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Avatar n tn The last year, after stopping exercising due to a musclepain in my leg, my anxiety has developed and other symptoms have shown up as well. My main symptoms now are constant pounding heart in my chest, dizziness when standing up, panic attacks, weak legs (can`t walk up a a stair without getting lactic acid in my thighs, pounding heart, out of breath) , pounding heart when moving or switching position, after eating etc.
1933354 tn?1323366434 I am currently on metoprolol 12.5mg twice a day to help with the heart pounding/anxiety. However, like those on SSRI's, still have the symptoms. From my knowledge and experience, I believe it is a combination of to much adrenaline, and or anxiety stimulating the adrenaline. I have seen multiple CBT's, counselors, and done yoga, P90X, everything I can think of, and yes, I eat healthy. It's sad so many of us are suffering with so little answers.
662085 tn?1331349160 My original experience with anxiety came from concerns about my heart health. It is quite common in this community. I spent months running from doctor to doctor trying to figure out what was wrong because I did not believe that it could possibly be anxiety (when it fact it actually was). In my opinion, we become so sensitized what is going on within our bodies.
Avatar m tn I've lost about 15 pounds which has seemingly made my pounding heart feel like its pounding even harder. Before, I think I couldn't feel my heart as much because I was fat and things were pushing against my heart but now, since I've lost a decent amount of weight, my heart will sometimes wake me up when I'm trying to go to sleep with the pounding. Anybody else have any ideas? Maybe there's something wrong with my blood?
Avatar m tn etc,( i usually take garlic pills niacin 100 mg cayenne pepper, i remeber one day i had this racing pounding heart cause i took a pill can not remember), so i had to call the Ambulance there and they took me to the hospital did some blood tests and chest x ray and ct scan for the head. And they released saying it is not life threatening and maybe you had anxiety and.. The Ct scan says i am clear but mentions Mild diffuse cerebal atrophy.
443862 tn?1238003039 (1) Relaxation and anxiety reduction techniques (breathing/meditation) can make a difference - anxiety and pounding heart are commonly seen together. I don't know if the underlying mechanism is anxiety driven hypersensitivity or an increase in stroke volume or BP but breathing techniques work for many people.
Avatar n tn Holter monitor says nothing special wrong. Could it be anxiety? Could it be Barrets? Does that cause heart pounding?
Avatar f tn Can you associate the pounding with anything physical (diet/tired) or mental (stress/anxiety/depression)? You didn't say anything about ER running an EKG? Did they do any heart testing? Seems they moved right to other causes, perhaps for good reason, but if there were no heart specific test run I'd wonder why and think it could be a good idea to get them done, at least an EKG.
Avatar f tn Hi..This is normal during withdraws. They have a name for this but I can not think right now..However, if it continues for two many days go to the Dr..You can go to the Dr and get the clonidine BP Med they use for opiate detox all the time..This will help your heart not pump as hard and if taken at night it will help with sleep & anxiety. Please do not take this heart issue too lightly after a few days..Go to a DR and be Safe..Believe me I know!!!! I noticed your other post.
Avatar n tn I intially went to my PCP with a complaint of the feeling of my heart beating or pounding in my temples and chest.
Avatar m tn Now the neuropathy has broken I am left with a heart pounding. It is not that high but it feels like a volkswagon running on one cylinder.. Sometimes if it goes high I go into severe panics as it feels like I am running full blast inside.. holter monitor shows nothing, heart looks good. Only way to sometimes try and ease it is to lie down. Once I stand it starts pounding.. I am totally disabled by this. I cant walk more than a few feet. It is the most horrible feeling..
1298588 tn?1330322581 Wow, I just ate lunch and my heart is POUNDING. Rate is OK but I can feel it thumping in my chest. This cannot be a good sign. I'm scared!
Avatar n tn The last year I started getting fatigued (much stress in my nursingstudies) I started getting pain in my legmuscle, stopped exercising. Lots of anxiety, pounding heart, tachy, with dizziness when standing up, weakness in legs, pounding heart when switching positions, panic attacks where my heart litteraly pounds out of my throat, walking up a stair gives me tired legs (like a lactid acid feeling), Docs say its stress/anxiety. My blood tests are all normal.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing some scary symptoms. My heart will start pounding all the sudden for no reason and then i have a hot flash with dizziness. My blood pressure feels low. Last night i woke up from sleep because the palpitations and weird feeling kept me up all night. I have suffered these symptoms for 3 yrs but they went away mostly for a while and then came back. I have had numerous EKGs Echo and holter not to mention blood test to check my thyroid and anemia.
Avatar f tn That sounds exactly like what I have! I don't have anxiety, but these heart symptoms do make me very anxious and scared. Has your Cardiologist told you anything about your symptoms?
Avatar m tn Generally speaking, there may be a multitude of reasons for your symptoms. This could range from cardiac etiology e to anxiety/depression. The major questions to consider would be, duration, associated symptoms (shortness of breath, passing out, chest pain, none). You may have a fast heart rate, extra heart beats, or something else. From a cardiac standpoint, you may benefit from a holter monitor.
Avatar f tn I do suffer from panic attacks and I have been under a lot of stress lately, but I know that it's not all in my head I can put my hand over my heart and feel the pounding sensation. I do feel this way periodically throughout the day but it will go away fairly quickly. So these hard palps do happen mostly every time I lay down to go to sleep.
Avatar f tn With your heart skipping a beat and this happens occasionally, this is called a murmur. If you get this and your heart starts pounding and racing very fast when you are resting, then do call your doctor. Start to eat healthily and drink plenty of water, 2-3 litres is what is usually recommended, more if you sweat a lot or workout. Don't overdo it though as having too much water can be just as dangerous as getting dehydrated. Start by doing gentle exercise. Walking and swimming is good.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with anxiety disorder, however I fail to present any other symptoms aside from the pounding, racing heart. I do not feel scared and do not feel anxious... EKG, echo, holter have all come up clean. I am constantly disturbed in the night by the sound of my own racing heart. I take ativan now and again, but that doesn't slow the palpitations. Does anyone have any thoughts on what this might be?
Avatar m tn The bad dreams came with the beta blocker I started taking (Metoprol). Read up on anxiety. You seem to have classic symptoms of anxiety. But I had terrible violent dreams with beta blockers and they STOPPED when I got off of them. I was taking them for SVT and had an ablation where I didn't need to take them anymore. What are you taking beta blockers for .....high blood pressure? My husband takes meds for blood pressure but it isn't a beta blocker...
Avatar m tn They are not well control by meds and my Cardio Doc seem to think it's only anxiety related with a physical deconditionning state and don'T offer a lot of support to me... A new symptom appear last february. I start having a pounding heart rate all the time even at rest. In fact, I feel my heart beat really HARD in my chest all the time, it's especially worse in the morning and late afternoon, after a nap in the afternoon, when I get up in the morning...
Avatar m tn - Pounding heart (I feel my heart beating HARD, not fast, in chest, throat, neck and other upper body areas) - Have a bit of a "nervous" feeling in my heart - Heart very "fluttery" at times, especially when I first wake up - Heart palpatations, sometimes often - When the above symptoms occur I don't want to do anything, laying down seems to make it worse and often times I cant get to sleep because of the pounding feeling in my chest/upper body I'm 35 and this has bee
Avatar f tn Here are my questions. 1. Can my heart be affected by anxiety when there are no other symptoms present? 2. Can anxiety wake me from a sound sleep? (not short of breath or scared) 3. Is propranolol fast acting? 4. Would it likely have left my system by the time i was sleeping? 5. I have very vivid dreams; is it possible they are affecting my heart? Please add any advice or thoughts on what might be causing this condition.
Avatar n tn I am thinking that it could be a panic attack. I have severe anxiety and I too have awaken with my heart pounding and not being able to breath. I wasnt dreaming so I have no idea why or how it happened.
Avatar n tn For about 6 years or so I have been having these weird issues with me heart. All of a sudden my heart will start racing and pounding very hard. It did not happen too much when I was younger but as I am starting to get older it is becoming more frequent and much more painful. I would describe it as if I am having a mini heart attack. When this happens my heart starts pounding, I get a pain in my chest & it takes my breath away.
Avatar n tn I am a 30 year old male and sometimes after I eat lunch about a half hour later I feel weak and my heart seems to start pounding hard. Its not fast just hard. I had some blood tests done and an e.k.g. and they came back fine. I get a skipped or premature beat sometimes as well. Im thinking because I get stressed out. Anyone else have simalar issues?
443862 tn?1238003039 First off let me say that my doctor has checked my heart and it is fine. Does any one have a really loud pounding heart and what do you do about it? My heart rate is anywhere form 80-90 so the doc says that's fine. I will also post this question in the thyroid forum as I have an overactive thyroid that could cause this and in the heart disease forum as it's possible the heart med (Metoprolol since March) that I'm on is causing this. I am looking for techniques to learn to ignore this....
Avatar m tn I now have an enlarged thyroid 5.5 x 3.3, biopsy mid 06, returned benign, and a very low heart rate, pounding heart. I have had all cardio work up, stress test, heart cath, 24 hour monitor 3x, echo, ultrasound and all my thyroid blood test return normal, boderline 3.0, since April 06. Blood pressure always in the normal range. But overtime my heart rate continues to decrease, last year at rest it was between 70-80 bpm.