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Avatar n tn 5 mg and clonozapram low dose 0.25 mg . I also have high blood pressure because of the anxiety disorder. Any suggestions from people who take medication for anxiety.
Avatar n tn 30 p.m., wanting to test my blood pressure and heart rate. Blood pressure was very high, not sure exactly sure where, (mother's alseep) heart rate was 112. Went to family doctor. Doctors saying I was twitching, very pale and lifeless. They did blood work, EKG and nothing was found. I did a 24 hour urine, haven't received results. No vommiting, no chest pains, no stomach pains, no headaches, no aching at all, Not sure if this is the right forum. Am I overreacting? Should I be worried?
Avatar m tn High Blood Pressure is not a Blood Disorder. As for the other symptoms you mention I suppose Anxiety (also has its own community) can cause high blood pressure. as can stress.
Avatar m tn I call my Cardiologist again, complaint about my blood pressure, he said to stop the Inderal cause he said my blood pressure was too low for me, so for now I have nothing to stop the Tachycardia I still have very often especially in the morning...
Avatar f tn But when i look high blood pressure up it give's you mixed message's. They say that Anxiety can obviously cause high blood pressure spell's but doesn't usually directly cause it for it to become a problem. Does that mean it doesn't cause it long term? Hypertension? But if my anxiety does cause a rise in blood pressure that could lead to it becoming more serious in the future? Cos' i get the feeling almost everyday. I'm very confused about it.
Avatar n tn Recent tests are within normal limits) Citalopram 20mg takes ½ daily (started taking about 10yrs ago after an episode similar to this - my father had died about 1 year prior to this.) Generic Norvasc 5mg - blood pressure Hydrochlorothiazide 12.5 - blood pressure Lipitor 20mg (she has been taking statins since you had to put powder in orange juice) Lorazepam 1mg ½ to 1 daily as needed (She has been taking these every morning at least since this all began. She started with 1/3 tablet.
358304 tn?1409713092 He said my heart was racing... and my blood pressure was a tad high. He told me it was anxiety. I explained everything and how I felt. I told him about the night sweats, the bad butterflies in my stomach. My wife was confused... she told the dr. "we all have anxiety.. why is chris like this?" The dr. told her that when a wolf is about to attack you, your body goes into panic mode... with me, theres no wolf. That was the best explanation I could ever hear. Well he gave me lexapro..
Avatar f tn She said that they symptoms of hyperthroidism are very similar to anxiety disorder/attacks. She also said in many cases blood work doesn't show thyroid problems when there could be a problem. I was wondering if you thought this could be an underlying hyper-thyroid problem? and if so, what my next steps should be?
Avatar n tn It may have been just a coincidence but I was a daily smoker up until I started taking paxil and had a dangerous drug reaction, but I havent read about marijuana specifically as producing drug-drug interaction with an ssri, except that I did find that paxil and marijuana are catabolized by the same cytochrome p450 isoenzyme system and this could have been responsible for some of the symptoms that I had, your symptoms are typical side effects of an ssri (sexual side effects, weight gain, sleep p
Avatar f tn I have been told I have general anxiety disorder for over 10 years and really have not done much. When I exercise alot I feel better so I assume that helps. I have read waht it says about it and I do not worry exessively, it does not interfere with my job, but lately in the last 3 years, I can tell i am changing.
Avatar n tn Severe anxiety which caused my blood pressure to rise skipping heart every other beat shortness of breath nausea feeling of impending death right here and now racing heart chills but not like when you have a fever tingling in one of my cheeks neck pain pain between shoulder blades lower back pain and severe stiffness body aches stomach pain whole body aches like you have been run over by a truck waking up at night with severe anxiety tingling in the extremeties frequent urination a lump in my
Avatar f tn It is possible that the high blood pressure is causing the Anxiety. To be honest any disease, illness or disorder can cause anxiety to manifest. Plus medications can cause anxiety to develop or become worse. You really need to talk to your doctor regarding this and see if there is a way in which this problem can be solved. Also just to add, knowing that you have high blood pressure can cause anxiety within itself, the worry etc.....
Avatar m tn thanks for your reply, but what treatment could i ask for as i dont suffer with high blood pressure. I was led to believe that it was part of my anxiety disorder.
Avatar n tn Hi, welcome to the forum, your symptoms are suggestive of generalized anxiety disorder and there is a excessive worry and anxiety that are difficult to control and that cause significant distress and impairment. You need to consult psychiatrist. There are many other possibilities of palpitations (racing heart). When ever there is increased load to heart leads to palpitations. Stress, low blood sugar, hyperthyroid state, cardiac abnormality etc. may cause palpitations.
Avatar f tn Anxiety can cause the blood pressure to increase. Were you feeling anxious at the dentist? Or anxious about getting your blood pressure? You really are fine. It's your anxiety you need to focus on. Ever try therapy? Also, chest pain and anxiety go hand in hand. You know it's not your heart because you've had multiple tests done.
Avatar n tn does anxiety effect blood pressure? my bp has shot up a couple times, like 194/90 . i had a light stroke a couple years ago, so i am very worried about having another one. i went to er when thisl happened and by the time i got there my bp was back down to near normal, 140's/70's. i felt like an idiot for going. i was also very weak, and heart was beating very fast. is thei anxiety? i take 45 mg martazapine every night, and .5 mg clonazapam as needeed for anxiety.
Avatar n tn I have high blood pressure which is controlled by medication. Does anyone else have this disorder and what causes it?
447939 tn?1235065543 hiya i suffer from severe health anxiety surrounding my heart, i just wondered if anyone can help me with a question? if you have a mild or major heart attack how would your blood pressure be high, low or normal?
1521781 tn?1310517372 My question is, one day at the OB/GYN I felt anxious for no reason at all, kind of like a panic attack randomly, and my blood pressure was 144/110....with this my hands were clammy and I felt anxious, thats about it. That prompted me to go to my internst who took my blood pressure and found it a little on the high side, i can't remember the amount but it was about 130s/90s.
2044839 tn?1331259441 When im on xanax it actully drops in to the 90s or high 80s i think it might be my anxiety/panic disorder but is this all possible? My blood pressure is a lil high on average around 130/85 usually around that area thoughts??? Thank you for replying.
Avatar f tn How likely is it to have consistantly normal blood pressure, but still have [undiagnosed and untreated] Addison's?
Avatar f tn Sorry to hear you're having some trouble with your blood pressure. I agree with your physician that 156/66 is too high. Your blood pressure should be below 130/80, with lower being even better if tolerated. Many things contribute to high blood pressure including age, genetics, weight, diet, exercise. It sounds like you're on the right track with your exercise. Aggressive diet and exercise can often get patients off of their medications altogether, especially if couple with weight loss.
1487801 tn?1288632834 So many ailments can present with symptoms that are the same as anxiety disorder. When you see the ENT be frank and simply explain all the symptoms you are having and have been troubled by. Explain the treatment you have already had and what the findings were. Let the ENT explore the things he specializes in and hope he tells you that he can't find anything. Remember you can have symptoms that can be caused by a number of things.