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Avatar n tn I am a slightly overweight 27 yr. old male. Often (at least once a week); I wake up 1-2 hours into my sleep at night with a sudden "attack". This "attack" is short in duration -- usually less than five minutes. The following is how the experience plays out: ----- Awaken to a sharp loss of breath and a cramping or single large spasm sensation throughout my chest area. My heart instantly starts racing and gets up to about 120 or so before settling down after a few minutes.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from social anxiety my whole life without medication, I didn't know it was social anxiety until about 6 months ago, I just thought it was me. Over the past year or so I have been getting anxiety and panic attacks which are taking over my life, i dont know what braught them on but its really starting to scare me...
144210 tn?1273092382 scroll down to: Interferon and Anxiety Attacks - ADKmtnMan: 11/02/2006
Avatar f tn Was taking lexapro for 2months,and after i wanted to stop,because i dont wanna be on medication. It wasnt any better for months, waking up at night still,with the same symptoms, had a heart ultrasound later which came out normal. than my heart started hurting so i went to urgent care,when they made EKG and it was abnormal,so they sent me to the ER, they made chest Xray, checked all the enzymes in my blood,everything was ok.
Avatar f tn 30 am -4:45pm the next day Normally my panic and anxiety attacks hit me like i said on an everyday on an everyday basis especially at night. normally i think something is going to happen to make family beyond my control thats when my migraines flare up again and I cant breathe. Thats why I overly protective of my son and wont let him leave the house really. and i use to love taking him to the park. I wont be able to see my Pdoc for another month I believe. but i will try a walk in on Tuesday.
Avatar n tn If his anxiety first started at night, or usually occurse at night, then it will most likey always occur at night. That's how anxiety works. We become anxious or fearful of those anxiety symptoms, especially when we "know" when those symptoms are going to hit. It's a self-fulfulling prophecy.
Avatar n tn I have been having these bad attacks at night were i wake up out of a dead sleep thinking i am having a hart attack or i cant breath . I have also been dizzy alot . If anyone can help me that would be grate!
Avatar f tn I shake , I'm really cold , I'm dizzy , I get diharrea and I feel like i'm going to loose my mind. This only happens at night ..I read about panic attacks and other things , I just can't tell if this is it. I went for a physical and I am waiting for the results. Can anyone in the mean time help me out ?
Avatar n tn I'm not a doctor, but I think you are suffering more from stress-related anxiety than actual night-time panic attacks. Actual night-time panic attacks are very traumatic. Sufferers wake up thinking they are dying -- having a heart attack, with physical symptoms like palpitations, cold sweats, etc. You should look into stress reduction techniques and be happy you don't suffer from the above.
Avatar m tn Symptoms if one gets do not come on that early, and overall symptoms are useless because they are generic and connected to many things. DUO test at 28 days followed by a antibody test at 3 months. USE CONDOMS.
Avatar f tn Does anyone experience panic/ anxiety attacks? Last night I woke from sleeping and very suddenly I felt intensely cold and shivering. The temperature in the house was normal. I grabbed a blanket and tried to warm up to no avail. My teeth were chattering and my extremeties cold and rigid. I had difficulty catching my breath inbetween shivers. The symptoms lasted 30 minutes before I got warm. I'm 20 weeks and just starting to show. My stomach felt cold and hard too.
159785 tn?1276229625 I always pictured menopause as dealing with hot flashes and other female symptoms --- NOT feeling like getting run over by a truck! I wake up over and over at night, not just with the hot flashes, but with an emotional as well as physical feeling that actually creeps up my body, like my skin is crawling, accompanied with a terrible panicky feeling. I paid attention to the feeling this morning, and figured out what it's like.
Avatar n tn 2.7 would put her in shock..i was 2.8 one time..was in icu..
Avatar m tn I am having trouble sleeping and am in constant fear of my next attack (this happens mostly at night when I am going to bed, and when I have free time to worry about things). These attacks are just something that I've never felt before, I know my usual panic attack symptoms, but ever since the move I've been getting new symptoms (like numbness, dizziness, dry mouth, confusion). Doctors rules out anything heart related.
Avatar n tn I was on sertraline for almost 2 months to help with anxiety and panic attacks. I was so heavily into the panic attacks I would go to the ER thinking I was having a heart attack. I still struggle with the anxiety and panic attacks on a daily/weekly basis as I had to stop taking the medication as I developed GERD from it.
Avatar f tn I am not a drinking and haven't don't drugs in years but when I came back to LA a friend of mine and I partied one night. 3 days later no sleep I had my first real anxiety attack and went to the emergency room. The doctor gave me and IV and lorazepam he told me to stay away from partying. I took his word for it and have been horrified of drinking or anything since then. Been completely sober.
1421029 tn?1282720978 I have bad anxiety. I feel alot of symptoms im constantly in fear of dying. I had an mri done it showed an abnormality in my brain. They said it could be anything from hypoglycemia to ms. Today i went to the hospital cuz i felt faint and my blood sugar was 57. Normal blood sugar is supposed to be 100. So im starting to think its hypoglycemia. But i also think i have a nerve damage or something. I feel all kinds of electric shock feelings all over my body tingling prickling. cold hot sensations.
Avatar f tn Yes, that can be symptoms of anxiety. I am 24 year old mother of two and has been suffering from anxiety for year now. The past 8 months have been the worst ever, I was on 1mg of zanax twice a day but, now I am on .50mg twice a day. I have been feeling some withdraw symptoms for the past week- it *****. It is life changing but, i keep reminding myself that people like us need to fight it and treat it because we have our children who need us most...we can do it some day that day will come.
Avatar n tn for me just knowing that everything i went through is due to anxiety is calming. i still get attacks...just had one this face and left arm went numb. however now that i know its anxiety and not a stroke....i can calm down much easier. i tend to drink a ton of water and do some breathing and say to myself over and over again "this is only anxiety, i will be fine". the symptoms then go away for me.
Avatar f tn Hi, its me again, I am having some very trying times at the moment, with panic and anxiety attacks, how do people with this disabeling condition manage theirs, I have the ectopics, and on top of that I have the anxiety attacks which last for hours or even days, I get pins and needles in my stomach, and at the back of my neck, also light headedness, and constantly urinating, I feel terrible, I am on medication (Avanza) for this, but, why do I still I feel like committing suicide, thats how bad I
Avatar f tn Food poisoning and anxiety - ugh! That's a tough double-whammy. Anxiety can make us very vulnerable to looking at every physical twinge or symptom and jumping immediately to the worst possible conclusion. Have you talked to your doctor about your anxiety symptoms? There are a lot of great resources out there to help with anxiety. For some people, faith is a huge part of that. It's wonderful you have found that to be powerful for you. But don't be afraid to seek out more help.
Avatar n tn I never had anxiety attacks until I was at week 12/24. It was freaky, at first I had the feeling that something bad was going to happen, like impending doom!!! I made it thru the night and the next day I saw my doc and he confirmed that it was probably an anxiety attack. He gave me "Seriquil" and said if it happens again take this and you'll sleep. Along with that we went over some other ways to defeat the feeling: breathing exercises, relaxation and meditation techniques.
Avatar n tn Heart racing Gas Vertigo (short dizzy feeling) Stomach cramps Shaking Feeling confused Breathing problems Noticeable heart beats Feeling of lungs feeling with fluid Trouble swallowing (The list goes on.) All symptoms can happen all at once or one at a time. Anxiety is a disese, but it can be overcome. I promise! I used to suffer with anxiety, so I know the feeling.
689327 tn?1240232764 I have been on xanax for as long as I can remember, without I have the worse anxiety attacks on a daily basis, The anxiety is so bad I don't want to get out of bed socialize or leave the house, with the xanax I am able to live a normal life, I don't want to be by myself and have no life.
Avatar n tn Any imbalance in the thyroid hormones can cause symptoms of anxiety or panic to occur. I used to get anxious at the thought of just leaving the house. If I was going on a trip, I would get panic attacks that would send me into a corner. Medications made them better, but I wanted them to go away!!! My blood tests showed normal values, so I looked to my diet. The Thyroid "runs" on dietary iodine. Most dietary iodine is from eating fish or iodized salt.