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Avatar f tn I'm not sure what it is and I'm scared. Is there some kinda treatment, cure? And what is the proper name to call this lip sore or thing what ever it is. Does it go away? And how long does it take?
1153110 tn?1311051821 A couple days ago, I believe on New Year's Day or Jan 2, I bit my inner lip pretty hard. I just recently performed fellatio on a partner last night and again this morning, where there was precum and a little bit of cum that might have entered my mouth (precum for sure). Both times I've rinsed with listerine afterward, but I'm still worried that I might be at risk.
Avatar m tn I did have a sore on my bottom lip at the time because it was healing from when I bit my own lip. Basically when I got home that night I seen that I was bleeding again because she opened up the wound on my lip..... what are the chances of me getting hiv that way? Am I at risk?
Avatar n tn I think you should see your regular doctor to have him/her look at the rash on your face and sore on your mouth. It could be viral maybe like a cold sore, but who knows maybe something else too so I think getting this all looked at would be a wise choice. Ya never know, you might be able to get some relief this way.
Avatar n tn Well 4 years later, I drank soda in the evening and woke up with this sore on my lip, it is in the same are, center lip almost inside my mouth. I felt like i could pop it, it burst a little bit of white fluid came out. Its not painful unless something gets into it. Very sensitive to soda and spicy and salty foods again. The sore is so tiny and almost in my mouth nobody can notice it but i can feel it. I'm just curious if it is a cold sore of cancer sore and what should i take for it?
Avatar m tn formed single large-ish whitehead looking bump (sore to touch) near corner of mouth. Not touching lip, but just underneath. Did not look like a water blister, more like a big pus-filled zit that I would normally squeeze but went to doctor in panic thinking cold sore. Same doctor diagnosed as a sebaceous cyst and gave me cephalexin to take for 10 days. "Cyst" went down and was practically gone after 2 days of taking antibiotics.
Avatar n tn On Wed Dec 17, I had sex with a male aquaintence that I just Kind of know. Earlier that day I bit the inside of my mouth kindof hard and it was bleeding a little. Later, with the guys, we engaged in heavy making out. he performed oral on me, and I performed on him (and he had some precum) then I topped him with a condom. I was a little freaked out afterward after remembering my mouth cut and I had performed oral onhim.
Avatar n tn Now I met someone and we went out on few dates and yesterday we deep-kissed for about 30 seconds to a minute but about 20 minutes before that I accidently bit my lower lip while chewing something. I came home and checked the bite - it was small but indeed the skin was broken and the area was red. It wasn't bleeding when I checked it (about 30-40 minutes after we kissed) but I'm affraid when we kissed it might have been. What if she is hiv positive - would that incident put me at risk?
Avatar n tn How do you tell the difference between HSV 1 and a cracked lip? Is a bump or dry spot on the lip definitely a cold sore? These are some things I'd like to know. Thank you.
Avatar n tn The next morning, I saw a large whitehead growing, larger than a normal pimple, but nonetheless, a whitehead. It grew in size and was located at the corner of my mouth, bottom lip, but not solely on the lip...a bit on a bit off. Anyways, day two, I went in and popped it like I normally do a pimple. When I did, whitish fluid came out but the bump was still raised. Along w that, clear fluid couldve been oozing out as well but that could just be from opening it up.
Avatar f tn It wasn't until yesterday when I did some research online that I realized the cuts had become cold sores and since I didn't know what they were for the first few days (I’ve never had a mouth cold sore before) I was touching and scratching them and have spread them from the two original spots, to a few areas around my mouth. I MIGHT have even gotten it in my eye!
Avatar f tn Biotene mouthwash and gum, over the counter and marketed for cancer patients Prevident 5000 Plus, a prescription toothpaste that has additional fluoride in it. I was told that, when my mouth felt sore, I could just rub some of the toothpaste over the sore areas, but it is not to be swallowed! I think it helped to protect my teeth from further erosion. I also floss every day. I usually brush morning and bedtime but I added in lunchtime brushing as well.
Avatar n tn Hi, A few months ago, I noticed a very weird white spot on my upper lip. A bit later, it spread to the right side of my lip and I can clearly see some small white dots. A bit later, I got a small button that formed and it left a small white mark. I was wondering what this was and what I should do. Thank you very much.
1322157 tn?1279660281 However, I only made it 3 days since my lip swelled up like a balloon and I have this tingling in my mouth and tongue... so, my comment that I was not getting relief from neurontin was made because I have never had pain relief from neurontin in the past. I was only going through the motions for the insurance company. I just take what they say to take and don't complain.
Avatar n tn I know this is silly, but right after I was done (I realized that I shouldt be having oral sex with someone I didn'tknow that well), I washed my mouth very well. About three days ago, I noticed a bump on my lip with a little open area on it, almost like I bit my lip. The next day, I had what appeared to be a scab forming, but it still hasn't formed.
Avatar n tn However, for the past 2, or 2 1/2 weeks, I have been experiencing some oral problems including very sore gums, sore tongue and a bit of soreness inside my cheek and inner lip. My gums are red and a bit swollen and bleed when I brush them and my tongue looks like my taste buds slightly swollen, red and inflamed. The inside of my cheek is likewise red and a bit swollen in places as if I have bitten it while chewing food.
Avatar n tn I have had a sore throat for most of the day.
Avatar n tn 3 days ago, I woke up to an ulcer like big hump in my lip (raising my bottom lip a good quarter inch) and redness. over the next 3 days, it has cracked my lips and caused the top layer of skin to break. The skin break is right where the wet inside of your mouth meets the inside of your lips, right in the middle. I am a hypochondriac and I am freaking out as expected.
Avatar n tn Hi can anyone help me with a problem concerning my discolored bottom lip? My lip has a light pink and dark colour, I think it might be because of pigmintation. what can I do to even out the discoloration ?
Avatar n tn I then developed what appeared to be two cold sores on my inner lip. Days later, I found one painless yet ulcerated, small lesion on the inside of my labia. I had it cultured the next day, and the results returned positive for HSV-1. It healed with no discomfort within the next 3 days. My new boyfriend has never had any symptoms of genital or oral herpes, but has not been tested. Is it possible that I was infected with both oral and genital HSV-1 simultaneously?
Avatar f tn I get that quite often...mine is usually on the right side of my side sometimes bottom... I get used to it after awhile...I don't find it sore though.
Avatar m tn By noon yesterday, my mouth was on fire, lips and mouth flesh swollen, bottom lip almost droopy. It's not better now, how long should it take to return to normal, if it is caused by pineapple? Have sore throat too, with some blistering on throat.
Avatar n tn Days will go where I stop, then once they start to heal and scar tissue appears, I start to chew again. It seems to be a never ending cycle. I also get the occasional canker sore at the bottom inside lip from chewing, but that usually happens 2x a year. I tend to look in the mirror to see what damage has been done and noticed certain areas looks similar to oral lichen planus, but not as "severe" as internet pictures show. Is it leukoplakia?
Avatar n tn Avoid acidic foods, sour foods and alcohol for the rest of the weekend and see if that helps. Oh and avoid the chocolate bunnies - but not for mouth sore reasons - by now everyone's eaten off the ears and you are stuck trying to get your teeth thru those big thick hunks of chocolate around their middles and it hurts your teeth....
Avatar n tn I have had this condition for the last three days although it is much worse today. There is a little bit of pus when the blisters break. I have never had a cold sore and am quite sure I have not recently been exposed to the cold sore Herpes virus. However, I do have genital herpes which is largely under control (1 outbreak per year, no medication). The lymph glands in my neck, next to my throat, are swollen and sore.
Avatar n tn About a month ago I got, what i believe was a cold sore (first ever outbreak). I first noticed two small blisteres in the area right above my lip line. Within the first day the blisters had grew and were swollen and also moved down to cover the top portion of my upper lip. Within about 10 days the blister crust over and the scab also feel off. The skin underneath the blister was slightly red, it looked irritated. I didn't pay much attention to it because I thought it would heal in just days.
Avatar m tn 9/28 Top and tip of my tongue is tingling a little still colored. Bottom inside lip feels a little numb and maybe a bit swollen. I had four 330 miligram pills of clindamycin (sp) which I took 9/26 and 9/27 (three and then one). My question is what if anything is this? Is the timing coincidental or have I infected myself.
Avatar n tn I went to a dermatologist yesterday who said that because of where the cut is (and I also pointed out where I saw the blisters) that this would be more likely than not a canker sore. I DO have canker sores in my mouth right now and the derm related this to being sick. Either way, I had some bloodwork done to determine my HSV-1 and HSV-2 status again. Based on the above, does this sound as though I most likely have oral herpes? Here's another quick question.