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1394262 tn?1369628792 Hi anyone taking anxiety medication & trying to conceive? I am trying to conceive & am dealing with my anxiety issue at the same time. I am thinking if I should see a psychiatrist for help. I will appreciate it if you could share with me if you are suffering from any side effect from anxiety medication or not. Thanks.
1679320 tn?1306386514 Heya, I was just wondering if anxiety meds ever truely help people overcome anxiety? i have never really heard any stories of anxiety meds helping people alot!
1679320 tn?1306386514 is it possible that anxiety doest come back after taking medication for it or is it a guaranteed to hit you again after stopping?
Avatar n tn Also my psychiatrist told me alot of people who suffer from anxiety/depression will think the medication is making them worse because the are already struggling with anxiety/depression. However, some medications just don't work for people, or cause side effects such as fatigue. I was on lexapro 10mg for a year, then stopped, and started to take it again for a little over a month and it no longer worked for my anxiety. So I slowly weaned off the lexapro and switched to cymbalta.
Avatar f tn How can I feel better if I need medication but am too scared to take anything???? (my anxiety is all basically health related) Thank you for any feedback... ~A.
Avatar n tn Xanax is a good medication for anxiety. So is Valium. They are prescribed for anxiety disorders. If I were you, I'd ask the doc if the Cipralex could make the heart palpitations and anxiety worse, and I would also ask if he/she has ever used a betablocker to help treat symptoms of anxiety and whether or not you might benefit from one. Low-dose betablocker is frequently prescribed to help treat symptoms of anxiety (fast heart rate, palpitations, premature beats, anxiety attacks).
Avatar f tn Im afraid of becoming addicted to them, and from what I hear most anxiety medication is highly addictive so I have put off any sort of treatment for my anxiety.
Avatar f tn can previously taking wellbutrin about 5 years ago and quitting cold turkey cause side effects today? Can anxiety be treated without the use of medication? How do you find the root to your anxiety? I am in therapy but i dont feel like it is helping because i am still anxious all the time. Can diet and exercise really help with anxiety?
Avatar f tn I have anxiety almost everyday and would prefer not to take medication but am thinking i might need something, any advice would help.
225237 tn?1333142599 I do suffer from anxiety but my question is regarding blood pressure medication. I have been on lisinopril for about 5 days an have done ok but the 6th day a few hours after taking it I noticed mg face became hot an flushed, is it because of the anxiety or is it something to do with the meds?? I can't decide whether to take it or not??? Thanks for any help !!
Avatar f tn I've never wanted medication for my anxiety. My doctor insisted, so I tried it. I started with 10mg of lexapro and I started feeling better some days. I stopped taking it during vacation (because my work apparently triggers my anxiety) and I felt pretty good. When I got back to work I started on lexapro again but this this time I had all sort of side effects possible. My dr.
Avatar f tn Im wondering why my medication that im on is not helping my anxiety at all...i am tapering off it but im still on it so why dont it help my anxiety....
Avatar n tn Did you try going to a therapist? Phychologist might help you significantly reduce your anxiety in addition to taking just medicines. Try some self-help resources on the web too, but a professional therapist is the most reliable approach.
Avatar m tn I had my right eye done last month and it has been great and i am due to get my left eye done in about 2 months when my right has finaly settled, however i have a anxiety disorder which i have had for 11months and i have been having a hard time lately, i have a appointment with my docter next week about talking about me going on medication, my question is if i am prescibed any medication i.e anti depressants or benzodiazepines will this have any effect on me getting my right eye laserd.
Avatar f tn While Xanax may not be available in Scotland, I'm pretty sure a similar, anti-anxiety medication would be available. I don't know for sure, but I would bet that SOMETHING comparable could be prescribed. You need to seek medical attention quickly (like in an ER) and explain the situation until you can get to a doctor. Do you have a new doctor? The other option you may have is having your old doc (the one who Rx'ed the Xanax) contact your new doc (or the ER doc if applicable)...
Avatar f tn Are there ANY anxiety/depression meds that are allowed to take during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Effexor- intensified whatever mood I was in. Zoloft- same as effexor Anxiety meds Buspar- didn't help Finally my doctor put me on paxil and monitored me on ativan for breakthrough,which I went from taking a few times a week to now few times a yr. So my question is stay on paxil and is there a depression medication I can take along with it?
12182312 tn?1427687556 I really, really do not want to take steroids if I don't have to. Anyone with neuro lyme on a non-steroid medication, and if so what is the name and does it help. Thank you very much...
Avatar f tn Circumstances? High anxiety? So taking medication to be more "accessible" in therapy is ?stupid. My GP said that he's had psychologists phone and ask him to put his patients on medication to access them/ get through to them. My last T, whom I respected, asked me to try an anti-anxiety medication. I had issues with side-effects and compliance. I guess if it's not being prescribed for either anxiety or depression then maybe sitting with these feelings make sense.
Avatar f tn I'm planning on going back onto medication for depression and anxiety as it's got much worse since being pregnant. I think after your first trimester any defects people claim pills can cause are massively decreased because your baby is developed much more. Just go through all options with your doctor first and any cons of pills you may take. Ask to see a counsellor as well as that may help as well.
Avatar f tn I feel different i have a lot of pressure in my head and feel off balance. how long does the medication take to leave my body after i stopped taking it last Sunday. Is there any changes my body will go threw. I dont know if i am having anxiety from not taking the medication or is it my body adjusting to not taking the methimazole? I have had normal labs for over 2 years on the methimazole. Thanks for your time and happy holidays.
633403 tn?1281178665 So that they can see it is not BS about being on so many SSRI's and benzos was the only thing that seemed to help.!!!! I am therapy also. So I am not looking for medication to be the only answer.
1895346 tn?1321309444 When I went to our community clinic they took me off of lithium because I was losing my hair and the clonipin because it COULD be misused. and put on serequel which I was told would help all my symptoms. It did not. Now I can't drive, hell I can't even leave my house. I sleep 2 or 3 hours per night and not all at once. My anxiety is so bad that I don't even answer my phone because I don't know who it is. My world is my house and my phone conversations with my kids.
Avatar f tn i feel completely disgusted with my body right now and think iam disgustingly fat but my family and boyfriend all keep telling me i need to gain weight and am too skinny. i need to be on anti depressant medication but every medication doctors prescribe to me have significant weight gain as a side effect which in turn makes me not even take them.
1179039 tn?1263997168 I wouldn't ever self-medicate myself, or change what I have agreed on with my doctor. He has given me Xanax to help me through any rough times after changing the medication. I was just looking for someone else who has also been through this transistion. Thanks again for your help.