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1076391 tn?1258412241 Well exercise and maintaining a normal weight through a proper diet would be helpful for anyone. Anxiety disorder in particular can be helped through exercise which can relieve physical and mental stress which is often a part of anxiety disorder. As for homeopathic medications, you'd have to detail which medication you are on. Some treatments outside of conventional medicine have been shown to be helpful. Some have not.
4281488 tn?1353905580 a doctor was just telling me yesterday about a newer type anti-depressant thats NOT a medication. Its called a light therapy box. its exactly what it sounds like and little box that projects light. i guess you're supposed to put in somewhere that it will be in your peripheral vision for 15 min a day or something, i'm not 100% sure on the specifics, but it has to do with sunlight exposure, like mentioned above.
Avatar m tn I was a bit disturbed though that the doctor pushed for her to simultaneously see a psychiatrist about depression medication. He said that not having periods can be from anxiety and depression. My daughter was crying at the appointment because she had talked to her friend's mom about thyroid issues and was hoping to walk out of the appointment with a trial run of thyroid medication. Her friend's mom had told her that within a couple of days of being on the medication she felt great.
1134609 tn?1269272200 I am wondering if any BP folks have had success with homeopathic therapy. I have seen a nutritionist who specializes in MI and she has helped out immensely. I have thought about homeopathic treatment, but the one experience I had was not acceptable. When I went in to see her, she was very much wrapped up in Eastern medicine and didn't have anything good to say about Western treatment.
Avatar f tn Can I take "Nerve Tonic" for anxiety while taking Armour for Hypothyroidism? Nerve Tonic is Homeopathic.
Avatar m tn I have been battling anger, anxious feelings, worrysome thoughts, O.C.D. (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), and G.A.D. (Generalized Anxiety Disorder) for several years now. I also have a lack of positivity and energy. I am currently taking about five (5) various NATURAL Supplements from a homeopathic Ph.d. that I had been seeing. They include: ProDHA, GabaVal, Lizyme Forte, and MinTran.
Avatar m tn I went to a Psychiatrist as well but he said It seemed like I had mild depression and anxiety and maybe the drugs just threw overboard what was already going to happen but other than that I was normal. I don't take medication because I read the side effects and they seem just as bad or worse than the actual illness. Do the symptoms relate to anxiety or something else. Any suggestion will help.
Avatar f tn Hi I started to take celexa about a month ago for my anxiety. I have been having health problems and just alot going on. I do notice the diffrence now. Feeling better not 100% but nothing to complane about. I have sleeping problems with the health problems and the anxiety doesn't help. The doctor prescribed amitriptyline at bed to help sleep. I read that there is a chance of seritonin? syndrom for this. She only prescirbed 10 mg. How much of a chance is there?
Avatar n tn Has tried acupuncture, massage, now on homeopathic medicine, was told that it could be a nerve that has gone after the stroke. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Cokegirl.
Avatar f tn m wandering if any of you have tried any other homeopathic ways to deal with allergies and asthma? If so, please share. I would like to try new things with him so that his body doesn't just get use to this and start going back to it's old ways. Thanks!
Avatar m tn Hi everyone.....what is best herbal medicine for anxiety....please only advise if you have used it....
1226682 tn?1399937724 Which meds are you on? Meds reduce significantly what herbs and natural remedies are available to you without expertise on how to time them. You could try homeopathy, but you'd probably have to see a homeopathic physician to do it. One category of herb that doesn't conflict with medication are the adaptogens, such as eleuthero, ashwagandha, and holy basil. They help to balance the adrenals and cortisol release.
Avatar f tn If she has a thyroid problem she needs to see a doctor and go on medication if needed. If you are hypoactive it is very hard to lose weight without the medication.
Avatar m tn Following a past trauma from a loud sound overhead while in deep meditation when i experienced the 1st of an overwhelming panic attack, long periods followed before their re occurance which lasted only for a few days, But this last one has run for 4 months and being unable to afford professional help got treated with homeopathic medication from a local University clinic. The symptoms fade around late afternoon and on a scale of 1-10 are around 2 at night.
Avatar n tn well for the past week or so i have been having a hard time sleeping Ifeel anxious at bedtime,i guess what triggered things was an trust issue with my wife and now ive been having anxiety and insomnia and constant thoghts in my head all day and i know that somethings are just my mind im not been able to focus and concentrate on things im forgetting things iv tried alchol to calm me down but i just cant seem to break a way from this racing thinking and its only been a weeki went to er twice beca
3755490 tn?1349297255 Sounds like good case of ole anxiety. Have you been to your doctor? There are some homeopathic remedies like valerian root or Rescue Remedy products that do well with anxiety. Not a valium but can ease the anxiety greatly. There is always yoga and deep breathing exercises that are very beneficial. Your post said you were coming back to work. I hope your work is not creating too much stress. What type of work do you do? Good luck to you and God be with you!
1012810 tn?1260749658 Did your doctor prescribe you to take it before bed? Remember not to take medication issues into your own hands. Xanax is usually prescribed in the short term for anxiety. You can build up a tolerance and your body can become addicted to it after long term use. There are other meds out there that are specifically designed as sleep aids, but again, they are prescription medications and must be taken as directed by your doctor.
Avatar f tn Benzos aren't a good medication for sleep. For one thing, the longer one takes them, usually the less tired they make you. Otherwise, nobody would be able to take them in the day to treat anxiety, which is what they're for. Medication can also over time interfere with sound sleep, as it alters normal sleep. Have you ever tried melatonin or homeopathic remedies or valerian? Or a sleep clinic?
Avatar f tn Do I prescribe him prescription drugs and take the risk of him becoming hooked on them, or do I try and medicate him naturally with homeopathic medicine? I see the advantages in both, but not sure what is actually best. His grades and behavior have definitely fallen drastically! It is something that needs to get a under control quickly! I also want to be fair to him and give him what he needs to make sure he succeeds!
Avatar f tn Would discuss this with your primary doctor and consider stopping the homeopathic medication and recheck thyroid levels after about 5 or 6 weeks.
Avatar m tn i didnt want my gallbladder removed, i turned towards homeopathic medicine, i was on a holiday abroad, a friend took me to a homeopathic Dr.