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Avatar f tn My own thought is that maybe we are just seeing low level fluctuations in the virus, slightly above the level of detectability, and then the immune system gets it under control, and it goes back under the 'radar screen' (our current level of sensitivity testing) to show the SVR. Maybe this is just the good old 'persistent virus after SVR' that we read about in the research.
Avatar f tn I had similar symptoms caused by anxiety. I had a sleep study and was found to stop breathing a couple of times during the night, but was told that less than 10 times per hour is not considered sleep apnea and they will not treat you. More likely your symptoms are caused by anxiety. Alcohol also disturbs sleep. You can take a simple questionnaire to see if you are at risk for sleep apnea. There are several sites where you can take it online. One is: http://www.umm.edu/sleep/apnea_risk.
Avatar m tn What your caffeine intake, exercise, eat healthy and try to keep your stress level down. The PE may be caused by anxiety.
Avatar n tn s all in my head but finally did do a blood test -however he never checked the results and was difficult to get a hold of. The reason I finally found out I'm diabetic was thanks to a gynocologist, to whom I had to go since untreated diabetes also had stopped me from menstruating for months. She did a blood test on me and she's the one who called me to tell me I'm diabetic and then informed my doctor about it.
20844330 tn?1532599608 Hi everyone, We are looking for people to complete some online questionnaires about employment and well-being. We hope the questionnaire will highlight potential areas of support for the person seeking to return to work. The questionnaires will only take about 10 minutes to complete online. Please go to this website to find out more or complete the questionnaires: https://PreparednessforEmploymentScale.
Avatar f tn I have been feeling spiritual anxiety to the point of obsession for one year now. I even have the sensation of getting an "evil smile" where I fear I'm going to smile at horrible situations. I dot know if I'm turning evil or if I'm OCD. My doctor thinks I might be OCD as I filled out the questionnaire but I don't have compulsive behavior other than over or under eating tendencies. I constantly obsess that I'm becoming evil.
1039200 tn?1314912008 Of course they will tell you, NO we mean have you been hospitalized before, then you can say yes once i was very tense to reach maximum anxiety so i sought help. Of course they will not call an inspector from scotland yard to conduct further investigations with you. If i were you i would consider other matters like is there any serious responsibilities or stresses that my illness can't bear, or that my illness would hurt others, customers,... patients, etc...
Avatar m tn Hi, I had my blood cortisol tested at 2pm yesturday. My level is 9.3. I am doing 24 hour urine cortisol test now, and the hostpital does not do 24 hour cortisol saliva test. I have severe adreanal fatigue. I read a book last night called Adrenal fatigue - 21st century, filled out the questionnaire, and scored severe adrenal fatigue, and the Dr.
Avatar n tn You may wish to get an HIV test at this time to help calm yourself and relieve your anxiety. A negative test at this time, as I am confident yours will be) will re-inforce what I have just said. When you get your negative test, given your situation, you can be confident that you did not get HIV. Hope this comment helps.
Avatar m tn Sorry my friend. As though you weren't living with enough of a question mark. And why do I comment: empathy. I have cirrhosis with grade 2 varices secondary to portal hypertension as well as "high" (as in higher than normal). Indeed they do suggest you suspend driving with encephalopathy However "they" is abstract - Go to google: research, research, research- look up the treatments: Lactulose vs. Xifaxan to decrease the ammonia. And beta blockers vs.
Avatar m tn Underlying causative factors of IBS. Leaky gut syndrome (PEG urine test), gut dysbiosis, fungal imbalance/ candida (saliva test -self test indicative, not diagnostic),H. pylori, other. ( holistic doctor or ND) 2. Acid reflux, acid indigestion The symptoms of GERD are almost the same whether caused by LOW or high gastric acid levels. Low acid is much more prevalent, specially as we age. Conventional treatment is anti-acid medications or PPIs to lower gastric acid.
16615961 tn?1454420087 Check your inbox. The questionnaire will be there in a couple minutes. Your skin symptoms may have to do with your hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalance & common with thyroid and adrenal issues. I know it's been tough for you but please hang in there. OK?
Avatar n tn I said there were no statements on the questionnaire about falsifying the questionnaire and there isn’t. That is the jest of the post. Nothing was ever mentioned about there not being a questionnaire.
612551 tn?1450022175 Typically, people begin the sleep cycle with a period of non-REM sleep followed by a very short period of REM sleep. Dreams generally occur in the REM stage of sleep. A lot of studies are going on to study the importance of REM sleep, which is the dream phase of sleep. Psychologists generally agree that achieving the dream state of sleep is a critical element for maintaining good mental health.
Avatar m tn I have not slept properly since I was very young - by the time I was 10 I was already spending hours awake trying to fall asleep - I have a very high anxiety level which is somewhat genetic and alot caused by my older brother who would terrorize me by trapping me in sleeping bags, hanging me off the balcony, throwing me off things, and taunting me and quick punches - from the time i was 17 I started medicating myself with alcohol but would only sleep until 3 am - lie awake until 6 thinking over
Avatar n tn Patients report pain at the severity of post-operative patients, fatigue at the level of patients with multiple sclerosis, and functional impairment comparable to those with congestive heart failure.
Avatar m tn t think anything of the situation. They do PCR testing on all their samples. I donated roughly 40 days ago and have not heard anything back from them and they said they would contact me immediately if something came back (I told them ASAP when I had symptoms so they could pull my plasma). I was concerned about passing on the disease and they were very appreciative. Can I get any advice or help on this situation. Could it be stress based? I have two weeks left to wait until 13 weeks.
503651 tn?1223174601 Inconsistent meter readings can and will happen. Here are some things you need to be aware of about home test meters; 1. Home meters run off of a photo cell battery. The battery may have drained below its normal usage mark resulting in inaccurate readings. Change the battery if your meter allows it. 2. Meters should be calibrated every three months. 3. Lets not forget that mechanical/electronic things fail out of the blue. This might be the case with your meter. 4.
Avatar n tn Is it from cognitive/psychological test? If so, can you tell me what type of tasks doctor asked to patient to perform and how can they assess memory loss? In addition, can you explain the theory behind these tests?