What are causes of anxiety attacks

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Avatar m tn I have anxiety, but I have never had panic attacks before then. I was just wondering if panic attacks can be a sign of a more serious issue.
1194973 tn?1385507504 What you describe, the chest pains, feeling like you can't take a deep breath and hyperventalating are very common symptoms of an anxiety attack. Quite often we are hyperventilating without even knowing it and that is what causes the chest pains, the feeling of not breathing right, dizziness, numbness around our mouths, our fingers, chills or sweating, rapid heart rates..........
Avatar f tn Since you are having a difficult time adjusting to the meds AND trying to finish your final year of college, which is anxiety provoking in and of itself, I think you should get back with your doc and let him/her know all the hurdles you are dealing with. Sounds like you could use some really professioanl help right now. What we can offer is support and sympathy and our own experiences, but we can't tell you which meds would be good, better, best for YOU.
Avatar f tn but that it's a work in progress and will take quite some time to completely get over the anxiety. it also may be something you'll manage the rest of your life...but the point of meds are to help. there unfortunately isn't a cure for general anxiety....the best thing to do is start exploring cognitive therapies in addition to the meds.
Avatar f tn This is at the heart of many anxiety attacks, phobias, etc. If you ask a person why it is they are phobic of spiders for instance, they can't tell you from a logical standpoint.....they'll tell you that they know intellectually that it is a little spider that really can't do much to a full size human being, but that kind of logic won't matter, and they will develop an irrational fear they can't explain.
618210 tn?1223930565 I didn’t realise that we were restricted to one forum, you use the agoraphobia forum so why are you posting on the anxiety forum too? I had a severe bout of anxiety following child birth does that mean I can only accept responses from women that have had children as everyone else has nothing useful to say on anxiety.
971443 tn?1282563678 Your not alone, there are many of us that suffer from anxiety/panic attacks including me. One real fact about anxiety/panic attacks is that, when someone has an incident that triggers high anxiety or a panic attack, later, if you dwell on it too much, just thinking about the incident or some variation of it can cause one to have another anxiety/panic attack. Since you hallucination was triggered by a drug, chances are that you will not start to randomly hallucinate. but to answer your question.
Avatar f tn Seeing how you said that you have been diagnosed with anxiety and depression, it sure sounds alot like a panic/anxiety attack to me. What you are describing is what happens during one of these; that is why they often refer to it as panic attacks. Panic and anxiety are definately interelated in my opinion.
Avatar f tn What has led you to believe that you are having panic/anxiety? Did you get the symptoms you are having checked out by a doctor? Just trying to get clarification before I say any more.
Avatar f tn I have a tendency to think i'm dying when I get chest pain - I've seen several cardiologists and they don't find anything wrong. What are the symptoms of an attack? It takes me hours to calm down and many friends have to talk to me via the phone or sitting on my couch :) in order to give me some comfort - I have a RX of xanax as well - very low dose - .25, just in case, the ER docs give me that when I make my trips to the ER over this stuff.. Any suggestions?
1422823 tn?1287682880 Yes!! I have had alot of panic attacks/anxiety when the symptoms start coming on. Not so much the dizziness as much as the trouble swallowing and feeling as though someone is sitting on my chest making it hard to breath. Then the anxiety makes it worse. I have started taking deep breaths through my nose and blow through my mouth. Seems to help to "breath your way thru it". I did a month or so ago almost pass out at Walmart and it is pretty scary thankfully I wasnt alone.
1348086 tn?1370786785 Also since then I have had multiple anxiety attacks. As a matter of fact I had one last week, yesterday, and today. My psychologist said I was a "catastropher" in that I always assume the worst is happening. My first attack this year I felt like I was short of breath. He told me that the only reason you have an anxiety attack is because you hyperventilate. Is this true? Because today I feel as if my breathing is normal but I am still having attacks and feel short of breath.
Avatar f tn Everytime I go to sign up or start class, I get so sick. I know what it is, just can't over come it. Like I have said the night attacks are the worse. Not only does it disrupt my sleep but clouds my whole following day. The only way I know how to explain what I mean about "cloud my day" is having a really nasty charlie horse that 18 hours later your leg is still miserable. Ok, have rambled enough. Thanks CJ for the support.
723959 tn?1314747825 I wish someone could get the word out on what smoking weed causes!!!! There are so many post on here related to smoking and anxiety, the reason i say this is because if I would have never smoked weed myself I feel I would have never had anxiety. Has anyone noticed the relation between anxiety and smoking?
1553083 tn?1296235921 Sometimes there are days in a row or even a week or two where every day is filled with anxiety attacks, all of different severity but several of them per day. I'm easily set off, jumpy, startle easily during these times. Then I'll have a couple days or week where I maybe only have one minor one a day. But it definitely ebbs and flows. My psychiatrist once told me that anxiety begots anxiety and that's why it's so easy to get into a cycle of perpetual anxiety.
780253 tn?1237559519 No one told me at first what a lifelong and stressful illness this would be. I keep having these anxiety attacks and it has crippled my confidence and limited my ambition in some ways. I have feelings of Agoraphobia sometimes, no longer enjoy driving or social interaction as much, and can't fly without Xanax but I still do these things because I can't let this disease ruin my life. I don't take any conventional medicine unless I fly on a plane.
Avatar f tn I have to make choices to do what I can. If anxiety is a disorder, you are never really free of it, but it may come and go. It is worse for me when I have lots of unstructured time, or when I have more stress than I can handle. We are not doctors, and always remind anyone posting here that a medical exam to rule out a physical problem is the first thing to do. After that, a doctor who specializes in anxiety is your best ally. Good luck!
Avatar m tn My doctor has never heard of anxiety being a side effect of statins. Has anyone else experienced this and is there a statin close in chemical make up to Lipitor?
2190999 tn?1504992491 The anxiety my mail causes me is way out of proportion to what it should be. I know that sounds weird, but it's honestly become a huge problem for me. It feels like standing in the eye of a tornado with life spinning out of control around you. I debated calling my psy doc but decided to post here first. So has anyone ever experience this?
Avatar n tn These anxiety/panic attacks are not like classic 5mn horrible ordeals. Thay can and do go on for hours. I feel like I've taken some kind of street drug. I'm not talking about a little inconvience here, this is full insanity. It has totally altered my thinking. I can look at an lifeless object (street light, moon rise. . anything really) and feel like crying. I made an emergency appt and told him what was going on.
Avatar n tn All kinds of people, in all professions, all walks of life who are not "mental"- have anxiety. If your parent's could understand this, it would be very helpful. Most people who have anxiety under control (or who don't) generally don't talk about their condition with people they are not comfortable getting that personal with. So, who are we to know who has and does not have anxiety? Anxiety is't a poor reflection on you or your parents. You are at a difficult age.
Avatar n tn You have to understand the nature of anxiety and why you are experiencing it. 9 times out of 10 your anxiety is caused by the way you think. The worrying, and "what if" thinking, and feeling out of control thinking. I suggest to see a counselor who specialized in anxiety disorder and talk about meds as well. Anxiety can be extremely debilitating and a true handicap but it does not have to ruin your life. There is help. I am walking proof!
Avatar m tn they also help to reduce your BP and pulse, which can be helpful when you are experiencing these kinds of anxiety symptoms (high BP/pulse). Hang in there and let us know how you're doing!!!
Avatar n tn All of these are great examples of what causes anxiety attacks or panic attacks. If it is sleep that you are trying to get, simply quit doing anything that could cause a panic attack such as looking into bright lights for long periods of time - like for example your computer monitor or your t.v. Get a book to take your mind off what ever you may be trying to over think.
Avatar f tn Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. I do have good days/weeks where I feel like I'm progressing, but then something happens and it's like taking 10 steps back! I'm really looking forward to the time when this is a thing of the past!
Avatar m tn If you're getting symptoms with nothing in your life facing you that's become hard for you to do, and it's happening every day, the first thing I'd do is see my doctor and get a very very thorough check-up to see if this is something physiological rather than anxiety attacks. After all, if they're not anxiety attacks but something else, neither therapy nor medication for anxiety is going to help much. Peace.