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6498330 tn?1389712979 It isn't a cream but the best thing I have ever found for diaper rash is gold bond baby powder
508002 tn?1210796842 Two days ago I had a scab and picked. The next day I wake up to this. That afternoon I did use a face mask for oily skin. Could that have done this to me? IS it acne or something worse? Please help!
Avatar n tn About 7 months ago I purchased some Vitamin C cream from the body shop to improve the elasticity of the skin on my forehead because I was starting to develop 2 very small frown wrinkles (As some young people do in New Zealand due to the harsh sun). Unfortunately the Vitamin C I had purchased had oxidized and I did not find out about this until I had been using it for about half a month, but by that stage the damage was already done.
Avatar f tn I used to eat a lot of pasta - it has gluten in it also. Ever wonder why pasta makes you feel stuffed? I now by Tinkyada - its the best gluten free pasta out there, In many forms too. The other brands are just terrible tasting and mushy.
Avatar n tn I've always had dry skin, and found that a common emollient prescribed by the dermatologists, Urea, was the best for my scaly skin. I use U-lactin, and lac hydrin. Urea and lactic acid are the best moisturizers I've found. It has to be at least a 10% urea content to be effective. and it is not greasy.
Avatar m tn Divine Youth Cream is really a comprehensive natual skin care solution formulated in the form of a topical solution.Having the potency to win the battle against aging, it is important in uncovering a younger, flawless skin. This gentle and nourishing formula treats facial lines, age spots and wrinkles, leaving skin look clearer far better than ever before.
Avatar n tn When used on sensitive skin like the genitals, it can cause skin thinning and appearance of blood vessels. However, skin thinning is temporary. Your husband's other symptoms--diminished sensation, "testicular shrinkage", and problems with erection have no relationship with steroid use (which I assume has long-since stopped.) I advise your husband to consult a urologist, particularly one who specializes in matters of sexual dysfunction. Best. Dr.
10869131 tn?1430202096 I've been using coconut oil every day. I have a small amount of stretch marks still though.
Avatar f tn I am using mark kay intense moisturising cream. I have dry skin and this cream is perfect for my skin. I recommend everyone who has dry skin. Believe me its worth it.
Avatar n tn we don't recommend using topical steroids on genital herpes because of the risk associated with using them. they also can thin the delicate genital skin and make it more vulnerable to herpes shedding and other infections too. how often are you getting recurrences?
Avatar f tn What is La Skin Instant Lift Pro Serum? La Skin Instant Lift Pro Serum can be an Injection free solution for younger skin. It may help you appear decade younger than your real age. It will make the skin wrinkle %u2013 free and glowing. It will rejuvenate your skin layer with no expensive Surgery.
Avatar f tn A good dermatologist will be able to suggest the best formulation for your skin woes. they will normally prescribe a gel or cream for eg. benzoyl peroxide, adapalene etc., that will control the oiliness and fight the bacteria that cause acne.
Avatar m tn Will my penis glans skin recover after using hydrocortisone 1% cream? I began using this cream in February 15 for about 5 days. Then I stopped and had sexual intercourse. Everything seemed fine but I got redness so started using it again for about a week. All was fine again. Then masturbated and the skin not my foreskin must of rubbed on residue that was there. This was about a week later after having used it. It seemed that 3 quarters of my glans went a blood red colour.
Avatar m tn He tells me even I did have Jock Itch, he would NEVER EVER treat it with Clotrimazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate Cream USP (prescription cream) because it can cause SEVERE thinning of the skin. He goes on to tell me that he wouldn't even use it on athlete's foot. Finally, he tells me maybe I should see a Psychiatrist because the itch is all in my head. My questions are these.
Avatar m tn Odd day once a week or two weeks when I get a crust of dry skin. Some wrinkles when foreskin is pushed forward after being retracted. Skin is getting stronger. Texture is mostly fine. Fs rolling like it used to and near enough the same thickness. When erect can see some capillaries under camera flash . As the skin bonds together more strongly I feel these will fade back to normal. A shower helps things look completely normal as I guess the water helps.
Avatar n tn Moistening agents are called 'emollients'. In general, it is best to match thicker ointments to the driest, flakiest skin. Some common emollients for the relief of eczema include Oilatum, Balneum, Medi Oil, Diprobase, bath oils and aqueous cream. Sebexol, Epaderm ointment and Eucerin lotion or cream may also be helpful with itching. Lotions or creams may be applied directly to the skin after bathing to lock in moisture. ref:http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar m tn contact. Would be frontage the best way to transmit I? No, the skin surfaces and nature of frottage are different. Thus the observation that while frottage can theoretically lead to HSV transmission, it rarely does so. 2) Does having hsv 1 gives you proctecionl against hsv 2 or is more likely not to have a primary outbreak because is almost the same type of virus? Pre-exisiting HSV-1 appears to reduce the risk for future HSV-2 acquistion.
Avatar n tn I use organic coconut oil you can get it at any grocery store probably sounds weird but it truly is the best moisturizer i've ever used hydrates the skin well an doesn't leave it oily! But they say if your mom got them and your moms mom an so on then your likely to as well...
1931931 tn?1332348145 I also would recommend you ask your OB for a prescription for triple nipple cream. It has be compounded at a pharmacy but it's worth it. I've had sore cracked nipples and breast yeast. It's painful sometimes, but knowing that I'm giving my baby the best thing in the world makes it worth it. I didn't have a great experience with my first born and gave up way to quickly. I was determined this time. I hope you'll stick with it.
Avatar f tn The skin on my feet has cracked, peeled, and bubbled ever since I can remember. Fungus & allergies have been ruled out, and I even tried photo chemotherapy for exfoliative keratolisis but it didn't work :( It also has never spread anywhere else, despite peeling the skin off daily.
Avatar n tn Have you ever try fair n' lovly facial cream?? it does works.. i also heard about gold pearl but nver tried. you can also use any herbal face packs(mask) you can find alot of them at stores. one of them i like is called "Dhatri fairnes face pack" its an ayurvedic powder, u need to mix it with water(if u hv oily skin, they hv a sugg for that also), n' apply for 30mts/15mts sumthing then wash off. it also, helps to prevent pimples/breakouts. Good Luck !!
Avatar m tn Hey All I have recently been to a pain management clinic and was prescribed capsacian cream along with a booking for a supratrochlear nerve block. I have been in chronic pain for the last 18months and it has never got better; it all started from rubbing the forehead and for some reason the whole area became intensely inflamed; steroid cream reduced it but I was left in constant pain and any movement of my forehead caused some swelling. It has been the same ever since like it is in a cycle.
Avatar f tn I had forgotten not to put it in thin skin or near folds. So , now I feel so angry at myself and the Dr. Because I didn't need the cream at all. So, now I have to live with whatever mess I have now.
Avatar f tn I have noticed since losing 50+lbs, my darker skin has gotten lighter. its still there, but I dont think it will ever go away complety. Being very fair skinned too doesn't help either.
Avatar f tn A course of antifungal tablets may be needed if the condition affects many areas of skin, or is not clearing with an antifungal cream. Consult a dermatologist for correct diagnosis and management. Best luck and take care!
Avatar m tn Ever since I could remember when ever I would get hit by cold air during the winter or cold season, I would get these weird red bumps. It would only happen when I wasn't keeping myself busy or doing something and it would only happen on my arms and legs and stomach area. Not on my face, hands, feet or back. It becomes itchy if I scratch it or my clothing does but disappears completely once I warm up.
Avatar n tn This summer has been more humid than usual, but otherwise I feel this is the best move I've ever made. Expecting my first grandchild but I don't want to go back to NY. Miss family but my health is more important. I can always visit.