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Avatar m tn I continiously get lip sores on my bottom lip only. I have been getting them for years and have been prescribed many diffrent courses of creams tablets etc. There has never been one any better thanthe other and when the blisterring is at its most venemous the need to pick is almost un-bearable. I keep away from lip balm etc as I find them to only feed the bug opposed to helping.
Avatar n tn A few months later, a sore came back on my lip. It starts as a small bump which then grows into a bit of a larger one without any fluid inside. It has a white top to it which eventually just sits there. It doesn't scab over, but goes down after a few days. It happened again at the end of August, and then a few weeks ago. I finally saw a dermatologist who tried to do a test for herpes, but the results came back inconclusive because he said the sore was "too old.
Avatar m tn -On March 19,2010 I ate dinner at about 7 or 8pm, bit my lower inside lip. Small cut. About 4-5 hours later I was at a club, buzzed, and kissed a stranger for about a minute or slightly more, tongue action involved only for a short time. Came to my senses walked to the restroom and washed out my mouth. -I'm a worrisome guy so I got tested for HIV on April 27,2010. I counted that like 40 days, only 2 days shy of 6 weeks. HIV 1/2 test came back negative to my relief.
Avatar n tn Now I met someone and we went out on few dates and yesterday we deep-kissed for about 30 seconds to a minute but about 20 minutes before that I accidently bit my lower lip while chewing something. I came home and checked the bite - it was small but indeed the skin was broken and the area was red. It wasn't bleeding when I checked it (about 30-40 minutes after we kissed) but I'm affraid when we kissed it might have been. What if she is hiv positive - would that incident put me at risk?
Avatar n tn For the past 10 years I have had really sensitive lips and have only been able to use one type of lip balm. As anything else - lip sticks of glosses give me little sores on my lips and cause them to puff up and get little scabs and peel contantly - i also get dry patches under my eyes and eye lids. When I visited a doctor they told me I may have an allergy to nail polish and an ingrediant in lip glosses/balms its also happens when I were nail polish.
Avatar f tn Take a fresh cut piece of garlic and put it to your lip. It burns a little bit, but dries it out really good.
Avatar f tn I get cold sores on my lip once in a while...but does tat mean tat I cant ever kiss ne one or do oral sex even if I dnt have it in the moment?! Please help!
Avatar m tn I have never been diagnosed with HSV1 or 2 but I have gotten canker sores for years. I don't know if this is coincidental or what. I believe I bit my my lip and it turned into a canker sore. However during the same time period I think I had a pair of briefs that were too small and caused rubbing at the base of my shaft and caused small blisters. I had them on at work and I do a lot of walking at work and have very dry skin down there so not very much rubbing seems to cause problems.
Avatar n tn yes you can . between obvious cold sores and with asymptomatic shedding ( even in folks who can't recall ever getting a cold sore ) the virus is active about 18% of days.
Avatar m tn cold sores are oral herpes. have you ever had cold sores before?
Avatar f tn I know it's gross but over the past 24hrs I've developed a really nasty cold sore on my bottom lip.. I haven't had one for about 7 years but use to get them so bad in primary school my Mum had to pull me out of class for 3wks once. On top of that when I woke this morning I figured out the glands in my neck are swollen and I've got a terrible headache.. Im 17weeks pregnant. Has anyone else experienced this? Would it be best just to get an appointment and see what the doctor can give me?
Avatar f tn The next morning I woke up and found that I had a sore on each side of my tongue (they rub against my bottom molars). They hurt and look a little bit like canker sores, but I've never gotten a canker sore on my tongue, so I'm trying to find out if it's something I should be worried about... Is it possible that it's herpes? Or is that unlikely? Pleeeeease help. Thank you. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/248711'>Unprotected Oral Sex - Sore Tongue and Mouth</a>.
1168718 tn?1464987135 What Causes Canker Sores? Canker sores are very painful sores found inside the mouth that often appear out of nowhere, leaving suffers asking: What causes canker sores? Answer: We know what canker sores are, but the exact cause is still unknown. Women statistically suffer from canker sores more often than men. Canker sores are typically seen in people between the ages of 10 and 40, although they have been known to show up at any age.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering with cold sores for almost since I was a teenager I am 39 and still suffering with them I never brought this to my doctors attention, because I thought nothing can be done about it. I know the virus is living inside of me and everybody else who gets them, they hurt a lot yesterday morning when I woke up I already started with 3 of them on my upper lip. Do you break out with them when you are stressed? Yesterday my daughter had her 3rd hip surgery...
Avatar m tn I also deliver it with a Waterpik with low pressure instead of dental floss to reduce sensitivty in gums. They bleed a bit, but no more canker sores...
Avatar n tn Alcohol can trigger canker sores if these are that. It also could be another viral infection causing mouth sores too. Yes it could be oral herpes but until you are seen monday it'll be too late to get an accurate culture to find that out. Avoid acidic foods, sour foods and alcohol for the rest of the weekend and see if that helps.
Avatar m tn Several days ago, I woke up with about a one centimeter in diameter patch of skin that looked to be infected. The skin appears to contain puss; in an act of disgust, I bit down, and now have a noticeable scab ontop of the already infected area. I can't tell if the skin is dead, or contains puss; I can only say that the area is swollen, and painful.
1124740 tn?1259658970 the same day i got the ***** pimple i popped it and it went down the next day and turned into a light red scar which looked like i still had the pimple but in a very small version. so 12 weeks later (now) my lip felt a bit weird and i think the scar is coming back up again! i dont know why this is happening. but ive been using this anitfunal cream to try to make it stop coming up. and im always touching it and i think im making it worse. i dont know if its a pimple or what?
Avatar m tn I'm 45, my top lip gets dry for a few days then a tiny bump shows up, then my lip swells pretty big, for a few days mostly at night. swelling subsides a little during the day has a tingling in it after several days my lip cracks and drains this happens a few times a year. All together from beginning to end it lasts about 2 weeks.
Avatar n tn well 3 days of no chapstick and constant lick lipping led to flaking of my lips which i bit at and created sores. all the sores healed after a week except for one. it will scab over, and i will be able to leave it alone for a max of 3 weeks while treating it with neosporin but the black scab never goes away and i pick it off and i can see the new skin underneath but it just keeps scabbing. is my lip never going to heal completely?
Avatar n tn I then developed what appeared to be two cold sores on my inner lip. Days later, I found one painless yet ulcerated, small lesion on the inside of my labia. I had it cultured the next day, and the results returned positive for HSV-1. It healed with no discomfort within the next 3 days. My new boyfriend has never had any symptoms of genital or oral herpes, but has not been tested. Is it possible that I was infected with both oral and genital HSV-1 simultaneously?
Avatar f tn To keep it short, my boyfriend came to see me on a Monday and gave me a kiss and a couple hours later I noticed a bump on my lip. I didn't think anything of it til the next morning when I seen it had inflated into a very small oval shape and what felt and looked like pus inside. It was confirmed pus when my finger nails accidently tore it open on the bottom a bit when I was playing with my lip.
Avatar f tn I developed a large cluster of cold sores on my lower lip. This has happened to me a couple of other times in my life, but never to this severity. The cold sores started one week ago today. I made an appointment to see my doctor 2 days ago, because I was developing new blisters next to the original ones. He put me a one day dose of Valtrex. It seemed to have helped the progression of the new blisters. This is my question...
Avatar f tn Just had some bumps with crusting on them. The whole upper lip is red and tingling. Im convinced theyre cold sores. Lysine pills and famvir has stopped working for me. What else can i take for this?
Avatar f tn I have sores all over my mouth at the moment from chemo.Is there anything I can do to reduce the pain a little bit?I am finding it really hard to talk at the moment and eat-so sore.What can I do?My doctor said he might have to put in a feeding tube in but I really don't want that.Please help.
Avatar f tn Neck is still pretty dang stiff in the back though. same thing that happened before the lip sores. What could this be?
Avatar n tn Yesterday my mouth started tingling a little bit, but I thought I had just cut it. Today, I woke up and have two very painful blisters under my lip. Also a very tiny blister on my chin. Should I go see a doctor? If this is in fact HSV-1, how often do people get out breaks? What do I do now? I'm really upset about this...