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Avatar n tn Believe it or not but coconut oil for cooking is really good for stretch marks as is Mederma for stretch marks they both help and prevent further stretch marks :) I also use jergens cocoa butter lotion on my skin as well, all these have helped me I got tons with my second pregnancy and none with this third :) you'll be very happy with all three of these I am and love the scent that is used in the Mederma Good luck mommy
Avatar f tn What's is some really good stretch marks cream..I hate my stretch marks they are so ugly..
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm worried about stretch marks, im 6wks 3 days preggo, I'm wondering if there's a cream/lotion that can help "tone down" or reduce the stretch marks. I know alot has to do with genetics but im just curious if anyone has heard of things that work, or may work.
Avatar f tn Okay I've had a lot of advice but want more! What worked best for your stretch marks?! I've been told no scratching, and putting coconut oil on my belly as much as possible. Any other tips?!
9571159 tn?1419574605 Ftm here when do stretch marks start coming in?
Avatar f tn What is the best stretch mark cream to use to further prevent stretch marks and to lighten up the ones I already have??
Avatar f tn None of them actually work, they can just assist in keeping your skin moisturized. Stretch marks are inherited so if your mother had them you're more likely to have them.
Avatar f tn I went to the dermatologist to show them what this cream had done from using it. They told me that the stretch marks were irreversible and there was nothing they could do, but yet they prescribed me another container of the same cream that gave me the stretch marks in the first place. I am very self conscious about my legs now. The stretch marks are very long, wide and dark. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn Try bio oil. I've been using it pretty much every day since middle of second trimester and have zero stretch marks. But if you've already got some I've heard it's very effective at clearing them up. Makes your skin super smooth. The cocoa butter is also good I've used it a little bit.
10148974 tn?1408261919 Right now as soon as possible but really it all depends on your body the elasticity of the skin cocoa butter will only help minimal but I use a and d ointment for itching and some cocoa butter oil and cream and so far so good and I'm 33 WKS so use it before and after
Avatar n tn I wanted to know what's the best cream to put on the belly for stretch marks, or what's the best solution to get rid of them after baby?
Avatar f tn Anyone recommend a really good stretch mark oil or cream? I know for some they are not avoidable but I'm looking for something to help them. I'm using all three products from palmers, but I feel like it's not doing anything!!
Avatar f tn Cocoa butter didn't help me any at all either. I use "vitamins e skin care cream" its come with two containers and you can get it at Walmart for like $5 or $6, it works a lot better,i reccomend getting the "Tummy butter" its cocoa butter but its very oily and it helps if you put the vitamine e with it.
Avatar f tn I'm finally 4 months today, and I just started to wear the cocoa butter cream for stretch marks but I'm not even that big, should I be wearing the cream already? Or just wait ...
Avatar f tn So I'm 33 weeks today, and just got my first little stretch marks. They're hardly visible, and I know I'm lucky to have gone this far without them, but is there anything that will reduce them or prevent them? Cocoa butter or any lotion / cream?
Avatar f tn I use Palmer's cocoa butter formula (massage lotion for stretch marks) I also use Mederma (stretch marks therapy) and skin therapy oil... Mederma is a really good lotion, I don't know about other people but for me that lotion is working with my red stretch marks, I only used it for like 3 weeks I believe and my stretch marks are disappearing. Now their really light and little still a little red but its doing its Job.
Avatar f tn When I used stretch mark cream when I was pregnant, it actually made me get stretch marks.
7470604 tn?1396502550 Where can I find lotions for stretch marks and which one has worked best for you?
Avatar f tn Hey ladies. I'm 23 weeks and so far no stretch marks! I am really small built, I'm 5'5 and was 105lb and I'm 123 now. So I think I will stretch a lot. I've been using Palmers stretch mark lotion twice daily. Was wondering in what week did stretch marks appear for you guys? & has Palmers worked for anyone?
Avatar f tn Stretch marks are caused by dry skin and scrayching. Dry skin breaks your skin while its stretching and scratching, well the word said or all, while your scratching your breaking your skin. I use 100% coconut oil, non hydrogenated.
Avatar n tn I have 2 kids and alot of stretch marks, my oldest is 11 years old, and after using this cream for only 1 month, I have noticed a huge change in the density of the marks. It also works great on cellulite! Get it on hydroderm.