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Avatar m tn my opinion, this is a sinus issue, secondary to what is the question. Being that this has been going on for 4 months I would find it difficult to believe or say this is any "cold" or any other viral or bacterial infection unless you are experiencing reinfections. No physician's visit yet? If not, please do that.
Avatar f tn We have had a bad streak lately. Gary has gone through a sinus infection, bronchitis, coxsakie, stomach bug, and now an ear infection in the past couple months. He was prescribed drops because he has been on antibiotics twice in 2 months. I don't think it is getting better after 6 days of drops. Dh & I are going to Virginia for a wedding this weekend so I am going to take him to be checked aging today or tomorrow. The problem with GW is he doesn't recognize or acknowledge pain.
Avatar f tn If the infection isn't getting any better, then you may need a new antibiotic....Ask about sinus rinses. I do them personally because I do have chronic sinus problems...they help clear my sinuses very effectively, but definitely ask your doc first if it is right for you. I hope this helps..
2110469 tn?1335291083 If you are not having this type of pain, you should consider a head cold or a sinus infection........both possibly exacerbated by allergies. I can't tell you what this pain is from. See your doctor, who WILL be able to tell you exactly what it is and treat it. Sorry if I wasn't able to help.
Avatar n tn Try a sinus rinse. I used it when my allergies were severe. It relieved sinus pressure and stuffiness.
Avatar m tn Now from last 8 years I am facing headache and clogging of cold in sinus passage. I do have cold and dust ( old accumulated dust) allergy and hence if I do some cleaning of old articles or spend more time in water, I get immediate cold problem. Cold accumulates for 2-3 months and then headache starts. Now days I also get pain back of my head, ears or some time below ears and jaws back side. Can anyone guide me about treatment for such sinus issues.
1402935 tn?1281958699 I was told it may be allergies. Was given Zyrtec. My sinus mucus swelled up so bad i could hardly breath and my face turned bright red. I did not take it again after that. I tried just general Benadryl and had the same reaction. Red face hard to breath through the nose. I was recently prescribed Allegra and am nervous to take it as it looks like it has a lot of the same medication as benadryl but stronger. Are these medications the same?
Avatar n tn I have had a chronic sinus infection now for over 12 months ,at wits end , i am thinking of the balloon sinuplasty but hard to find someone close or a ENT that does it , not sure if it can be done in clinic or hospital ?
Avatar f tn //www.************.com/boards/sinus-problems/139765-infrequent-sinus-flooding-peroxide-baking-soda-halted-my-infection-nightmare.
Avatar n tn You are allergic to the organic molecule to which the iodine is bound, and this molecule is different for topical iodine skin preps vs shrimp vs IV x-ray dye. You can be allergic to any or all of these things, but allergy to x-ray dye is chemically very different from allergy to topical skin preps containing iodine or shell fish.
Avatar f tn I actually just had a spinal tap last week. 2 days later, came down with a nasty sinus infection & was put on antibiotics. I felt pressure from the sinus infection, but the LP headache is definitely different. It felt very intense when I was upright too long, then almost immediately went away when I laid down. It took me almost a week for the LP headache to subside & allow me to tolerate sitting & standing for any length of time.
Avatar f tn In recent years, a rash of stories have made the public more aware of the drawbacks of conventional treatment with antibiotics and, more ominously, of the looming potential failure of antibiotics to provide the sort of defense against infection which has come to be expected. Whether in infection or cancer, more and more of us are looking to give more "punch" to our immune systems. "WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?
1512520 tn?1290258130 Anyone had the upper respiratory aka sinus infection side effect? I am on 100 mg of topamax a day ( 50mg 2x daily) and got a sinus infection on day 7 of starting topamax, been battling it for over a week now with antibiotics and it doesnt seem to be going away. Doctor said that I might have to decrease my topamax and I really dont want to as it seems to be working, if anything I was hoping to increase my topamax dose... Anyone else suffer this side effect, did it go away?
436973 tn?1217947089 You can go on with the same old stuff and have a sinus infection for the rest of your life. Sinus infections have a way of lodging in the upper sinuses, where antibiotics, nasal sprays and irrigations, or other drugs don't reach because of minimal blood circulation. The only thing that does work against chronic sinusitis that resists medical treatment from the finest doctors (note: many doctors, even ENTs, have chronic sinusitis) is a FlipTurn Sinus Flush http://www.medhelp.
Avatar f tn Hello, everyone! Two days ago, I had a TERRIBLE sore throat. Went to the doctor to get swabbed, did not come back for strep. No fever, but I felt sweaty at night (I think it was due to bad dreams LOL). Accompanied by a pounding headache. The next day, I woke up congested with a runny nose, I coughed up some green phlegm and felt fine the rest of the day. Now, I'm sneezing a bit with clear mucus and it doesn't feel like a cold at all.
Avatar f tn m no doctor but your combination of symptoms sounds like a sinus infection with the possibility of an ear infection as well. Allergies could lead you to these same afflictions. The best action for you to take is to see a dr. and let them determine what you have and treat you accortdingly. I sure hope you feel better soon.
Avatar n tn I'm thinking that your cold has developed into a sinus infection which can be very dangerous if not treated , My advice would be to seek medical attention as soon as possible so you can get an antibiotic started .
Avatar m tn no doctor is able to help me from out of dz situation....rt nw i am suffering tonsil infection ..i have allergies on smoke and dust i could prevent my self from cold and age is 23..
Avatar m tn Flecainide stretches out the QT interval and so do the abx, but put them together and it is much more than a simple 1+1 =2 effect- they actually potentiate each other. Whe I had a sinus infection this winter, they had to look hard for an abx to put me on to treat it. I don't think you have to WEAN off flec like a beta-blocker. They don't work the same way. I would love to come off them for a while and get a chance to separate out some side effects. Let me know what you determine.
Avatar n tn well augmentin will only take care of the skin infection, not any infection that is causing abnormal vaginal discharge if that's where the discharge is coming from. did they do any testing of your vaginal discharge when you were seen?
Avatar n tn I have always had allergies and in my teens did the shots. I am 42 now and I was fine until Jan 1 of this year 2.5 years after moving to Texas from Wisconsin. I literally woke up and could not breathe. Since then I have been to the doctor monthly for a dexamethasone shot and either a prednisone or a methylprednisolone course. My (3rd) family doctor want me to see a pulmonologist but I swear its not my lungs.