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Avatar f tn Im afraid of becoming addicted to them, and from what I hear most anxiety medication is highly addictive so I have put off any sort of treatment for my anxiety.
Avatar f tn I'm planning on going back onto medication for depression and anxiety as it's got much worse since being pregnant. I think after your first trimester any defects people claim pills can cause are massively decreased because your baby is developed much more. Just go through all options with your doctor first and any cons of pills you may take. Ask to see a counsellor as well as that may help as well.
Avatar n tn I just read a topic saying that Drinking can cause Anxiety attacks; however, I've only had anxiety for 3 months. It came upon me rather fast. I was taking Pretasone for a plant rash and BAM one day i was fine, the next i had an anxiety attack and now have GAD. I am on Zoloft and Clozapam every day twice a day. Now I know that you aren't supposed to drink while on these medications. However I feel my symptoms are worst at night, since the initial attack (and all other attacks) have been at night.
Avatar m tn Hey there, I just found this website by googling "quitting, drinking, Anxiety" I'm going through EXACTLY what youre going through, minus the medication i'm 24 and ive also been drinking heavy since 16-17. I quit cold turkey on Jan 3rd, and I have been going through INSANE amounts of depression/ anxiety. I can't even leave my house, I can`t talk to people normally. When i go out to get food I run and grab it and run back home. I can`t go out with friends, my mind feels cloggy.
Avatar n tn I know the medication takes a while to kick in and I there is a social event in a couple of weeks that I'm expected to be at. With my Anxiety I have always found that drinking helps to relax me a little. I know alcohol will have the adverse effect to the medication that I'm taking and I have always found (before the medication) that going past the 4 unit point will send me into a downward spiral anyway so I'm not I big drinker.
Avatar f tn I work with many people your age. I really hope that you get in and go to therapy consistently. Anxiety is tough. Especially, combined with drinking. Alcohol and other drugs are often used to "self-medicate". However, before, during, and after use anxiety can be increased. I would strongly urge you to discuss this with your therapist as drinking should be addressed. The good thing is that anxiety is very treatable, and can be treated without medication.
633403 tn?1281178665 so i think i just need to take the medication for the anxiety.
Avatar f tn I had a post a few weeks ago about anxiety. Some ideas given to me was taking a shower and drinking milk. my significant other hand on my back actually helped me. I actually went to the doctors for my attacks the next day and she recommended I talk to a therapist. You may wanna consult your provider if it's consist and you have issues controlling them. My provider didn't feel like medication was a need for me at this time. Good luck!
Avatar m tn I felt like I didn't fully come down from the a high when I woke up the next day after a day of drinking and also snorting a couple of lines of cocaine. Everything seems brighter and larger now and I also have that inner voice in my head narrating my everyday life. I went to a Psychiatrist as well but he said It seemed like I had mild depression and anxiety and maybe the drugs just threw overboard what was already going to happen but other than that I was normal.
Avatar f tn And one thing I do know for a fact is that anxiety and alcohol do not mix. Not even if you don't take medication. I have completely quit drinking in the past year, and I feel better, not so out of control.
490665 tn?1210337612 Hi all, Yes anxiety can happen with ADD, me and my daughters have ADD, my eldest daughter gets anxiety to the stage where she was pulling her hair out, I was giving her rescue remedy and councelling to try to help and I did not want her to be put on an anti anxiety medication, what has seemed to help was changing her medication, she was on Ritalin but has now been put on a slow realease Concerta at a much higher does.
Avatar n tn Excessive drinking can cause all of the above and more, so it is should be noted that heavy drinking is one of the worst quick-fixes for anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, it is the most common way to self-medicate.
633403 tn?1281178665 I have taken anxiety medication has not helped. My heart is beating out my chest. I feel like I am going to die. really. I have such a bad headache. I just don'twant to do anything feeling so bad. I drankyesterday justso I would not have to feel like this. I never want to feellike this again. I woke last nite in a pile of sweat. Now I just keepgetting hot and cold. I really feel like I am going to have a heart attack.If i don't drink I never have to feel like this again.
Avatar n tn Your anxiety may very well be connected to quitting drinking, if it happened around the same time (but maybe even if not). So, since money's an issue, are you in any kind of support groups, like AA? If not, I think that might be the place to start. It's free, you'll get to meet people who are in similar situations, and you'll get to both give and receive help from others. You may be surprised at how much that support helps.
Avatar m tn I can tell you that better days DO come once our bodies have adjusted to the medication. I'm not 100% yet, but definitely better than I was even 2 days ago. Drinking alcohol with some medications, especially when starting or increasing dosage, may have a negative impact on how we feel. So, it might be worth it to abstain for a while on the wine. If you haven't yet, I'd encourage you to seek out a psychiatrist to help you.
1419479 tn?1285984120 Anyone would be stressed and anxious under these circumstances. You should discontinue drinking and smoking weed as these will make your situation much worse, ESPECIALLY while taking pills, Which I assume you mean medicaton. Make an appointment with the therapist or doctor prescribing your medication and discuss what you are going thru with them and be sure to tell them everything you mentioned here. With help you can get thru this and start feeling better.
Avatar f tn I found scrapbooking, crafting of any type really and reading helps me the most. I've never taken medication for it, I never thought medication was what I needed, someone to talk too was what I've always needed. And just recently as of last week I've gotten someone to talk too, through this program I am in through WIC. It is called hands on, but different sometimes in other states. I still have anxiety, sometimes bad sometimes mellow.
Avatar n tn Again, we are not looking for an antidepressant as much as an anti-anxiety medication with few side effects when used over the long term. Also, the goal is to help her with her anxiety, not to turn her into a zombie. We would want her to maintain her "true self," so to speak, not become overly sedated.
Avatar m tn Now I live in fear of having the next one and become a recluse in my house. I don't want to get hooked on strong anxiety meds and was wondering if there is something I could do that doesn't involve me popping pills for the rest of my life! Also are there pills out there that aren't as addictive that could help... something that won't get in the way everyday activities such as working out.
Avatar f tn I would speak to your doctor/therapist specifically about this increased anxiety. I've had anxiety and yes, it can get much better. Keep the faith!
Avatar m tn For the past three months or so I have been dealing with symptoms of anxiety. The first month I was just worried about a situation that previously occured at the job I use to work at. I then went to brian, college station to visit my aunt at the beginning of august. I enjoyed myself and the worry did not get in the way of me having fun. I was down there for 5 days.
Avatar m tn well Were do i start i have now had anxiety for 3 years after the loss of my little sister i had a breakedown and was in bed for a year i was so scared to get out of bed in case i had a heart attake i was up and down a and e 4 times a day i had ecgs chest xrays and evan stayed in the cardicated room for over night cause my heart ate went up to 190 i was so so terrifered at that moment i thought i was gone i evan told my partner to ring my parents to tell them to get to the hospital to come and
Avatar n tn By the end of the day , you should have gleened enough information from all of these great folks to start formulating a plan to deal with you anxiety. Here is my two cents... I have suffered from Generalized Anxiety Disorder since 1990 and have been gone through varoius medications and consuling trying to deal with it.
3164225 tn?1358976774 Bumping this to the top. I don't know much about anxiety....the only time I felt anxious was when I was taking the pills and I "needed" to take another one. I have had depression since quitting....a month of feeling like I couldn't drag myself out of bed, but can't say that I experienced anxiety to any extent. Anyway, congratulations on your clean time....that is wonderful!!!
Avatar n tn Since then I have been in a world of anxiety. I'm a runner, but during times of anxiety it is tough for me to run. I recently noticed the last few times I ran, I felt the flutters and pauses during my cool down. Not so much while running, but during my cool down. Never before have I felt these during exercise only at rest. My first question is does this sound like anything serious or is it benign.
1515545 tn?1291399364 But please, do seek some information from your doctor before you brush it off as anxiety. It could be something as simple as a reaction to your medication. I'm not sure. Please let us know what your doctor says, and in the mean time feel free to join in here. This is a great place for support.
Avatar n tn I know it can be very distressing to feel like something is wrong, but the doctor tell you that you are just fine. Sounds like your symptoms are from anxiety. I have dealt with anxiety for a long time ( I am 34 years old) and over time it has gotten better and then sometimes it gets worse during stressful times in life. What I can recommend is a book that I bought recently. It is called "Hope and Help for your nerves" by Claire Weekes. You can buy it at for $ 6.
336415 tn?1212363142 When I had my first panic attack the anxiety never went away and before I got help, alcohol was the only thing that made me feel somewhat normal. It's similar to a benzodiazepine so that's probably why. You should be fine if you drank before and didn't have problems. Anxiety disorders tend to make us all into hypochondriacs also and focus on every sensation in our body and worry about our health.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause all kinds of feelings, and numbness is certainly one of them. If your doctor is aware of your anxiety and he says it is nothing, then I would try not to worry too much about it. However, if he is NOT aware of your anxiety condition, then I would tell him about it and how it seems to correlate with your being anxious. Just another thougth, have you seen a chiropractor for this?