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Avatar m tn Hi This is my 3rd or 4th cold sore in lips in the past 6 months. Is this normal? Will this mean I have weak immune system?
Avatar n tn well herpes isn't curable so once u get the virus it stays in your system for the rest of you life.
Avatar m tn I have not been to the doctor because I do not have insurance and am afraid to waste the money on a swab if it ends up I am just being silly. My only reasons for believing this is not a cold sore is the fact that they don't hurt, I had no prodrome symptoms, and they're not clustered like the typical cold sore presentation. Also, the fact that I've never had one. Please advise? Should I get this checked out or stop worrying about it?
Avatar f tn Thank you! I dont know if he has it...he said hes never had a cold sore before. If it did transfer to below....does it always come back there? Ive heard it doesnt....is that true? I dont get them too often, and this was the first time I had it on my nose...Im not even for sure thats what it was...I am just worried.... My question is....If it does transfer down below....does it always come back? I am so worried that I gave it to him...and he will always have outbreaks down there...
Avatar n tn He said it was all healed and gone so he gave me oral sex as foreplay ...the very next afternoon he developed another cold sore, I am scared he put me at risk of developing a sore on my genitals now. What are the chances of me getting an outbreak now? He has always been very careful but I feel this was a very close call and since it has only been a couple days since that happened, I am worried.
Avatar m tn I have been getting herpes cold sores for years on my lips(a few outbreaks a year) and the last few times I had what I beleive to be w whitlow on the side on my middle finger(next to the finger nail). Is it common to all of a sudden get whitlows when oral outbreaks occur?
Avatar f tn My boyfriend said he had discovered what we expected to be a cold sore just last night. He said he had not been sharing any drinks or utensils, and was not in mouth to mouth contact with anyone else. However, he gets blackheads on edges of his lips, and we are hoping this is a small white head. Anyway, the day after he discovered it, he performed brief oral sex on me.
Avatar n tn My first question is, is there a way to effectively block cold sore transmission between outbreaks? My girlfriend usually gets cold sores in her nose but occassionally has them under her nose. I have avoided kissing her at all but desperately want to. We have occassionally used a bandage or scotch tape between her nose and upper lip. Is there anything better/less intrusive that you could suggest (e.g., liquid bandages or are they pourous?). Am I being overly cautious between outbreaks?
Avatar m tn I've attached some pics of a previous blister. I've never, at least that I can remember, have gotten a cold sore on my lips. The blisters I get have always been under my tongue, or in my inner lower lip. The ENT specialist was adament that she didn't know why the other doctors jumped to the conclusion that these blisters were in fact herpes. I am HSV 1 positive. I had an STD test done long ago and it included testing for HSV 1 and 2.
Avatar m tn Then around two weeks ago, I developed a pimple below the left corner of my lip. I have never had a cold sore before and didn't experience any of the other cold sore symptoms (i.e. fever, swollen glands) so I just dismissed this as a pimple. However yesterday I developed another pimple below my left nostril. The burning feeling has occurred on and off for these three weeks. Both of these are single pimples and neither is located actually on my lip.
Avatar n tn normally I get an OB once or twice a year depending on my stress level, which is what seems to trigger my ob's. I've been cold sore free for over a year until saturday nov 18th. This one was pretty severe for me. The swelling was so bad on sunday i tried ice to ease it, but i dont think it worked. by day 5 wednesday i was still getting new blisters so i decided to go see my dermo. She put me on valtrex 2 pills a day twice a day, morn/night.
Avatar m tn I apologize in advance for the stupid question, but I am not sure whether I have ever had a cold sore. I may have when I was a child, but just don't remember. At any rate, I gave a woman oral sex recently and given the lighting didn't get a clear view of her vagina (although I am pretty sure it was clean, no sores). I asked a different question on the std forum, but my question for this forum is strictly in relation to oral herpes, which is not considered an STD.
Avatar m tn I was almost certain I had HSV1 due to reoccuring outbreaks on the lip, lifecycle of the cold sore, etc. Blood test came back today that said I was negative for HSV1 and positive for HSV2. This leaves me more confused than ever because I've read how rare it is to get reoccuring outbreaks on the upper lips with HSV2 and I've never had a genital outbreak. I'm not sure if I should see a speacilist regarding my lip issue or not. Any thoughts or guidience would be apperciated.
Avatar n tn I have had really bad cold sore outbreaks on my lips for the past 20 years, about 5 years ago I had become very runned down and stressed and started having frequent cold sore outbreaks, more often then usual, one day I had gotton what looked like and felt like a cold sore in my vagina, it really hurt and took about 2 weeks to go away, no other symptoms.
Avatar f tn Hello, I currently have a cold sore and foolishly completely forgot and kissed my partner twice on the buttock and now I am worried I will give them herpes there. They do not have hsv1 any help would be much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I've gotten cold sores on my lips since I was a child, and since they were happening so often, for the last 5+ years have taken daily medication to prevent outbreaks. After speaking with my doctor, we decided that it would be best for me to continue taking the acyclovir medication during pregnancy. I had not gotten one at all up until a couple weeks ago! Now, I've gotten my third one in about a month! (Almost 1 per week!
Avatar m tn Anyway, my question to you all is...why would I be having such recurrent outbreaks on my lips - even with using all the natural remedies that everyone else swears by? I think there has only been one week that I have been cold sore free since I found out in December. What next step should I take towards getting this virus under control? I have tried reducing my stress/anxiety and take natural St. John's vitamins to help when I feel very under the weather. Please help.
Avatar m tn it's a few bucks cheaper than abreva which barely got fda approval to say that it heals cold sores faster than using placebo ( only heals a cold sore less than a day sooner than placebo so not worth the money they charge for that teeny tube ). also steeping a tea bag and using it for a compress is helpful. if they have a regular doc, they can just ask them to call in a prescription for them too.
Avatar n tn He has been treating his nose with polysporen and it is still red and raw looking. My concern is that he could have transmitted his cold sore (if that is what it is)to my genitals during oral sex. I have read that it is contagious before you can actually see a sore (although he does not get tingling etc.). I am very concerned and I have been doing as much research as possible but I find conflicting information.
Avatar m tn tingle, puss, sore, and then flake off) so I asked to up it to two 500 mg a day. Still taking 1gram a day and i got a cold sore on my lip, that was followed by 3 sores on the right side of my cheek, and then once the sore on my lip was gone, another on the other side of my lip appeared, and then two spots on my chin just about to blister or erupt. Feeling a lot of tingling and itching in ears and all around face. I'm going to my doctor and plan to have the areas swabbed.
Avatar n tn At the time I took it upon myself to judge that it wasn't a cold sore however I have since read on an internet site that cold sores can have very mild symptoms including a 'small red spot' which the owner may not even know is a cold sore! The spot was a bit bigger than a full stop on a computer keyboard and was on her top lip about centered horizontally.
Avatar n tn Even if you have never had a cold sore, you could have HSV 1, and, in this case, that would be a good thing. If you are interested, you can get a type specific antibody test and find this out.
Avatar n tn Since your tests have been negative so far, that rules out prior infection (from your youth, for example). If what you have is indeed a cold sore, it would be from a new infection. In that case, I would wait at least 8-12 weeks from your last exposure to get the most reliable result. You could be getting false negatives right now. The symptoms you describe are very similar to mine. I got what I believe to be my first cold sore under my lip at the beginning of August.
Avatar f tn Many people have it and don't know because 90% of those who do never get a cold sore. If she hasn't tested, she should. If she has it, it is highly unlikely that she'd get it again from you. Just avoid oral sex during an outbreak, and it should be fine.
Avatar f tn Most people get blisters with herpes - that's what I get. Some people also describe paper cut like sores. Is that what you have? Most outbreaks heal within a week or so, give or take. Two weeks is a long time. Since your sore hasn't changed in two weeks, the testing may be accurate. Ask them to do a PCR swab on it, which is more accurate than the standard culture test. Also ask for a type specific IgG herpes blood test.
Avatar n tn A few months ago, my partner kissed me for a long time then performed oral sex on me. The next day, I realized that I had a cold sore inside my nose. I had my first cold sore seven years ago on the underside of my nose and have had less than one per year since then inside my nose. Valtrex has worked to suppress them if I take it in time. When I realized I had a cold sore inside my nose, I took the Valtrex.
Avatar m tn forgot to add I had Hsv1 since a young adult, every year same spot and always in winter time so I know when I have a cold sore. Somehow I dont think it is my HSv1 but it could be something else or even Hsv2. Also i have been checking what I eat to see if i can find a pattern or possible allergy. but so far found no correlation. the only i do know is when I have the burning sensation I sometimes get white stuff on my lips, could it be a yeast infection? I dont know as the doc wont swab.
Avatar m tn centre) but away from the outside of the lip (where the top and bottom lips connect, almost inside). Is this uncommon during extended illness (3+ weeks) - A new lesion forming in a different location before the other has completely healed ? Additionally, how long is someone infectious following healing (no visible sign of the sore). Most information I can find implies that once the lesion has healed the risk is over save for periods of viral shedding.
Avatar f tn Tiny dots on the lips are sometimes normal and not a cold sore. They can be little glands. I would advise maybe showing a dermatologist the sores and see what they say or go back to your provider and kindly explain that you need information about whats bothering you and not the cold sore.
Avatar m tn I tested positive for hsv 1, I have never had a cold sore, is this possible? Or is it possible at the time of the blood test, only the hsv1 antibodies were present and not the hsv2 antibodies? Could I have both hsv1 and hsv2? I feel like my mind is playing tricks on me now, I have never used chapstick or lip balm and now all of the sudden my lips feel dry and cracky, after I've been diagnose...I don't know what to do, I feel like I am losing my mind...Please HELP !