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Avatar f tn try not to pop it before you are seen though I know sometimes that's hard for it not to happen on its own while eating and such.
Avatar m tn on my top lip almost daily. Not the border but the actual lip part. They look like tiny white-head zits that barely raise the skin when they are at their worst. They do not come out of the skin like a blister. They stay under the skin but cause it to rise as they get bigger. There are about seven locations where they occur, and they only occur in these exact locations. All locations are spread across my top lip, and not in the corners.
1444053 tn?1365460415 Last week whilst eating dinner I accidently bit the inside of my bottom lip.It was very painful,then I bit it again and again, I became scared to eat for fear of biting a chunk of my lip off.It seemed to have settled a few days later then today I did it again,I admit to talking whilst eating also I am a bit stressed lately.Ive read forums about this some say go a dentist others say eat soft liquid foods a while.Any advice?anything I should do to the bite area?salt water wash?
Avatar n tn last month i had what appeared to be a small cold soreappear on the inside of my bottom lip, then about a week later, while i was eating i bit it and started bleeding (it had gotten bigger which is why i bit it) i waited anohter week for it to heal (they have gone away before in about a week but not gotten so large) and i bit it again and went to a community urgent care and dentist. they both said it looks like a mucus filled trauma, and i am praying its not cancer. i dont smoke nor drink.....
Avatar m tn Hello, I noticed this strange bump on my lip one evening. At first it upset me because I thought it was a cold sore, but then, only a few hours later, the bump went away, leaving only a bit of dry skin. Now, two days later, the dry skin is still there. It looks slightly whiter than the rest of my lip and could have been this way that evening. I don't remember as I only had a short time to look at it. I don't remember the bump being there earlier that day. I noticed it while I was eating dinner.
Avatar f tn One day while biting and picking at my lips I noticed that one part that I was biting on the bottom of my lip started to hurt, since I never realize that I pick at my lip and bite it, I noticed that everytime I bit that area it hurt but if I left it alone it didn't hurt well after a few hours before bed time I looked in the mirror and only saw dry lip, but I picked at that area again and it hurt so being a lip picker I ripped the dry skin off and noticed clear fluid came out, it didn't bleed.
1945970 tn?1324215554 Today I have noticed that when she is laying down for a while and relaxed, the swelling goes down a little, but when she is up walking around or active in any way the swelling gets worse and her lip gets red. She is eating and drinking okay and acting normal. There is also, like a patch of white on it. It looks like when human skin gets ready to peel. I called her vets, but they are busy with emergencies, and I didn't get to speak with a doctor.
Avatar n tn In Night if you put lip balm before going to bed and after waking up put lip balm before brusing and bath. after bath put lip balm. drink water normally. While in day if you feel it is required put lip balm. Take a thick balm which last for some time thats it. I don't say that got fixed for ever but last three days I am in relief.
Avatar n tn I've been using it for a year and my skin has never looked better. It occurred to me the other day to try a little bit on the dry patch on my lip twice a day. In just a few days, there has been a HUGE improvement. The dry patch is almost gone! Dermal-K is kinda pricey (about $40 for a 4oz jar) so I'm not sure it makes sense to get it just for the occasional dry patch, but I told you I would come back and let you know if I found something that works.
Avatar n tn At the time, I had been using just plain Burt's Bees Lip Balm for many weeks. When I got the symptoms, I used a bit more of the balm than I usually did, thinking it would help the dryness. When nothing seemed to be working, I stopped using it altogether. In time, my lips healed, and I switched to Softlips lipbalm in both vanilla and peppermint flavors. I showed no reaction from their usage for about a month. Then, I started getting the same reaction that I got from the Burt's Bees Lip Balm.
Avatar n tn hi i have recently noticed a lump on the inside of my bottom lip, it seems to have a small white blister in the centre of the lump, and i dont know wether this has any relavance to the lump but i have had a very dry mouth well my mouth dosent feel right and my throat feels very scratchy all the time, i am a smoker and overweight and am 29, please help, i have been feeling very larthargic lately and the worry of this is making me not sleep the best either, i have had trouble eating for a while du
Avatar m tn As for my sore throat, I hadn't felt nor now feel it at all while eating (like it doesn't exist). But when I normally swallow saliva or doing so deliberately, I have the sensation. It is not a burning sensation at all, just like as if something like a slight ridge is there. When I tilt up my head (above horizontal level) to swallow saliva, I don't kind of feel it, even today, but when my at normal level (i.e.
Avatar m tn I was leaving a club after a long night of drinking and met a girl outside who was probably just as drunk. We made out for 10-15 seconds and she bit my lip hard enough that when I got home I noticed broken skin and red bite marks similar to if I had bitten myself while eating. After being offered oral I got out of the situation realizing how bad/risky it could get.
Avatar n tn It's awkward because I have to walk funny to avoid pain (since its swollen, it will be rubbed while I'm walking by the other lip or my upper inner thighs, and will hurt more). I don't know what else to do, but from everything I'm reading, I'm hoping that the reason is just because I wasn't as wet as I normally am when we're hooking up--that the reason for this swollen-ness, redness, and tenderness is because of being rubbed while dry last night...
Avatar f tn Your partner could still contract HSV2 with you on Valtrex (especially if you have sex while you are experiencing symptoms), but the risk is really low. Like 2% a year or something. Never heard of Valtrex causing yeast problems, but grace would know the answer to that one. I wouldn't waste my money on lysine. It's useless for protecting partners or healing or anything else.
Avatar f tn I had my 4 wisdom teeth pulled on Dec 16/11, and my lower chin gums and right lower lip is numb. eating is brutal I cant feel the food stuck in between my lip and gum. the OS told me to take Vitamin B12. and that, would help rebuild the nerves. also he said if you can feel a tingle or any sensation at all the nerves havn't been completely severed. so i'll hold on to some hope. today i started feeling a burning sensation, seems like there are steps in the recovery hopefully its recovering.
Avatar m tn I performed oral sex (unprotected) approximately 22 days ago. 5 days ago while eating a sandwich, after a bite, I noticed a small cut about 1/8-1/4 inch horizontally on my bottom lip. The roll was quite hard and could easily be blamed since it was while I was using my napkin that I noticed the cut, because of the blood on the napkin.
387660 tn?1242600342 I'm another dozer-while-driving person. Have found that eating sparsely while on a trip helps as I noticed that the drowziness comes on about 30-45 minutes after I've eaten. (I used to think that eating would give me energy to stay awake, but it seems to have the opposite effect for me!
547836 tn?1302836432 all kinds of things are happening nearing the end of tx, i've got 9 more weeks to go after 39 injections of Pegasys so far. just 4 days ago, i was eating some cereal and a flake cut between my gum and tooth in the back of my mouth, it hurt for about 3 days and stopped hurting today, didn't want to take any antibiotics bc those give me terrible diarrhea, so i thought i'd skip if i could bc i'm already having enough bloating troubles.
Avatar n tn They usually cluster together and may be a bit tender. Is thi similar to your case? The small fluid filled bump inside the lip may be a mucocele and this is not due to a herpetic infection.It may be due to a blocked duct of the minor salivary glands found in the underside of the lip.
Avatar n tn about a week ago my sisters boyfreind had a herpes sore on the corner of his mouth. and while his sore was active we went swwimming at a lake with family and about 2 days later i now have a sore on the corner of my mouth aswell as a couple small bumps on the tip and side of mt tongue at first i had one on the side of my tongue then the corner of my mouth and the the tip of my tongue.
Avatar f tn Through lots and lots of experimentation, I found out I am allergic to almost every brand of lip balm including Burt's Bees, Carmex, Blistex, etc. After that happened all hell just broke loose, my lips began getting tiny tiny red bumps which also had this yellow liquid seeping out. I would put Aquaphor (one thing I was not allergic to at the time) on it but it looked like it'd only get worse. so I just let it dry out and that seemed to help.
Avatar m tn Dear sir, recently we noticed thats my wife's lower lip is going side ways while talking and her tears are rolling only from her left eye and unable to close her left eyelid in full , ct-scan shows nevery thing is normal in brain
Avatar n tn and can feel like maybe a bee bee is stuck in your gums? all they are is tiny saliva glands that have been blocked. maybe you bit your lip? anything like that can cause them. all they are is little bubbles of saliva. as you said they eventually go away and if they don't you are still fine. do not be concerned.
Avatar n tn So frustrating because no amount or type of lip balm seemed to help (vaseline lip therapy, body shop lip salve, etc etc). Additionally, the skin above my upper lip became dry, red and irritated. About 2-3 weeks after that, I started experiencing swollen eyelids as well as dry, wrinkled, red, itchy patches above and below my eyes. I could not apply the most mild lotion to those areas because it would burn, but it was so dry I wanted to do something.
Avatar f tn The Nutrical is a good idea, but its not a cure-all for an animal that is clearly in quite a bit of danger. The reason behind his not eating and vomiting syringed foods needs to be figured out right now. Its been 3 weeks. He should be doing well. Let us know what happens, please?
Avatar n tn The second time was last year with a lower face lift with platysmal plication (the neck bands) and my left lower lip wouldn't move and made talking smiling eating etc wierd! So I fully understand your nervousness and anxiety over this complication. To help balance my lip paralysis in my left lower lip my PS gave me tiny bit of Btox on the right side to at least balance it till it came back. Well it came back in about 2 months but where the botox was injected still hasn't!
Avatar f tn I tongue kissed her very numerous times with taking time..Since I had a lip brust and some sore in my mouth...While kissing once i had hurt her and later i tasted few blood in my mouth but it continued..........after 3 days, I realized and searched on the net,,,,,,,,and found out very different different view....and these days 'm ver frightened and felt I got something from her......
Avatar n tn I noticed this the day after I had one lil bump and then four hours later a patch and some spots on the lip line and then later what appeared to be two little ingrown white heads in the center of the lip. Thinking this could be HPV or herpes or bothmade me suicidial for a little bit but I've calmed down as I've been thru too much ******** to not find a cure for this **** along with bringing numerous other vital discoveries to the fore front that I have to be very careful with.
Avatar n tn It's possible you could experience these symptoms after you've gone a while between doses. Valium, however, is the benzo of choice for tapering safely. After 6 years, I'd take at least 6 months to taper off of Valium. Even a year would be good. Getting off benzos is a long, careful process. Google search on Dr Heather Ashton for the best info on benzo addiction. Good luck.