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Avatar f tn Ive never heard of nipple cream !! Omg ima go get some . Lol .
Avatar n tn It does contain some chemicals that r fine for us but babies absorb EVERYTHING and there skin is very sensitive. Any creams u use during pregnancy/breast-feeding the baby can absorb so try to use the most natural products for now. After u can use anything u like!
Avatar n tn Does anyone know if its safe to use pain cream on your skin? like menthol etc...
Avatar f tn Hi, I really need help please. My doc put me on Progesterone cream and when I got it filled the only thing that it says on the lable is 0.5ml apply to skin each day as directed. I was never told when to start using it or when to stop using it. Do i need to stop using it for AF to come? Or will it come on it's own? I've been on it for a month. She put on it for having low progesterone. If anyone has any answers please any advice would be great.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know which sun creams are the safest to use in pregnancy?? I've read so much on the Internet but it's just made me even more confused. Any suggestions would be great.
Avatar n tn Is anyone else wearing a shapewear tummy wrap during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I developed pregnancy mask with my last pregnancy 21years ago. It all disappeared except a brown spot on my cheek about the size of a pencil eraser. About 6 months ago that spot developed a raised, flaky and itchy area that looks like a scratch. Is this something I should be worried about?
Avatar n tn Q: Are there any skin conditions that are unique to pregnancy?
Avatar n tn I was in the shower this morning and was going to shave my underarms (since at 31w thats all I can get to) and grabed the shaving gel that was in there and didn't realize it was a hair removal cream! Does anyone know if this is safe to use during pregnancy? Its the first time I have used it and one I realized what it was I quickly rinsed it off my skin and washed with soap and kept wiping it with a wet face cloth.
Avatar n tn ) I also use jergens cocoa butter lotion on my skin as well, all these have helped me I got tons with my second pregnancy and none with this third :) you'll be very happy with all three of these I am and love the scent that is used in the Mederma Good luck mommy
Avatar f tn Im on to my 4th pregnancy. So I know about the hole pregnancy glow great skin thing. Though this time I have incurred a rash on both my brest and some strange painfull markings on my back. Has any one ever experianced this kind of thing. Just wondering ifit could be related to the pregnancy?
Avatar f tn 23wks ftm... using bio oil twice a day, plus palmers coco butter strech mark cream at night and my stomach looks like the london undeground map!! Its descusting all thick and red. Please tell me someone has another solution.. i dont mind having marks, but just not to the extent that they are!
Avatar f tn So I've been using cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks but I'm still noticing a few on my boobs and butt. I was curious what stretch mark cream work well to reduce the ones already there and prevent new ones?
Avatar n tn I used this same cream during my first pregnancy and was advised by doctors it is totally fine as you can use topical creams seeing as they do not absorb into the skin. I am now on my second pregnancy and unfortunately the athletes foot has returned once again and again the doctors have said it is perfectly fine to use this cream. I am 16 weeks and have started it already. So not to worry it is fine. I actually might give the vinegar a go i was not aware of that, thanks miyu19 for sharing that!
Avatar f tn I'm 5 months pregnant and have not been putting anything on my bump, recently I can feel my skin stretching hurts like hell, I'm gonna go to shop and get some moisturiser tomorrow for my bump and Im wondering your different opinions on the best moisturiser (not oil) to use for my growing tummy and to prevent strech marks. What has everyone else been using and how often do you apply it to your bump?
3197728 tn?1377281500 I used palmers stretch mark cream all through my first pregnancy and didnt get one stretch mark.... And am using it again.
Avatar f tn I am getting married soon and also want to start having kids I know I wont be able to use this cream during pregnancy. After the last attempt I don't want to try stopping anymore. Cant be seen like that Please help. I need a substitute for this cream. Something with the same effect but no steroids or a less addictive one anything! I am desperate to change this.
Avatar f tn I'm over it now, I've come to terms w/the fact that it is a part of pregnancy for the majority of women and that they will fade over time. I still use the cream to keep my skin hydrated, and my hubby loves to rub it on my belly.... but it's pretty much a lost cause at this point. Again, sorry to be depressing but it is true what they say - it's all in the genes!!
Avatar f tn Bio oil is really good for hair and nails and skin so I definitely would steal yours if you dont use it :p
Avatar f tn I'm 26 weeks pregnant. Can I use face bleach during pregnancy. It's herbal cream bleach. Did any one tried using bleach during? Does it effect my baby ?
Avatar m tn and this is my first pregnancy.. i was wondering while in labor how many have used the numbing cream ELMA before the IV gets put in?? please tell me if its safe or works....
3112782 tn?1345135416 I know they fade after the baby is born and your body goes somewhat back to what it was, but the stretch marks are making me not like my pregnant body. Has anyone used a cream or lotion that has helped a lot?
10869131 tn?1430202096 With my first pregnancy I got stretch marks on my boobs very early in my pregnancy, and didn't get stretch marks on my side's until nearly the 8th month. With this pregnancy I already got a few stretch marks where my belly button is and probably a few little ones underneath my belly, I'll probably get a few more as I get bigger since I'm currently 28wks. I started using coconut oil as well in hopes to lessen the damage, but if it doesn't then oh well..
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm worried about stretch marks, im 6wks 3 days preggo, I'm wondering if there's a cream/lotion that can help "tone down" or reduce the stretch marks. I know alot has to do with genetics but im just curious if anyone has heard of things that work, or may work.
Avatar f tn Finding athlete's foot treatment and remedies when you are suffering from this common fungal skin infection called by it's medical name tinea pedis is important since it is easily treatable by various methods. Athlete's Foot can be incredibly itchy and uncomfortable and can spread to other parts of the body including the groin. There are many effective home remedies and natural treatments that can help control and cure athlete's foot.
Avatar n tn Lower backaches may be a symptom that occurs early in pregnancy; however, it is common to experience a dull backache throughout an entire pregnancy. Other Explanations: Impending menstruation, stress, other back problems, and physical or mental strains. Headaches: The sudden rise of hormones in your body can cause you to have headaches early in pregnancy.