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Avatar f tn So I hear (and I have also read) that yasmin is AWESOME for women with PCOS.. Any comments? I am about to switch from alesse to yasmin but I am nervous because there have been many birth control pills that give me uncontrollable mood swings, anxiety and depression. Alesse has been okay for me, not the best, but ok. Does anyone else experience this when they take birth control pills? I think that it is related very closely to PCOS.
473222 tn?1214439873 The pill shuts down your own natural production of hormones and replaces them with lab manufactured hormones. Yasmin caused me to develop B12 deficiency, extreme anxiety, food intolerances, low libido and many more problems. All along I just persevered with the pill because I thought it was just my body trying to adjust. Now of course I know it was my body trying to fight the terrible changes been forced on it. After a lot of specialist fertility treatment and readjustment I am recovering.
Avatar f tn but i never had problems with yasmin anyways. but after taking the levora i started getting anxiety not anxiety attacks but just high anxiety all the time everyday till now. i don't know if it was the levora or if it was the sinus thing because i remember feeling sort of like this the day we went to pick the levora for the first time. does anyone have any answers for me.
1243620 tn?1274790697 However, if you are going to choose a low-dose mono-phasic pill there is no reason to jump straight to yasmin. Yasmin and Yas are new types of hormones that other pills don't contain, but that does not necessarily mean they are going to be better for everyone. These two are still under "brand" name and therefore will be many more times as expensive for you than another option. I take the generic version of "loestrin FE 1.
869854 tn?1239978206 I just started to take yasmin not yaz and hope this helps me. I have been off the pill for years. I had no luck with the copper iud for 4 years hormone free but the bleeding never go less and the duration never did either. The nuva ring made me depressed tried that for 4 mnths after the iud. I am 39 and my hormones are changing greatly my which they say can happen at this age. my normal periods all my life are changing to every 21 day last period came 109 days later. My GYNsuggeseted the pill.
Avatar f tn I have been on a gluten free diet for four months now, and I am still feeling very poor. My pain, anxiety, stiffness, depression, mood swings and much more are still very present. I have changed everything I can think of and I still see no change. My mom on the other hand, was also diagnosed and has been GF for the same amount of time...and she feels much better. What I'm wondering is, could it be the birth control that I'm on?
Avatar n tn Hello, I am 20 years old and I am in college, I started taking Yasmin birth control about 6 months ago. I have never been an overly-emotional or person nor have I ever dealt with depression. Depression doesn't run in my family either, overall I am a pretty happy-go-lucky girl. However, when I started taking Yasmin I noticed I would get extra emotional usually around my period, or I would get angry and snap for no reason. This is not how I normally act.
698575 tn?1229608278 Hi. I was on Yasmin three years, after that I was on Zoladex and now I am on Yasmin again. I don't know for sure, but I think that Yasmin prevents ovulation and it makes harder for sperm to reach uterus (it is harder for the fertilized egg to attach to the uterus). I have read this: The primary mechanism of Yasmin is inhibition of ovulation.
Avatar f tn (on saturday the 9th) And am now on week 3 of yasmin. my period is due this week. Do i continue taking yasmin? or should i stop taking it and start again on the first day of my period?
Avatar f tn If I do so what are the consequences I have to face (Keeping in mind the health, anxiety, mood fluctuations, sexual life etc.) Please advise as I need your help.
Avatar f tn I am almost ready to go to the doctor for my depression and anxiety. Then, I started researching my pill (Yaz) and have found that these symptoms are likely related to this pill. I want to stop taking it and my husband is in support of that. However, I have read about terrible side effects from people that stopped, too. Anyone have experiences to share?
Avatar f tn Dear community or any gynecologist as well Hi my name is sami &This is my first time on yasmin well one will my periods be much shorter on yasmin & i was 8 days into my period to of the normal 10 days i have my period for & so it's been almost 3 years since the last time i was on any birth control pills but back then i was on ortho tri cyclen lo but about up to 4 year's on ortho tri cyclen until my obgyn at the time had asked me that if wanted to try ortho tri cylen lo but t
Avatar n tn I've bin taking Yasmin for over a year and planning to fall pregnant early next year ( before March), How soon can I stop taking them?
Avatar f tn I would say to try the pill out for a few months, like 3 UNLESS your symptoms get worse. The body needs time to adjust to any bcp and 3 months is the normal. I'm on Yasmin too and never had any problems with it. Yasmin is one of the top bcp that is given to woman with pcos because most woman can tolerate it better then other bcp. The only thing I've found while taking Yasmin (and I think this goes for ALL bcp) it raises my blood pressure a little.
Avatar n tn i took yasmin for nearly one year then stopped(my periods were regular while taking yasmin), got pregnant after 2months of stopping yasmin, but unfortunately it was ectopic and so i lost it. i would advice you to be careful once you stop yasmin. Also i was taking caltrate(vitaminD+calcium) tablets once a day.
Avatar n tn I too am on Yasmin, but never had any problems while taking them. I was told that Yasmin bc is the best choice given to those with acne problems and pcos. It's a mild dose of bc. Try to give yourself 3 months to regulate it in your body. Consult your doctor if you have serious side affects. Are you taking any other meds for your pcos? I'm also on Metformin for weight issues. I started my journey in September 2008 at 333lbs and I am now at 272lbs.
Avatar f tn I went to the doctors two days after when the symptoms wouldn’t subside and was told it was be honest I’ve never in my life have suffered from anxiety issues and it wasn’t until that pill that I experienced anything like this. It’s been now a little over two weeks and I’m still lightheaded and not even lying down helps...I’m so tired and I feel neck is stiff. I’m so scared and I keep crying because I haven’t improved at all...someone pls help me!
Avatar f tn Has anyone had any bad effects from using Yasmin birth control? I had my iud removed and the dr. put me on yasmin but before i start taking them i just wanted sme feedback... thank you...
Avatar n tn I have PCOS and have been on Yasmin BCP for like 6 years to control my PCOS symptoms. The reproductive endocrinologist told me Yasmin is the gold standard for PCOS patients because the drospirenone works best in mitigating the symptoms of high testosterone like acne and hair growth. Well my gyn nurse practitioner called and I guess there is new evidence out that Yasmin is causing causes more blood clots than other BCPs, and this is a risk that increases as you get older.
Avatar f tn That eventually gave way to serious anxiety and multiple panic attacks (which I have never had in my life before). My heart is also racing again. Could I be having a reaction to stopping the birth control? Can it cause a hormonal imbalance and if so, how long does it take to regulate again?
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with endo 6 months back and was operated on immediately. The gyne later commented i had stage 4 endo which was very sever at my age (I'm 26 this year). Subsequently, i was given Decapeptyl for 3 consecutive months, stopped for 3 months and now starting to take Yasmin..I've read about the side effects of Yasmin but there seems to be few people taking Yasmin to help with endometriosis..can anyone advise?
1761691 tn?1313171747 I want to stop using ortho tricyclin lo and switch to yasmin. I just started ortho a week ago but want to stop because the side effects I cant take anymore. (I have given it 3 months). When can I start Yasmin? Do I have to wait for my period?
Avatar f tn NOOO dont listen to that lady tryingfor6years on the yasmin birth control im in the process of sueing yasmin to see if i can get any kind of money from it!! after i stoped taken yasmin my stomach issues have gone away! i was in the hospital with ivs in me and cat scans etc... dont get yasmin there are reports of it on the internet etc. that product is going to be no longer sold as a birth control product.
Avatar f tn With Diane 35, Severe Headaches, switched 3 months ago to Yasmin. I get my period thusday-no headache. Go to sleep. Friday-awake with headache on my right side. From the neck up to the front. Behind my eye. Upper teeth hurt. My jaw cracks sometimes when I move it. The headache continues straight into Saturday - the pain does not go away or diminish. I go to sleep saturday. Wake up on sunday morning, the Headache is now on the left side of my head with the same symptoms.
Avatar n tn m new to the community, see you posted last month. I was on Yasmin, I think its related to Yaz but not the same for about two years. I had some really odd symptoms with Yasmin and begged my dr to take me off of it, since then I was on Apri, which is just generic desogen.
Avatar f tn thank u but after i stoped yasmin it should come normaly right??but its come very little and black,and now ihave stomach problem,idont feel normal,an have nousea,i've been stop yasmin since 27 of may(befor 12 days) is the side effect of yasmin stay to today?
Avatar f tn I was still worried so i took 2 Yasmin combination pill on day 5 and 2 Yasmin pills on day 6. I did not take the pill after that. I usually have a 30-32 day cycle. On day 13 of my cycle, i started bleeding and continued for 5 days, with last 2 days more of frequent spotting. The discharge was bright red blood and mucus. The bleeding has been heavier compared to my periods.
Avatar m tn How many yasmin 21 tablets ca you take in a row ? ive taken two packs and am waiting for my period how long should i wait ?