being just before the sore appears when it is tingly. But it can spread even before then too, when there is no tingle and no sore, so you really have no way of knowing.
Avatar n tn Abstain from kissing if you or your partner has these lesions. See your doctor or pharmacist for cold sore treatment as recurrent infections may occur. Hope this is helpful. Eloise x P.S For advice on your pimples, check out the acne forum.
Avatar n tn I have some 5% hydrocortisone cream which I can put on now, but would that hurt the condition if it does turn out to be the cold sore virus? Also, can it be the cold sore virus if the sore is entirely over the whole lip area as opposed to circumscribed sore(s). I am a nursing mother so I am reluctant to take the anti-viral if I don't have to. I do have eczema (on my ears exclusive to date) and wonder if you can tell me more about li eczema (no listings when I googled that condition).
Avatar n tn Maybe it isn't a cold sore. Does it hurt a lot or is it pretty much painless? Are you irritating it in-advertendly by checking it. Do you get a lot of sores in your mouth is this on the inside of your mouth? You say you have eczema on your you get it on all over or is it patchy? I think you should see your regular doctor to have him/her look at the rash on your face and sore on your mouth.