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461838 tn?1255790216 I have posed the question of tylenol vs ibuprofen, and people here have weighed in generally warning against ibuprofen. Even tylenol, you would not want to exceed 2 or 3g per day. Basically, ask you hepatologist about any medications you are taking, including OTC's. Allergies themselves can cause much headaches because the sinus system in the areas behind the forehead, nose, and eyes are clogged up with fluid. Ask your doc for a safe allergy treatment.
Avatar m tn ve found that is said to deliver the saline into the sphenoid sinus area -- to hopefully start breaking down material there -- vs. the standing method of nasal rinse with the Neil Med bottle. I sincerely appreciate any advice or other suggestions to try.
Avatar m tn The pressure you feel in the bridge of your nose is where the ethmoid sinus is located, this could be inflamed. The best way to get to the bottom of your sinus issues is to see an ENT. A good examination inside the nose with a camera might give the ENT more information as well as a CT scan of the sinuses. If it is a chronic sinus infection, 4-6 weeks of antibiotics are pretty standard in addition to nasal steroid sprays, oral steroids, and salt water irrigations of the sinuses.
Avatar n tn I had sinus allergy intermittently for about 50 years that gave me terrible headaches, 'stupid' brain (not thinking as well as normally), and tiredness. I never did have a sinus infection though, just allergy to pollen, dust, perfumes, cleaning products, etc. Antihistamines would lessen the swelling and congestion but did not help my thinking at all. I have solved this problem for the past 15 years by following the blood-type diet Eat Right 4 Your Type.
1152061 tn?1262040956 Sore throats can mean many things. Your post is so incredibly basic for a post to allergy forum, that you probably believe you have allergies, and you may very well have them. Only way to know is to get the tests.
Avatar m tn Every Spring I suffer badly from pollen. I used to take allergy shots but finally got too frustrated and stopped. In the past few years during spring time for 1-2 months I used the nose spray which is a steroid. Of all medications, this is the only one that has been very helpful. Since steroids are not recommended for those with Lyme, I'm curious what allergy sufferers do about this? I figure that this is relatively low dose and should be OK, but thought I would solicit opinions. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Some remidies actually make the pain worse. I have tried different pain relivers, migraine meds, sinus sprays, sinus rinses and allergy medications. I have had very minor allergies all of my life. The most significant one was to sever temporature changes that caused hives and breathing issues. I have mild congestion but have never had any sinus infections. Looking for some different type of treatment that might be effective in stopping the problem for more than just a few hours.
1392153 tn?1428624323 You should be checked for allergies, possibly including allergy SKIN testing and allergy shots considered. You should also be evaluated for GERD as it can cause chronic cough. Sinus infection has probably been ruled out, but what about non-allergic rhinitis? Keep working at finding an answer and hold your dr accountable to help you. Remember, he is your employee. You pay for his services, therefore he works for you.
Avatar f tn I have allergy and don't know what to take for it... those any one know what I can take...
Avatar f tn the blind swab or Endoscopic or sinus aspirate can be cultured to rule out secondary bacterial infection. Plain sinus films and sinus CT may show sinus fluid levels if present. Usual treatment lining consists of following steps and mentioned drugs should only be taken after consultation from physician. - Analgesics such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatories and acetaminophen are recommended for inflammation relief. - Mechanical irrigation with buffered, hypertonic saline nasal spay.
Avatar m tn The doctor i went to said i had post nasal drip and to take allergy medicine and i have for quite some time, it isnt helping. My dry mouth seems worse and i looked at my nose with a flashlight and my sinus look really inflammed, could this all be because of a sinus infection? And what can i do? Im going to go to the doctors again on monday but id like to go in ready. Im only 17 someone please help me.
Avatar f tn I recently had an MRI [Brain, for double vision and headaches] My face is swollen and I often have pain around the jaw area. The report says that I have Paranasal sinus disease, particularly sphenoid sinuses and to a lesser degree the maxilliary antra. My GP has given my an AB but it does not seem to have worked. The pain and head are still quite bad. What questions do I need to ask my GP, so that he will take this seriously? Is there anything I can do to help myself?
Avatar n tn How do allergy doctors determine an allergy from asthma? My pediatrician wants me to take my son for allergy testing, but his only symptom is coughing. He has no other symptoms, has had a chest and sinus X-ray, which were normal. He has had antibiotics and steroids. The cough has not gone away. Not sure why he thinks it is an allergy... Please advise. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I keep getting dizzy and headaches and fatigue. All the time though. I had a doctor treat me for sinus infection but it never stopped the symptoms. He checked me again and i didn't have an infection but i felt like it for months. What do you think it is?
Avatar f tn feels great to hear that I am not the only one suffering with these issues! I thought I was completely losing my mind! I have always dealt with sinus/allergies, but lately they have been more severe than ever before! Head pressure, nausea, jaw pain, eye pain/itching, red eye, swelling of the head (thought I had a brain tumor). The Doctor's bills last year were RIDICULOUS! Now I'm suffering from anxiety because I always believe its more than just allergy/sinus pressure.
2088782 tn?1333221786 I think you might have an abscessed tooth or a sinus infection. It's most likely a dental thing. Milk allergy is very common, and certainly stopping it is logical. If it is your sinuses that are the cause of your problem, then stopping dairy will bring you relief. There are many good alternatives now. If you are not allergic to nuts, you might try almond milk or the new one that is a mix of almond and coconut milk.
Avatar f tn Sounds like a sinus infection and you may need an antibiotic. Make sure you take probiotics if they prescribe an antibiotic for a bacterial sinus infection. Mayos clinic states that 80% of sinus infections are caused by fungus (yeast) and yeast responds to rain. My head is like a freaking barometer, lol. Probiotics might do the trick on their own.
3072999 tn?1356414732 I have been having major HAs with this sinus infection I'm fighting now! It started as an allergy. I started using a sinus rinse kit that my ENT recommended, but you can find it at most any drug stores. I usually rinse after I clean b/c the dust makes me sneeze. I haven't had any allergy problems until I stopped rinsing! It helps get the infection under control.
Avatar n tn Hi gaby! I too just started reading about this. I've been wearing VS IPEX, and BBV for a few years now. Last September '07 I started breaking out in hives ALL over my body and have not been able to figure out what is causing it either. I'm glad to see your post b/c I was about to shrug this off as not what is causing it since all the other women say its only on their breats and back. I guess we're gonna have to try not wearing them and see what happens?
Avatar m tn I assume that it is all neurological, but Benadryl seems to help with the pressure, and sinus type issues. I have also seen an ENT and had an allergy test, and summertime allergies (grass, pollen, etc) are bad, but my allergies shouldn't be bothering me now according to the tests. He found no pollups in my sinuses and said that they looked normal on the MRI. So, I am also on the MS forum as well, and have had some useful feedback there too.
Avatar n tn 5mg now almost taken it for 5 years , asthmatic and allergic rhinitis recently she complain of sudden paroxysmal attack of vertigo ***-cited with dizziness and headache with blurred voisson only when she moves her head back the attack persists for 2 min only.
7892775 tn?1395673991 I can relate.. I got a head cold that turned into a sinus infection and ear infection... you can take amoxicillin while pregnant... I was given it... if you get an ear infection though they cant give you anything for the pain-- it *****!
Avatar f tn I developed a sinus infection 10 weeks ago after exposure to a dust allergy, ive tried anti-histamines, nasal irrigation, steroid spray and no change, ive even had ct sinus scan but sinus are clear even though ive felt stuffed up constantly since for 10 weeks, how long should it last or is it permanent?
Avatar f tn I have had horrible allergy and sinus problems all my life. I have has traditional sinus surgery as well as a balloon sinoplasty. I did allergy shots for 2 years a few years back but was still having symptoms and the doctor told me that if it’s not working after two years that it prob won’t help. I so I was going to do it another year but then my life is super busy and I got pregnant and I decided to just quit them.