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Avatar f tn But now that has changed. Since being bit by the neighbor's child, he bit me this last weekend, just kind of randomly and not in a raised emotional state. He has also picked up the crying/whining at EVERYTHING if he doesn't get his way, thing his little friend does whenever they are together. One other observation I have made with this little boy is that he is very aggressive and hurtful to his cat and my dog, when he is in a playful state.
Avatar n tn my 5 year old has the same problem. Thick chunks of skin peel off of his bottom lip constantly. Our Dr. recommended starting him on a pro biotic because the issue could be stomach related. It cleared his lips up pretty quickly.
Avatar n tn hi, i have a dry patch on the top of my lip. it started off about 2 months ago as a small discolored dot, then progressed into a darker patch bigger patch (<1cm wide). Now, it looks dry and and slightly flaky, and feels weird when i touch it with my tongue, but i can't really pick at the dry skin. it also feels sort of heavy, not numb or slightly tingling (not like pins and needles) but like i can feel something there. also when i stretch the skin i can see white spots behind it.
Avatar n tn At the time, I had been using just plain Burt's Bees Lip Balm for many weeks. When I got the symptoms, I used a bit more of the balm than I usually did, thinking it would help the dryness. When nothing seemed to be working, I stopped using it altogether. In time, my lips healed, and I switched to Softlips lipbalm in both vanilla and peppermint flavors. I showed no reaction from their usage for about a month. Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm.
Avatar f tn I read where some one who had this problem got some one to punch him in the mouth just so he could get his lip stitched and possibly given something that would help, and of course it didn't. but its probably true that 85% of people who had this issue NEVER recover while the 15% recover in 6 months to a year. I guess I can just be happy that I don't LOOK like a freak, I just FEEL like one.
Avatar n tn and can feel like maybe a bee bee is stuck in your gums? all they are is tiny saliva glands that have been blocked. maybe you bit your lip? anything like that can cause them. all they are is little bubbles of saliva. as you said they eventually go away and if they don't you are still fine. do not be concerned.
Avatar f tn around 3 days after the doctor swabbed it I developed a chest infection, my cervical glancs swelled (throat), and my throat was a bit sore (thinking from the mucous and coughing) and I was coughing constantly..sometimes dry and scratchy, but most of the time mucous would be a result. The back of my neck was stiff for an entire week, and I had a slight burn during urination occasionally. My nose was not apart of the infection however (did not drain (run)) This lasted from 3 to 5 days.
220476 tn?1212722950 Reading the book also seems important, but I feed off peoples energy (good or bad). I need positive support from a group who like to interact with me, that's what I want, whether it's NA (Narcotics Anonymous) or AA, no matter. I was rather shocked to read..."I went to meetings for 12 miserable years without being willing to do much beyond the bare minimum.
215461 tn?1331866365 If you still have concerns, there are always second opinions. I do know that the little pulse ticker at the base of my throat was a bit disconcerting at first. Now I just see and think "yep, still working".
Avatar f tn What can I do to keep my mind off of this? I DO NOT want to become insecure. I want to trust my Fiance and not have the urge to check up on him through our cellphone account online. He has been honest with me, and shows me everytime she calls and texts him. Maybe I should go ahead and start my nesting process. Is it too early at 27w4d? LOL, it's never too early to get organized and clean right! I have sooooo much going for me right now. I just want this woman to leave us alone.
184674 tn?1360864093 During my lunch break, my co-worker and I went to Sam's Club. I had to get some groceries, which I figured would be nice to do while Trev is in daycare to have a hassle-free shopping experience. I only had to get a few items; mostly stuff to pack in his lunches for school. While waiting in the check-out line with my co-worker, an older lady, probably in her late 50s, wheeled up behind us with her cart. She saw that I was buying a box of Edamame, and she asked how I prepared it when I ate it.
219241 tn?1413541365 your son is in hospital,he has been bashed. My heart went cold, I was stunned....My mind raced.... My friend who helps me out had literally just arrived off a plane from Darwin back to Melbourne only 10 minutes earlier. (think going from Calgary Canada to Miami, Usa) So he was pretty tired. He took one look at me and said Let's go. My darling Alex....his birthday is on 3rd January..he'll be 19. He is such a quiet, placid kid...
544292 tn?1268886268 Please make yourself at home and snuggle down. It will be a bit bumpy, but worth it!
Avatar m tn This brings us to the oral. Again no lip sores at the time, really nothing to worry about and testing at the 7 week mark is a bit short window period but i would trust that you dont have hsv1 oral or genital. Test at the 3 month mark to be sure.
Avatar f tn This kid walks up to my son, says a few things and takes a swipe at my son and knocks his hat off. Instinctively, my son reacted with a hard shove that knocked this much larger kid to the ground. That's when a figure of authority showed up. My kid got thrown out of school because of this policy. This other kid has a horrible record with fights at the school, and even has a bit of a criminal record. The teacher puncished my son...
Avatar m tn Im just nervous i contracted hsv on my scrotum off this hooker who sucked on my nutsack for a bit, dang man the things you do when you horny, ****. this online community is awesome, everyones so supportive i been reading everyones posts all day i wish i had knowledge to help someone out, but as of right now im just a troubled individual, i hope someone can help me out as well as i wish nothing but the best for all of you who are going through something.
Avatar m tn I'm a frequent lip biter when i'm having dry lips, i bite it and take it away, i had that last evening and bit my lips to take off the dry skin.. there were red patches after it, it was from the skin that peeled off. The next day, which is today here in the philippines, i was walking, going home from school.. when i was walking, there were 4 people, coming right in front of me, maybe like just a foot or 2 feet away..
1742220 tn?1331360327 then Louis came in and like jaw on about how his class going so bad can I take one his students. I already sed yes. but he change his mind about which kid and I aint want the kid he said. but that's ok. im coolio with it. it just bother me cuz I teach Advance and this kid FOUR Levels down from me. still La Chula and Louis want me to have a student so I wont like have no work and I unnerstand and appreciate it but ... still I felt like ... idk. like unheard? unlistened to.
544292 tn?1268886268 You're in the right place if you want off the Tramadol! You can do it! I believe in you!
439903 tn?1380141482 She is 7 weeks ahead of me and her little girl, Mylee, has cleft lip and possible pallet(not sure if thats the correct pallet). She is in the August 09 babies forum. Her and my family need prayer for her and the baby right now...Basically the story is as follows... Last week, a few of my cousins and my uncle were going to go see Transformers. They invited Brittanie and Michael(her bf and the baby's father) to go. She called him and asked and he said buy the tickets.
Avatar f tn Devil woman came to pick his daughter up one day and she didn't wanna leave so she threw a fit after they left she slapped her in the mouth and called 5 min later saying her daughters lip was bleeding and that our dog bit her, her lip would have been bleeding before she left us and she gave 3 ppl a kiss goodbye before so someone would have noticed, I think the courts should be obligated to investigate and choose the better home that's like the only way I feel like
Avatar n tn Tell him that he must do this for each class and have the teacher check it off to start off with. If there's no homework, he can write "no homework" for that class but the teacher has to check it off. Just do this for awhile until he gets used to doing this on his own. Once he's consistantly doing it you can let him do it on his own without the teacher having to check it off. We make our kids do this and it did help.
429155 tn?1205676864 Well after the operation I thought I'd better cut down as constipation was real bad issue, up to 45mins to pass what seemed like an Elephant, I even ruptured a nose blood vessel with the straining at one time, and as a friend who had had the same operation was off painkillers after 3 weeks I thought now's the time. ( 05/12/07 ) So taking the bull by the horns I cut down to 40mg 2x a day, and never expected what happens next.
246850 tn?1246163948 I wiped my lip with my finger and when I licked my lip after the next bite it was the most disgusting thing I'd ever tasted. And that was simply the residue from it because it was completely dry on my hands. I feel bad for that poor kid....not only for getting so sick, but for having to taste so much of the nasty stuff!
Avatar f tn I also went to Sally's and bought some new rollers, double prong clips, awesome smelling mousse, bright red lipstick and some plumping lip balm. I was contemplating getting my hair to a platinum blonde.. But I think I am going to stick to red.. I think I may go a fire engine red when I am able to color my hair.. There is this product at Sally's that doesn't have any harmful chemicals in it so it won't damage my hair. I saw the CUTEST shoes on shoedazzle.
333672 tn?1273796389 I can’t remember when I’ve ever been that sick When the strep throat resolved, I started having odd tingling in places like my feet and the back of my knees with no discernible cause. When this didn’t go away after a while, I went to my PCP at the time who helpfully told me that rare things like Lou Gehrig’s disease are rare **6/01** EMG/NCS: normal **9/01** First appointment with neuro #1 who told me to go home and pray I didn’t have MS.
230262 tn?1316649534 I started smacking the bees off him with my bare hands so I got stung up all over my fingers, hands and wrists but I just kept hitting them and hoping I wasnt hurting him by hitting his head but i had to get them off him! We finally made it up to the house and my 3 yr old only had one sting on his finger. 5 yr old definitely got the worst of it. He has stings on his arms, chest , neck and FACE by his eyes, cheeks and his lip is the worst. His lip is swollen up so bad It freaked me out.
Avatar n tn I cut my upper lit a tiny bit with my pinky nail yesterday, and woke up with this today. It's already spread from my top lip to a tiny bit on my bottom lip, and I'm keeping my hands away from my mouth now. I've also recently had a cold and was blowing my nose a TON, so it might even be related to the kleenex? Who knows for sure, but it normally goes away in a few days for me and no one can notice it but me anyway, so it's just an obnoxious thing for me.
Avatar m tn Nothing else happened. Today he has woken up with a big coldsore on his upper lip. Now assuming this is HSV1 on his lip what are the chances that I could have contracted it genitally as he was kissing near that region. Like i mentioned he was kissing my belly button and lower stomach but pants never came off and he certainlly didnt touch his mouth to my genitals. However I am sooo worried that this would have been close enough for me to contract it genitally :( I am terrified.