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Avatar f tn There is no proof they run in the family, except in the way that you can have similar skin to your parents etc. Stretch marks are caused by the skin cells 'spliting' when over stretched. Although creams and slow weight gain can make it seem like you get less is simply not true.
Avatar f tn I have a few friends that swear that certain scrubs and wraps worked on their stretch marks.
Avatar f tn You should look into the damage cocoa butter actually does to stretch marks. Theres a lot of research about how its bad for the skin now. Stretch marks are genrtic so if you have a lot of elastin in your slin you will get them no matter what. But vitamin e oil pills (if you pop them amd rub it on your skin) will lighten them up.
Avatar f tn Sorry to say this but there is no cream that will either prevent, diminish, or get rid of stretch marks. Stretch marks occur deep within the skin and not on the outer layers so any topical ointment will not be effective. Stretch marks occur because of rapid expansion of skin and there is not much you can do to prevent that.
Avatar n tn Believe it or not but coconut oil for cooking is really good for stretch marks as is Mederma for stretch marks they both help and prevent further stretch marks :) I also use jergens cocoa butter lotion on my skin as well, all these have helped me I got tons with my second pregnancy and none with this third :) you'll be very happy with all three of these I am and love the scent that is used in the Mederma Good luck mommy
Avatar f tn t had any stretch marks before I usually use the cocoa butter stretch Mark cream but this time I am using a oil called save my skin by pure romance I would love to continue the no stretch marks during pregnancy!!
Avatar f tn What's is some really good stretch marks cream..I hate my stretch marks they are so ugly..
Avatar f tn TriLastin maternity stretch mark prevention is the best stuff. I've been using it my entire pregnancy and so far I have no stretch marks at all.
Avatar f tn Thats not always true my mum had 4 children and has really bad stretch marks im 36 wks and still no stretch marks. I use bio oil every day and its amazing my skin is glowing and feels so soft and hydrated I've heard the palmers cream is also really good!
Avatar f tn And I am 29 weeks now with no noticed stretch marks like in said I have only used baby lotion
Avatar f tn You cant prevent stretch marks of it is in your genes. But it will help keep it smooth and make them look lighter if you do get them.
Avatar f tn Generally stretch marks are just generic and there's not much we can do.
Avatar f tn Okay I've had a lot of advice but want more! What worked best for your stretch marks?! I've been told no scratching, and putting coconut oil on my belly as much as possible. Any other tips?!
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm worried about stretch marks, im 6wks 3 days preggo, I'm wondering if there's a cream/lotion that can help "tone down" or reduce the stretch marks. I know alot has to do with genetics but im just curious if anyone has heard of things that work, or may work.
2082101 tn?1419965061 Has any one tried bio-oil for stretch marks or maderma ? which one works best.
Avatar f tn Heh, I understand and felt/feel the same way. No matter what I've tried though (exercise, healthy eating, etc), nothing worked for me and I have them bad. I have just learned to take it as a loss and chalk it up to genetics. Hopefully the ones I tried may work for you since they were highly researched and acclaimed: Palmers Cocoa Butter (they have a pregnancy collection), Bio oil, Coconut oil, Mederma for stretch marks, AFY Pregnancy Cream, and some random skin toner that didn't work.
Avatar f tn Like the first comment said to use helps coconut oil helps too, keep ur skin hydrated, them stretch marks are from your skin stretching and not being hydrated, dnt sratch your skin that will make them worst
10135748 tn?1412019177 The strech marks are genetic and come from your skin stretching hence stretch marks. So of skin has great elasticity you wont have a ton or any. I have a few from first baby none so far with second goos luck. Just rub..
7552207 tn?1427020403 Hey! It really doesn't matter about the cream because stretch marks are hereditary and depend on your skin but the oiler the cream the better I use aloe vera Vaseline cream I'm currently 29 weeks and have no stretch marks ..
Avatar f tn s cocoa butter formula (massage lotion for stretch marks) I also use Mederma (stretch marks therapy) and skin therapy oil... Mederma is a really good lotion, I don't know about other people but for me that lotion is working with my red stretch marks, I only used it for like 3 weeks I believe and my stretch marks are disappearing. Now their really light and little still a little red but its doing its Job.
Avatar f tn When I used stretch mark cream when I was pregnant, it actually made me get stretch marks.
Avatar f tn Try bio oil. I've been using it pretty much every day since middle of second trimester and have zero stretch marks. But if you've already got some I've heard it's very effective at clearing them up. Makes your skin super smooth. The cocoa butter is also good I've used it a little bit.
7454812 tn?1391877431 I mix aloe vera with vitamin e and olive oil.