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Avatar n tn and i got three stitches on the chin beacuse of this my chin and lower lip got dislocated slightly .how can it be brought back to original position .
Avatar f tn How long ago did this happen? My daughter had to get stitches yesterday in the same area of her lip. I'm wondering how long it will take to heal. She is six and worried about the wedding she is to be in this weekend.
Avatar n tn A week ago, I fell down a couple of stairs and bit through my mouth, right below my lower lip on the outside. I received about six stitches all along the inside of my mouth and they just super glued the outside of my mouth. My stitches are dissolvable and all of them have dissolved with an exception of one which is really low on the inside of my mouth, right by the roots of my teeth.
187316 tn?1386360282 Only she was crawling thru the rungs of a chair and the whole thing flipped on top of her and she completely bit thru her bottom lip. She has to have the kedomine(SP?) as well and she got 26 stitches. I didn't think to get a pic while she was under, I was so panic stricken! Its really tough to go thru these things, but it goes with the territory of being a parent. Sometimes I really think it is harder for us...
Avatar n tn I fell onto the ice and one of my front teeth bit through my bottom lip. Replacing my two front teeth was a seven month fiasco of its own. I got eight stitches in my lower lip,most of them being on the inside/top. The wound healed but left significant scar tissue. That part of my lip is still considerably less sensitive. What I am most upset about it that I have a large lump on my lip though- essentially I look like I have a permanent fat lip. What can I do about this?
Avatar n tn i did not need stitches,but now my right upper lip has a wee ball of hardness that hangs down slightly,and the same on my lower lip bumping up the way. how could i correct this or how long will it take to heal.its very depressing as i am very aware of it and my tongue is hitting it permanantly and the wee hard lumps move about!
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me why this has happened, how I can avoid a further operation and if the swelling will ever go down including the hard raised bit where the stitches were and incision. I would advise anyone who is thinking of having this procedure to consider carefully ALL of the problems that can occur. If I had known about the possibility of this happening to me I would not have had this lip biopsy. Any advise would be gratefully received with regards to my question.
1355431 tn?1369978906 I have 2 cousins that were born with a cleft lip. Is this something that runs in a family or is it something that just randomly happens? I did have a 3d ultrasound done at 26 weeks but it was a bit blurry. ( not even sure if 3d can detect this) Anyway I posted a pic baby someone can tell something from it. Like always any advice on the topic would be very much appreciated.
Avatar n tn I had an accident 20 years ago, fell and bit through my lip. I had a couple of stitches at the time and after, developped a large hard lump on my lip. I had it "removed" 8 years ago but there was still some bump left. So 3 weeks ago, I decided to do it again and for the last time. It looks flat in front of my lip and this is good BUT there is a lot of hard tissue inside the lip and some hard swelling in the inner lip. I can not even smile for real, it is so stiff.
Avatar m tn I am considering removing two moles on my upper lip as they can be irritating when I shave. I have been told by a friend that shaving would be the best course of action because they are raised and excision could distort my lip. I wanted to know if shaving would be the best course of action and what are my options for removing the mole, but keeping the shape of my lip? I know their will be scaring and possible pigment left over, but are their any other concerns I should be aware of?
Avatar m tn Thanks a lot for your help, i am currently using a local thing here and its helping a bit. I just don't want to have a big ugly scar on my lip for a long time. Not cool.
Avatar f tn The numbness is going away considerably except for the slight tingle feeling when I put my finger to my lower lip. The two teeth feel a bit strange but I do notice improvement. It was very difficult to talk and eat but I got used to it because that's all we can do right? I would again just encourage everyone to keep a positive outlook!
Avatar m tn This is a recurring problem that I have tried to hide/cure with many ointments. Including various vasaline types, lip chap (with sunscreen protection), lip conditioner/balm (blistex sunscreen protection), also have tried Cortate Hydrocortisone ointment. Which only seems to glosson my lips and make them seem to be more red. I have also tried "Ihle's paste" for rashes, mostly used for relief of dermatitis and diaper rash, which seems to help momentarily, but only for 10 or so minutes.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar n tn Basically I got punched and cut my lip open.. I had 6 stitches (around 6 years ago).. what I've got now is my lip looks a little lumpy in comparison to the other side of my lip and when the light is bright you can tell more.. it looks lumpy...It's not a massive scar also...I wanted to know what options I had...I want something done because it makes me there anyway I would be able to get the lumpy bit even and even looking lips... normal looking lips..
Avatar f tn 4 months later my lip has healed perfectly.. So I thought... One day I woke up and my lip was a bit swollen. Then another day passes and now my lip is pretty big.. It seems swollen from the inside of my lip like if something popped .. Is that possible? What could this mean? It doesn't hurt but it's a bit warm around the area .. No blood .. Some clear liquid has came out also crusted but nothing major it's just really swollen.. Will it happen again?? Where the artery starts to bleed?
Avatar m tn The surgeon put three dissolvable stitches in. I lost one earlier, and just now a second one came out. My lip is a bit bruised, but isn't bleeding or anything. Is losing stitches like that normal? I have a post op appointment next Friday.
Avatar f tn I just had an accident 3 weeks ago when my face had hit hard on the steering wheel. As a result, my lower front teeth was displaced/ dislocated a bit and I had to have 6 stitches inside my mouth i.e between my lower front gum and my lower lip. Fortunately, there wasn't any fracture or problem with my jaw, only some swellings on the lower part of my face. After a week of the accident, the swellings had gone but there is a lump between my lower lip and my chin.
Avatar m tn 3 days ago I bit through my inner bottom lip - it didn't go all the way through but there is bruising on the outside of my lower lip. It was a big gash but i didn't go and get stitches straight away. 12hrs later I went to the clinic and they said they could not stitch the gash up because of tissue (not just a bump on the lip but actual tissue through the gap) protruding through the wound. They said the tissue would shrink within a few days and the lip would heal itself.
Avatar m tn Along with 1) brain concussion, I ended up with 2) broken left cheek bone and 3) injured left side of my upper lip (I had stitches put in both areas). In about a few months after the unfortunate event, I was completely back to my regular life routine + continued doing excellent at school and even competed at sports. However, ... QUESTIONS: 1) Within 1,5 after the accident, twice I went back to the hospital (not a great hospital in comparison to modern med.centers).
Avatar f tn First, he is allergic to mosquitos, not his fault, but he got bit on the lip and it swelled up like someone decked him. That lasted two days, the day it healed he thought it would be fun to jumpoff his friends couch, well his foot got stuck. This resulted in rug burn down the whole side of his face, I joked the school would call cps, because of the injuries. My son is 8 yrs old, well today a week after the fat lip his decided to climb the babysitters tree, while she ran inside, well...
Avatar n tn Hi recently my dog bit me and i had a cut going down from just under my nose through my top lip, and i had a small op to remove some flesh from the wound on my lip and had it stitched back together. i had the stitches out a couple days ago so the scarrings stil new, but at the minute the part on my lip itself is stil quite wide and deep,i thought where they had joined it, it would have healed so the line was very thin.
Avatar m tn Greetings, It has been 2~weeks since my minor surgery to extract the mucocele from the lower left lip., the stitches are gone now but my lip still seems a bit swollen still. It is noticeable because my friend pointed it out to me. I am wondering will this go away? will my lip be aligned normally again. Thank you for your time Dr. Bhupinder.
Avatar n tn the nerves are badly bruised and need time to settle, especially seeing as there may be quite a bit of swelling due to the trauma and stitches. Worst case scenario......nerves have been severed in the gum. Was your inside gum split open or just your chin? You mentioned the bottom row of teeth are totally numb and yet they're "very very sensitive". Sensitive to what exactly? (Obviously sensitive to hardwood flooring.....I feel for you.......that *****).
1428239 tn?1333460653 the only hard part is I know that if I have to feed while out, i could be stuck somewhere for quite a while but seeing as im going to continue to breastfeed, its just something i will have to do I feel like i have been blessed so far with a little angel and I know things will get worst with the crying business but right now she is easy to calm done quickly.. it may be a bit of a shock for me when she does start crying more... Last night she was doing alot of comfort nursing..
Avatar f tn 1 month ago today my 3 y o dd fell and completely bit thru between her chin and lip (her top teeth were overlapping and cut right thru) So she had to go to the ER and get 23 stitches. It seemed to heal and close up within the 5 days before the stitches came out. Now, it seem that the healing process has slowed. They assured us there would be no scar, but the area seems to be raised with scar tissue coming from the inside though, the inside of her mouth looks as if there was never a wound.
2217169 tn?1371487322 I've followed your detox from the of and know you had a hard time with it, so congratulations on your 2 weeks and your cool stitches, lol. You deserve every bit of praise coming your way. I know what a milestone 2 weeks is so WELL DONE YOU.
Avatar f tn I've never had it happen to my nose, but I've had my upper lip go numb several times. And all kinds of strange sensations inside my mouth, including for the last 3 months. MS is not a respecter of our various locations, is it?