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Avatar m tn buy POND'S CLARANT B3 its a pink jar, you can get it al Walmart, I assure you it will work
Avatar f tn Some women get lucky and have the best skin of their lives. Others, not so lucky, get teenager skin. Me? I have SUPER dry skin on my face, I can even peel it! Can you believe that? I use Pond's and it's the only thing that has helped. Talk to your doctor about it or do the research before you start using anything because there are some acne meds that you shouldn't use.
Avatar m tn my son jumped in the bathtub while I was cleaning it, and I use burning hot water, and it left him a huge horrible scar on his left foot, so my grandma told me to use POND'S CLARANT B3 cream everyday and its slowly but surely fading, you can find it at wal-mart, 10 bucks for a 8oz jar, it also helped with a few pimple scars I had, good luck <3
484932 tn?1226513291 i get the cracked corners when i cry or even just after a shower! tx has made my eyes and skin pretty dry. try artificial tears and if you don't have super sensitive skin, try an oil based pure moisturizer. i switched to Pond's that were just lying around the house and apply them around my eyes at night and it helps with the cracked corners.
1064916 tn?1255029411 Pond's Cold Cream.
Avatar f tn Eucerin and Cetaphil make a body wash for dry, itchy skin. The cheap stuff can irritate it like Dial, softsoap, and those in that price range. The good ones are like $8 but it may be worth it. Pair it with a good lotion too.
Avatar n tn hello doctor , i had dry skin on my fingers mostly on the thumb,index, and its started befor 3 years ,and i went to doctor ,he gave me topical steroid and another cream.......no response. i went to another dr he gave me cold cream and no response,,,,, and i dont know what's the problem..plz help me ,and prescrib to me som drugs?
Avatar f tn Look out for moisturising cream for dry and sensitive skin. Apply it after you wash your face/shower as this is when your face will dry the most. I suffered terrible dry skin, so bad i felt like my face was cracking and thats what i done.
Avatar m tn It then turned into a small dry patch of skin, until it flaked off and cleared away. I used some hydrocortisone cream on it. Then a few weeks later I noticed another spot on my torso. I immediately used hydro cream on it and it didn't get any bigger than a pencil erasure and cleared up much more quickly. I then got another on my chest which remained even smaller and now I think I see one beginning on my forearm. Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Just recently i've been going out alot and i noticed my leg skin was pretty dry. You could see the cracks and instead of brown/tan it was kinda whitetish..i drink about 2-3 liters of water daily so i have no idea whats wrong.. Is there something i can do to make my skin normal. Thanks in Advanced.
Avatar n tn It may be worth you seeing the doctor as your dry skin may be dermatitis or eczema that you may need a cortisone cream for. I have Diprosalic for my dry hands for when the skin cracks.
Avatar f tn The palm of my hands are constantly dry and peeling i have used all sorts of cream to no avail any help please?
Avatar f tn Do anyone get really dry skin on the back on your hands??? I'm almost 10 weeks and a little over a week ago the tops of both hands are extremely dry... I've never had dry skin before and it's so bad now my hands are in a lot of pain...
1980069 tn?1328912468 Rinse your face twice daily with a gentle cleanser specially for dry skin. Soaps removes natural oils from the skin, so try using a moisturizing body wash. This will maintain the essential oils for your skin. For extremely dry skin, try using a mechanical exfoliate once a week to get rid of any flaking skin. When moisturizing choose an emollient moisturizer and don’t forget sun block, not only will sun exposure worsen dry skin, it will also put you at risk for skin cancer.
Avatar f tn Avon has a great line called foot works. Try those products. I use the therapeutic cracked heel relief cream with moisturizing socks at night and when I wake up and take it off my feet are soooo wonderfully soft :) Yay!
4250330 tn?1388621179 Vitamin E cream works very well
Avatar f tn Anyone else have dry red itchy skin on face with my last pregnancy I had it and it stuck around for the four years til this one but it wasn't really bad baby lotion would usually help well it's back with a vengeance this time it hurts it's burning and itching so bad any suggestions that has helped with urs
Avatar n tn What can I get for really extra dry skin? I've recently had some liver problems that caused me to itch really bad. Now it want stop itching.
Avatar f tn Make sure you are putting on lots of strech mark cream.
Avatar n tn Anyone else have very dry skin i cant stand how dry my hands are.
Avatar m tn On the shaft of my penis, on the side facing away from me if it were erect, is a large patch of dry skin. You cannot really notice it just as it is, but it is VERY obvious just after masturbating. Any ideas as to what this is and how to make it better? Thanks in advance.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies I was wondering if dry skin I normal during pregnancy? I've had 3 kids before. The last one was 4 years ago so I don't remember if that was an issue. The dry skin is on my breasts and I have this patch on my forehead. My legs seem to be dryer as well. I was just curious if thi is normal.
Avatar f tn Try putting coconut oil on your face. I have very dry skin and sensitive skin and that the only thing that doesn't make me itch. Maybe also put a cool mist humidifier in you room at night. Try to drink some more water. Those r the 3 things that help me.
Avatar f tn Try drinking more water and find a gentle moisturizer. It could just be really dry skin and swelling. Have you started using any new products or cleaners? I'm notusure if that is somethingoto worry about or not.