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Avatar n tn I find that my blood pressure is related to anxiety. I also find that the more I think about it, the higher it goes. If I'm able to be calm, I can get the numbers lower. Do you have suggestions to stop thinking about blood pressure and other things that occupy my mind to much as well as natural approaches such as supplements that can lower blood pressure? Thanks.
Avatar n tn To be put on medication, the right sided reading (the 140) needs to be above 150 consistantly, or the left sided reading (the 90)needs to be above 100. Your blood pressure is none of these things. Blood pressure can be increased due to some little things like being rushed, checking out a cute guy/gal, going up stairs, being emotional, pre-menstral, anxiety, upset of any kind, excited, etc. Some people get higher because they hate having their blood pressure taken.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am curious, do you know there is a connection between anxiety and blood pressure? I worry about my blood pressure, it is normal , but sometimes after moments of anxiety and especially panic attacks it seems to be higher - 135/80, 140/80, I have this feeling of pain and little tightness in my head and the back of my neck. Is there anyone there that experiences this, too? I started to worry this may be an early signal for hypertonia.
Avatar f tn i hav ean issue with my blood pressure which is anxiety and stress related? does anyone else have problems wiyh there bp ? i have an appointment with the midwife tomorrow and the thought of it has got me pulse racing already!!
Avatar m tn Went to my doctor and he thinks its 'white coat syndrome' he said he wants to treat my anxiety not my blood pressure. Ive only had 2 anxiety attacks this year and dont want to go on medication for it. He's sending me for an ECG, 24 BP monitor (which i know i'll be anxious about) and bloods but my anxiety is getting the better of me, eating into every aspect of my life, I cant think of anything but my blood pressure.
Avatar m tn I know how it feels to have anxiety about blood pressure only with me I get anxiety about it being too low. My BP has always been on the low side of normal. Usually around 105-110 over 70-80. Sometimes though it goes lower like I just checked it now and it's 96/61 (probably because I haven't been up and moving around) but when it drops this low I start to get panicky because that seems too low but I've read Drs.
Avatar f tn Hi, Anxiety itself can cause you high blood pressure. However if you take anti-anxiety medications, blood pressure levels should not be affected. But I'd like to mention that some anti-anxiety meds can raise blood pressure. And Seroxat cr belongs to the class of serotonin reuptake inhibitors that raise blood pressure. Consult your doctor for dosage adjustment or even to get the other drug prescription.
Avatar f tn I want to ask you people is that is seroxat cr 25mg two tabs and rivotril 0.5mg causing the blood pressure to rise ? Is anxiety making it rise? What is making it rise and what treatment options do I have?
Avatar n tn Anyone have problems with anxiety and later in pregnancy have blood pressure problems? I an new to anxiety and now my blood pressure is 158/98. I had Gestational hypertension with my son but that was at 27weeks I'm 14+5 right now and wondering if it's anxiety or if it's Gestational hypertension at an earlier time.
447939 tn?1235065543 if you was having a heart attack would your blood pressure be high, low or just normal?
Avatar m tn High Blood Pressure is not a Blood Disorder. As for the other symptoms you mention I suppose Anxiety (also has its own community) can cause high blood pressure. as can stress.
Avatar n tn I am a 44 yo female. My blood pressure has usually been right around 110-120/70-80. One month ago I went to a new doctor (I was really anxious and thought I was going to be diagnosed with cancer) and my blood pressure was 119/92. Yesterday I saw this same doctor again and it was 140/90. I did have it checked three times by my mother in between those appointments and it was not high. I am really unsure about how concerned to be about this, particularly the 119/92.
Avatar n tn can anxiety make your blood pressure go up and down from one reading to the seconds later? i took it once and it was 119/70 good then i took it again right after and it was down to 107/64 anyone who might have had this also please let me know!!
Avatar n tn One day during this time I wasn't feeling quite right and I took my blood pressure and it was 180/88. I have never even come close to a blood pressure that high. The next day it was down to 135/75. Yesterday was the first day I was able to relax without all the anxiety and stress of the last month. I was extremely tired and felt a little lightheaded. I took my blood pressure and it was only 90/50 pulse was 60. It stayed around the same all day.
Avatar m tn Cause I usually have normal bp but I kinda got very use to be cheking my blood pressure all the time. Then when I have anxiety attaks my bp spikes to around 178/110 anyone slew with this issue. How high does it go? Ofcourse it goes bak to normal.
Avatar f tn But when i look high blood pressure up it give's you mixed message's. They say that Anxiety can obviously cause high blood pressure spell's but doesn't usually directly cause it for it to become a problem. Does that mean it doesn't cause it long term? Hypertension? But if my anxiety does cause a rise in blood pressure that could lead to it becoming more serious in the future? Cos' i get the feeling almost everyday. I'm very confused about it.
Avatar m tn yes you are in between stage one and two high blood pressure plz see a doctor asap here is a chart HIGH Blood Pressure Symptoms - Stressed, Sedentary, Bloated, Weak, Failing Systolic - Diastolic 210 - 120 - Stage 4 High Blood Pressure 180 - 110 - Stage 3 High Blood Pressure 160 - 100 - Stage 2 High Blood Pressure 140 - 90 - Stage 1 High Blood Pressure 140 - 90 - BORDERLINE HIGH 130 - 85 - High Normal 120 - 80 - NORMAL Blood Pressure 110 - 75 - Low Normal 90 - 60 - BORDERLINE LOW 60 - 40
Avatar f tn a high blood pressure reading creates anxiety, which makes my blood pressure go even higher, and on and on. One of the main problems with trying to separate anxiety issues from bp issues is that so many of their symptoms are similar (tightness in chest, shortness of breath, dull headaches, etc.)! Without knowing many details of your situation, I'd say it sounds like your symptoms are mainly caused by anxiety.
Avatar f tn well i know when i get nervous or anxious my blood pressure goes up. i usually have good blood pressure but when i go to the doctor i get nervous and its usually too high.
Avatar m tn I call my Cardiologist again, complaint about my blood pressure, he said to stop the Inderal cause he said my blood pressure was too low for me, so for now I have nothing to stop the Tachycardia I still have very often especially in the morning...
Avatar f tn The focus on how important normal blood pressure is, and how dangerous high blood pressure is, can make anyone anxious and produce false blood pressure results. And 149/80 is just mildly elevated. Anxiety will make the blood pressure increase in everyone. It's a normal response. In Norway, almost no one get the diagnosis of high blood pressure without a 24 hour monitoring, to reveal the true blood pressure.
Avatar f tn I think we need to slow this train down a little bit and get back to what your doctor said. He diagnosed you with anxiety and depression, and he put you on medications for that. Your job now is to accept his diagnosis and give the meds time to help you. The Zoloft may take as long as 4 weeks to "kick in" and reach therapeutic levels, in other words, it may take that long before you begin to notice a change in how you feel.