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Avatar m tn maybe 3 to 4 months after using the new toothbrush, i noticed that my bottom lip - toward the corner - gets swollen. the swelling is like an elongated, rounded and raised bump shape. when i wake up in the morning, the swelling is not present. the lip looks perfectly normal with no sign of irritation or swelling. after i brush my teeth, the swelling is there but then goes down after 3 minutes or so.
Avatar n tn Sometimes this will first starts either on the lip or near it and then moves to the lips. I am wondering if a bit from a spider can be the cause or could there be an issue with anxiety and my biting myself and then the lip(s) swell up after. It takes at least six hours for the swelling to go down.
Avatar m tn Roughly 30mins go by and i wiped it off. My lips were feeling a bit dry so i put on lip gloss and that helped. i wiped it off and slathered on more toothpaste. This time i let the toothpaste sit for about an hour...until i could feel the burn! All of this was within 6 hours. When i wiped it off this time the blistering was gone and a small lump was left. I could feel the weight of it.
Avatar m tn Sounds crazy but.. Khatiz.
654739 tn?1224336695 People of all ages can be affected, but it is most common in the early adult years.In this condition,swelling of lip(esp upper lip) is present. Swelling of face and eyes may also be present.Diagnosis can only be made after various investigations to rule out other causes with similar symptoms and biopsy of the tissue from the lip. Other possibilities are angioedema(due to allergic reactions),eczema,crohn’s disease,hives,myxedema, muccopolysacharidosis and acromegaly.
Avatar m tn Roughly 30mins go by and i wiped it off. My lips were feeling a bit dry so i put on lip gloss and that helped. i wiped it off and slathered on more toothpaste. This time i let the toothpaste sit for about an hour...until i could feel the burn! All of this was within 6 hours. When i wiped it off this time the blistering was gone and a small lump was left. I could feel the weight of it.
Avatar f tn About 12 days ago I noticed my bottom lip started to swell. I had just used a new lipstick, the kind that stains the lips then you put on a clear coat. I have been using this type for many months. The lip was stinging, & burning along with the swelling. I also thought this was a reaction to some antibiotics I was on. I have never had this happen before. Now, 12 days later my lips are not swelled but they still have blisters that burn, even water from the shower burns them.
Avatar m tn the other day i was sleeping doc, and we think somthing bit me on the lip. becuse it swelled up and then we put some antibiotics but then it enlarged we think a bug like a spider bit it , it really burns doc what do you think it is , i really want my normal lips back.
Avatar n tn I accidently bit my inside lower lip several weeks ago and the wound is slow to heal. The wound it self seems to have a purple and white color to it. The area around it is also swollen and I've applied ice to it but this doesn't seem to bring the swelling down. It really isn't painful but it looks like I have a huge growth on my inside lip and it looks weird. Any thoughts on how I can get rid of this.
Avatar n tn A week ago, I fell down a couple of stairs and bit through my mouth, right below my lower lip on the outside. I received about six stitches all along the inside of my mouth and they just super glued the outside of my mouth. My stitches are dissolvable and all of them have dissolved with an exception of one which is really low on the inside of my mouth, right by the roots of my teeth.
Avatar m tn I'm 45, my top lip gets dry for a few days then a tiny bump shows up, then my lip swells pretty big, for a few days mostly at night. swelling subsides a little during the day has a tingling in it after several days my lip cracks and drains this happens a few times a year. All together from beginning to end it lasts about 2 weeks.
Avatar m tn The following morning all swelling was gone. That evening I developed swelling in the genitals. Swelling lasted about 24 hours. I had a full day with no new symptons, and then my righ foot swelled up. The foot swelling was quite painful, but began subsiding after about 12 hours. Unfortunately my the swelling moved to my left foot. I also experienced some swelling in my left cheek during this same period.
Avatar m tn I noticed some minor swelling on my lower lip. as of now it's only on the right side of my lip. when I woke up this morning, however, the swelling got worse. I would like to know how to get this to go down. please help.
Avatar m tn I have on two occasions (one recently) experienced swelling of my lower lip spreading from one side to the full lip and required hospital treatment in the form of IV steroids and anti-histamines to reduce the pressure and pain. Quite often I know when this swelling is about to happen as I get an uncomfortable feeling or slight itch and take anti-histamines to try and reduce the onset of the condition.
Avatar n tn Shortly after i also noticed that i had slight swelling in my upper lip. I took some advil and allergy tabs and went to sleep. Once again i awoke the next morning with all of my upper lip very swollen and large red itchy bumps on my neck, scalp, forearms, waist and knees. I finally went to the doctor considering i could hardly talk, therefore unable to work. The doctor gave me a steroid injection called Kenalog and said the swelling should go away within 24 hours.
517095 tn?1214425727 i have been told i have post viral syndrome i was ill in october with a virus and for moths having bad aches in muscle muscle swelling and joint aches sneezing pins and needlesalmost constant, sore throat on and off, but at the moment my tirdness has seen to gotten a bit better and feeling a little better in myself on the whol, its been nearly 9 months since my virus, but at the moment i have had lymph node in my left side of my neck up for about 4 weeks not too swollen, and under my arms ache a
Avatar f tn He takes extra antihistamines with each swelling which usually helps a bit, and they usually go down in around 24 - 48 hours. The swellings usually itch, and the area is warm/hot to the touch, and can occasionally be painful - he had one in his knee last night which was agonising. Unfortunately, we haven't found any solution for it yet, but he has to carry an epipen with him in case his throat swells up and he can't breathe.
Avatar n tn It's also been swollen on my lower right lip, right side of my tongue. The swelling usually lasts 24 hours per area and then moves to another spot. I can tell before the swelling starts that it's going to start by an itchy feeling I get there. I workout 2-3 times a week, am not overweight, 6'3" 186#, don't take any meds and otherwise feel good. Thoughts anyone might have would be greatly appreciated!
Avatar m tn I just noticed a small patch of redness on my lower lip. It did burn a bit but it doesn't burn or itch at all now just the occasional pulsing sensation. It wasn't there this morning and I'm worried that it might be herpes. I posted here about a month ago after a possible "exposure" but thus far no sypmtoms or leisons. Could this be herpes finally showing up?
Avatar n tn The first time I had it was two months ago. The swelling and bump was on my top lip in the exact same spot as now for three days and then it went. Now today I am noticing that the swelling is going down and it is the third day. It is tingling a bit but have not started to itch as yet.
1444053 tn?1365460415 It was very painful,then I bit it again and again, I became scared to eat for fear of biting a chunk of my lip off.It seemed to have settled a few days later then today I did it again,I admit to talking whilst eating also I am a bit stressed lately.Ive read forums about this some say go a dentist others say eat soft liquid foods a while.Any advice?anything I should do to the bite area?salt water wash?
Avatar m tn I woke up with my left side lower lip a bit swollen with some numbness. The skin over the swelling has a darker red tinge. Also there looks to be almost a white pimple blackhead forming on the edge of my lip. The swelling has lasted a day and wasn't there last night. It also feels like the lymph glands under my jaw are getting involved but I can't tell. I suspect I might have herpes but am not sure. Are there any other signs/symptoms I should look for?
Avatar m tn It hurts to walk and touch and looks sort of like a horrible bruise or possibly a burst blood vessel. Swelling has decreased a bit but I want the bruising or blood vessel or whatever it is to go away. When I showered the soap stung a little so It seems like I may have a little cut/chafed skin from the friction. If anyone knows hows long till the bruising will go away/ if I should be concerned or be doing anything else besides waiting it out and icing a little. Please let me know.
Avatar f tn It doesn't hurt, it's just there and it bothers me. I noticed after I had made out with my friend, and he had bit my lip several times. Any ideas on what it could be?
Avatar f tn It was then after that i realise the whole right side of my vagina was extremely swollen like a balloon, mostly the lip. Also starting to go purple, looking like a huge blood blister. Thinking it would be better in the morning, but its not, The tiny-est bit less swollen although irritates to walk and is black coloured...
Avatar n tn - It's only my top lip and its stinging also a bit itchy, and its dry around the lip but the lip itself isn't. Its happened before when im nervous i rub my lip which makes it swollen and sore like it is now, But i haven't touched my lip at all, My Mom thinks i might have been rubbing it without noticing it but i don't think so. Another thing is My Mom think it could be is i always had itchy skin and the other day i had a itchy arm.
Avatar f tn I keep getting this bump in the same spot on my upper lip. I have had cold sores and know this is not a cold sore. I have not burned, bit or done anything to cause a bump on my lip. It does not hurt only feels a little tight and is not discolored in anyway. It has been coming and going for several months. Any thoughts on what this could be?