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Avatar m tn So my lip was bit recently by my gf. It hurt and made a little bump bout a week later the bump looked like a little white head i messed with it and it looks bad now like a zip. Could it be a badly placed zip? Or could it be swolen from the bite?
Avatar f tn I assume that is because they will be the best value for money considering their likely future medical costs if left untreated. I am currently 64 and so far my liver is holding up, though who knows for how long. So I have to wonder how long before my name gets to the top of the treatment list? At 100 people a year it is conceivable that I would be 84, or dead, or mortally compromised by something else, making tx no longer an option for me. This is not rocket science.
1124740 tn?1259658970 the same day i got the ***** pimple i popped it and it went down the next day and turned into a light red scar which looked like i still had the pimple but in a very small version. so 12 weeks later (now) my lip felt a bit weird and i think the scar is coming back up again! i dont know why this is happening. but ive been using this anitfunal cream to try to make it stop coming up. and im always touching it and i think im making it worse. i dont know if its a pimple or what?
Avatar n tn I accidently bit my inside lower lip several weeks ago and the wound is slow to heal. The wound it self seems to have a purple and white color to it. The area around it is also swollen and I've applied ice to it but this doesn't seem to bring the swelling down. It really isn't painful but it looks like I have a huge growth on my inside lip and it looks weird. Any thoughts on how I can get rid of this.
Avatar m tn on my upper lip there are tiny bump like dots ..on my lower lip to the corners there is a small white patch at two sides of my lower lip ..iam worried alot about this ? what is this? what to eat and what not to? this small patch is bit itching.
Avatar n tn Yesterday I looked in the mirror and notice my bottom lip had a row going across in a straight line of little small white bumps. I can feel them they are hard to see but if you look close enough you can see them. I think its maybe because i dont get enough water. I'm not sure what they are where they came from I thought they might have been Fordyce spots but based off pictures Ive seen I dont think that what they are. They're really annoying and stressing me out just a bit.
Avatar m tn my lip now has a white appearance at the site of the bite. it looks as if i burt my lip! no real pain, but its a bit uncomfertable and just disgusting looking. im begining to notice pockets of of clear fluid also. i have applied AAA, and taken the begining dose of Zpack. any ideas for other forms of treatment, should i worry or what signs do i need to look for in terms of infection?
Avatar m tn I have a redness, browness, little bit rash, and weird looking wrinkles/scales near the border of my lips. The scales and wrinkles are also very flat and smooth, while the normal parts are puffy and fuller as usual and normal. The middle of my lips are not as affected, and the inside of my mouth either.. it is just the outer courners that have been affected. I have no clue what this is do you think it is.. A.) Actinic cheilitis B.) exfoliative cheilitis C.
Avatar n tn Hi, I presnetly have 3 little bumps on the top of my lip. Though they are not painful, they tend to get raised and when squeezed, some whitey thing comes out reducing them. Im a bit conscious of them expecially when they are raised and not quite sure as to what is the cause of this. Could i please get a reply back as to what it is likely to be i.e. a medical name and if there is a cure for it. Thank you.
Avatar m tn Several days ago, I woke up with about a one centimeter in diameter patch of skin that looked to be infected. The skin appears to contain puss; in an act of disgust, I bit down, and now have a noticeable scab ontop of the already infected area. I can't tell if the skin is dead, or contains puss; I can only say that the area is swollen, and painful.
Avatar f tn Now, in terms of dryness, they're not so dry anymore but I still need to apply lip balm otherwise they will feel so dry (but not chapped). My lips don't feel itchy anymore but now the skin under my lips area feel a bit itchy sometimes. However, there is still discolouration on my lips. They don't look as dark as before, but still a bit purple-ish (not the entire lips, but more like dark splotch on my lower lips). Could this be a symptom of cyanosis?
Avatar n tn My bottom lip has gone discolored it is a bit black and blue much like a bruise would be, only it's not a bruise it does not hurt, it is not tender, and there was no blunt trauma (to my concious knowledge) to the lip.
Avatar n tn org/wiki/Chapped_lips Some causes of the symptoms you mention, could be lip biting, lip licking, Vit.B2 deficiency, smoking, overexposure to sun and ill fitting dentures. In extreme cases, this could be due to bacterial or fungal skin infection. You need to drink plenty of water daily – around 1.5 – 3 litres per day and eat a balanced diet. Do not keep your lips dry; apply lip balm which contains sunscreen – preferably a medicated one.
Avatar f tn In January I had a really bad cold sore blister on my bottom lip..I accidentally bit it and it just would not heal..In early march my primary care doc sent me to a dermatologist and he did a biopsy since it just would not heal..The biopsy came back negative for cancer but was identified as lichen simplex chronicus, the doc said it should heal within a few weeks with vaseline. Well it is now May and my lip is just not right..
Avatar m tn on my top lip almost daily. Not the border but the actual lip part. They look like tiny white-head zits that barely raise the skin when they are at their worst. They do not come out of the skin like a blister. They stay under the skin but cause it to rise as they get bigger. There are about seven locations where they occur, and they only occur in these exact locations. All locations are spread across my top lip, and not in the corners.
Avatar n tn After sex i washed my penis with bit of soap and water. when i came out i realize that i kind of felt a broken skin inside of my upper lip. It kind of made me worried if this tiny skin break could prone to catch any STI by sucking nipples. When i finally reached home i started shaving my pubic hair and i got a little cut now the whole situation is freaking me out as if i had some STI on my pubic hair and it got into my blood due to this cut. I afterwards shower immediately.
714288 tn?1243257791 I have to find some kind of medical insurance. Will anyone accept me now? I was hoping some of you might have some suggestions or feedback. I would like to get into treatment. I called two studies but no one has returned my call.
Avatar n tn i got a bump on my lip from a accident and i bit it to get rid of it , and took medicine to get rid of it, but it won't go away
Avatar m tn Hello, I noticed this strange bump on my lip one evening. At first it upset me because I thought it was a cold sore, but then, only a few hours later, the bump went away, leaving only a bit of dry skin. Now, two days later, the dry skin is still there. It looks slightly whiter than the rest of my lip and could have been this way that evening. I don't remember as I only had a short time to look at it. I don't remember the bump being there earlier that day. I noticed it while I was eating dinner.
Avatar n tn I have had a localized area of my lip which only gets chapped during weather change or if i eat something spicy, etc. and it's been like this for months if not over a year now. Everything is fine, I have a boyfriend and he does not have oral herpes. However, A few days ago I noticed that the little part of my lip got a little red on the edge and i thought nothing of it. It then was shiny and tight so I wanted to check if I had any mouth sores on the inside.
Avatar f tn noticed a spot on lower left side of lip kind a looks like a blood cloth color something you would see after hitting your finger with a hammer by accident no lump does not hurt anyone have any ideas?
Avatar n tn I had this blue bump on my lower lip for about a year. Then I bit it one day and it took like an hour to get it to stop bleeding. now there is a red bump, it seems to remain big and pop after awhile...anyone have any idea what this is from or what it is?
Avatar m tn (dermatologist give me the same advice and say they can't help ? ? ? ) I am African American and my skin is brown while my upper lip is quite a bit darker and it appears as if I have a mustache. I just want it to be lighter, thanks.
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt, it's just there and it bothers me. I noticed after I had made out with my friend, and he had bit my lip several times. Any ideas on what it could be?
Avatar f tn I had a lip biopsy done on 18 days ago in order to help diagnosis for Sjogrens. My lip is even more swollen than before and the so called disolving stitiches didnt disolve so I had this out last night. The pain is still there and there is a raised area about half an inch in diameter that is white with redness and bruising that covers a further area of around an inch or so.
Avatar m tn For at least a decade or so I have had this small lump on my upper lip that came about after I got elbowed in the face playing basketball. 10 years later the small lump is still there and I have tried picking at it which has helped a little bit but its probably not the best idea. Someone told me that one way to get rid of it would be some kind surgery and that what I had was scar tissue. Any comments or suggestions would be helpful. I'll post a pic so you can see what I am talking about.
Avatar f tn I have been dealing with a hot itchy lip for a few months now. Have been to my GP several times. I have the cold sore virus but haven't had one in years and we have ruled that out. I used a product-lipactin and zilactin as I thought that is what I was dealing with. We determined that I have a allergy to the product as I did a patch test on my inner arm and the result was a reaction Itchy and red. The doctor prescribed a cortizone cream which just made it worst . Dried the skin on my upper lip.
Avatar n tn When i was like, 4-5 a dog bit me on the lip and kinda ripped it a little and left a scar. It looks like a bump on my lip and then theres a little line right above my lip from it. i really want it to go away! Im 14 now and it still hasnt gone away. Everytime i meet somebody new, they ask about it and its really embarassing. PLEASEE HELP!
Avatar f tn It got rid of it, but I would use the ointment every day because it would be a tiny bit irritated pink. Now, it has come back ( winter) and I think it changes based on weather ( I live in MidWest) and hydrocortisone isn't working. Help! P. s. it started two summers ago. It was really humid and above my lip was sort of itchy so I rubbed really hard and it turned red. Then it never went away. One time when it go really bad, it broke open and started bleeding a little but scabbed over.