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Avatar n tn I had a root canal done on my back lower left tooth a couple of days ago. The paid from the root canal is moderate and seems to be normal, but I still have a little bit of numbness & tingling in my lip and my left front tooth feels completely numb! Is it normal to still feel numbness for this long? Also, it's not numb near the actual root canal, but rather closer to the front of my mouth.
Avatar n tn when i woke this morning my bottom lip on the left side felt a bit tingly but began to go as i woke i have had this a few times on and off it never happens any other time
Avatar f tn I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Dec 16/11, and my lower chin gums and right lower lip is numb. eating is brutal I cant feel the food stuck in between my lip and gum. the OS told me to take Vitamin B12. and that, would help rebuild the nerves. also he said if you can feel a tingle or any sensation at all the nerves havn't been completely severed. so i'll hold on to some hope. today i started feeling a burning sensation, seems like there are steps in the recovery hopefully its recovering.
Avatar f tn Hi All, It's been 5 days since I had my 4 wisdom teeth removed and my left lip and chin are still numb... yes numb, just like all of you. I realized last night that most of my pain was stemming, not from the extraction sites but from the front of my face where I am still numb. I feel tingly, burning, prickly sensations and my lip always feels dry no matter how much Carmex I slather on. My teeth feel tight and I have no feeling in the gums surrounding the area.
Avatar n tn I chipped a front tooth and broke a tooth in the back. My upper lip was tender but also somewhat numb for a bit, but the feeling is coming back. I still find I have difficulties with some words and have to concentrate to speak those words clearly. The letter "F" appears to be a little more difficult to pronounce. This all appears to be getting somewhat better; however, since the accident, my chin has been numb and does not feel like it has regained any feeling.
Avatar f tn I get that quite often...mine is usually on the right side of my side sometimes bottom... I get used to it after awhile...I don't find it sore though.
1159737 tn?1286520857 My right hand the tips of my fingers are a little bit numb, have been like that for a while, and it's hard to do things with that hand. (like braiding hair) I can still move my left hand, but it's feels a little weak. Oh well what can you do. I write with my left - I hope it just stays at the tips of my fingers. Since I have never had this before in this hand, it just means either my Chiari or SM symptoms are progressing right? Not something drastic going on?
Avatar f tn The pain this time was a bit worse, but again my lip and chin are still numb and I now have pain in all my bottom teeth and even washing my face causes pain within my mouth. My implants are doing great, but I haven't made an appt to have my permanent teeth put onto the rith implants which have now healed b/c I can't imagine anyone working in my mouth right now. My lower front teeth and the gums below them are just plain painful most of the time, sometime getting beyond my ability to bear it.
Avatar f tn ok and i have not bite my lip i just looked at it because it tasted like i bit my lip its a blister on my lip i have never had any sort of spot/blister on my lip i have had ulcer on my tounge but thats it my throat wont open far i feel it may close up i have not had anything that i could be allergic too as i have been asleep on no medication
Avatar m tn Have lingual nerve damage and right side of tongue is numb, burning/ 13 given Tergretol today. Dentist said could help with burning but have to get levels right, have blood test, keep going in to be monitored re: levels and it has some nasty side effects,,,suicidal ideation and being sleepy which is out of the question with me at work. I don't sleep we'll but will get sleep tabs if need be over these side effects. So is it worth it taking this ?
1216899 tn?1288573925 On top of that, I noticed that I was continuously spilling my drink down the side of face, whenever I took a drink. Monday I bit my lip, and have done so everyday since, Ouch! I finally see that my right side of my lip is drooping. It is not numb, but the muscles on that side of the face feels very relaxed, and if I concentrate, I can make my lip appear normal. Have any of you had this sort of symptom, meaning lip droop without numbness.
Avatar m tn Has subsided after 36 hours but still feel it a little bit on the bottom lip. No pain. After the onset, went to emergency, gave me tests for stroke (although no other real symptoms), and a Cat Scan. All clear. Referred me for an appt. to the Stroke Clinic to rule out a TIA. Reviewed this forum and discovered zoster sine herpete. Not sure if it is this or not. No scabs or lesions but it has been only 48hrs since it started. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn Minutes later my mouth felt a bit numb 30 min later I had a small painful white spot on my inner lip. I am trying not to worry about HIV. Any thoughts on the mouth numbness and pain? Could he have gotten some of the poppers on his neck, then I gotten that in my mouth?
Avatar m tn I have always had full lips but 4 years ago I began drinking Green Tea which for some reason shrunk my lips down a bit and made them go inwards a bit. My lower lip moved under my upper lip in a way that I never experienced before and the feeling in my lips felt somewhat numb, basically like my lips were not in their right position.
Avatar f tn Then the next morning they had small white dots all over the top lip to where they looked white but not overly noticeable unless I lifted my lip and saw the line where the white stopped and the red inside of my upper lip showed. In other words my husband would not have noticed this unless i pointed it all out to him. But of course I notice it since it is accompanied with the tingleing numb sensations.
Avatar m tn Also, the swelling seems to be receding late in the day (still there though, numb feeling on lip) but a small whitish dot, almost like a pimple head is forming just below my lip. Could be an ingrown hair, not sure.
Avatar m tn The entire numb area feels warm, not to the touch, just in general. The swelling is down quite a bit. I can move the affected area like normal. is all this normal, or am I going to have numb face FOREVER..
Avatar f tn (constant headache, sore cheeks, pressure when bent over), and then one morning i woke up and the whole left side of my face was numb. Not completely numb, i could feel my face, but to describe the feeling it was like i had been to the dentist and gotten a filling and the numbness was wearing off. My left nostril and eye, and left side of mouth also felt cold, and my left eye felt heavy and abit itchy/tingly.
Avatar f tn she was crying. i removed the napkin and saw that she had a bad cut on her upper lip. i took her to the hospital and they said stitches. they wrapper her in sheets incase she moves. she was quiet, and didnt move one bit. i was making jokes to make her feel better. calling her a sandwiched burrito. then they put a big cloth over her face with a hole on it just to see her mouth. they gave her bunch of shots in the open wound to numb it. she still was being brave.
Avatar n tn The area is about half a centimeter across, feels dry and a bit numb, similar to when I have some dry skin built up, but no dead skin comes off if I rub it, and the skin is thin and tender. I haven't tried to stretch the skin (as sk00 did). The color is not unusual. I'd been thinking I'd leave it for a few days to see if it would shrink. Would you consider it to be more urgent that I see a dermatologist about this?
Avatar n tn Ive been having this problem for a year now, my bottom lip has been peeling and it seems as if the main skin on the lip is peeling away because the skin after that is dry, scaly and white...when i try to wet it with water it seems as if nothing can make it wet....i believe that i have an allergic reaction to something but I just want to know if the skin on my lower lip will grow back or its gone?
1142155 tn?1261770432 Angie1960, I constantly have the sensation of electrical shocks running over my lips and around my mouth, so you are not alone. My lips will go numb. At first, I thought I was having a stroke, but as it went on for hours, without any sign that my heart rate had gone up or any other sign that I might be having a stroke, I realized it was just another symptom of the MonSter run amuck.
1911791 tn?1322379916 and today I'm finally putting away all my stuff cause I am numb and it makes me more numb. And I keep feeling like I have a piece of hair in my clothes and I can never seem to find the culprit or relive the itch. I can't even feel the sensation of stretching my arms and legs...but I know I'm stretching them. It's the weirdest thing and I honestly feel like it might have started with the weed. But it really picked up when I got put on depression meds...which I ditched immediately.
Avatar m tn are beginning to twitch or spasm (some visible some not) and that my right arm and leg would sometimes move themselves when I am trying to sleep. My lower lip also tends to sometimes twitch downwards a bit. In one instance, all 3 happened at the same time while i was taking a bus home sleeping. I also sometimes get headaches on the left side of my head. I went to a different doctor and told him about this and he did a minor experiment on my neck to see if there were any pain.
Avatar n tn The company changed the formula slightly and it's irritating my digestive system and I've had a very dry, slightly swollen, somewhat numb upper lip for several days that does not improve with vaseline, a&d lotion or dry skin cream. My lower lip is fine. I haven't had the shake in a couple days. How long will the symptoms last once I've stopped drinking the shake?
Avatar m tn Hi, I had upper and lower jaw surgery to correct an under-bite and cross-bite seven months ago. I still have a bit of numbness on the left side of my bottom lip and chin area. I also have numbness in my right nostril, which hasn't improved much since the surgery. I mentioned this to my surgeon on my last visit and he said the numbness in the nostril wasn't a normal side-effect for this surgery, and it should subside. But is hasn't. Have you come across this before?
Avatar m tn The other problem is my lower lip keeps disappearing behind my top lip, which is still a bit swollen (not too much though). Will this correct when the swelling subsides? It seems to protrude quite a bit over the lower lip and gives me a strange looking mouth. It also seems that my lower jaw may have been moved too far back as my chin now seems quite weak. BTW I still have my braces on, which I have worn for 15 months prior to the surgery and I am an adult patient (47 yo male). Any advice?
Avatar f tn All of a sudden today it got REALLY itchy and of course (being me) I sctrached it and now and swollen, itchy, and kind of numb. It's my upper lip and there's a tiny white dot where it's itchy. I've never gotten a cold sore, so I'm not sure what exatly it is. There's also another almost identical white dot a little bit a above the one that's itchy, that's been there even longer. (There's just two and the one above hasn't been itchy.) Any ideas? Also, anything I can put on it to help it? Thanks!
382218 tn?1341185087 Yes, I bit down on my 50mg tablet of tongue is numb because I bit down on the pill.