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3072999 tn?1356414732 With Fall finally starting to show it face around here (for us that means we have ditched triple digits and r celebrating being in the low 90s) and me catching my yearly case of 'Fall Cleaning' (see im so messed up I do Fall cleaning instead of Spring cleaning) kicking in I decided to tackle some of my garage today. Well all the dust and dirt (oh the joys of living in the desert!) have made for a knarly sinus headache!!!
Avatar m tn Now from last 8 years I am facing headache and clogging of cold in sinus passage. I do have cold and dust ( old accumulated dust) allergy and hence if I do some cleaning of old articles or spend more time in water, I get immediate cold problem. Cold accumulates for 2-3 months and then headache starts. Now days I also get pain back of my head, ears or some time below ears and jaws back side. Can anyone guide me about treatment for such sinus issues.
Avatar f tn Then in June I got a sinus headache and my life has not been the same. I have been to the family doctor, the ENT, allergies and now I am going to a neurologist. My symptoms are burning sensation in cheeks leading to ears and teeth. Throbbing pain in my nose (like pulse or heatbeat), constant headache, darck circles under eyes and severe post nasal drip.
1025806 tn?1333572690 s still important to take all of your daily sinus medications for the chronic sinus pain and allergies. Saline sinus rinses can also be helpful for some people if done daily to avoid allergy symptoms, have you done a saline sinus rinse before? I know you said you use sprays, but sometimes rinses can be helpful too. It can be a little strange rinsing out your sinuses the first time, but after a while you get used to it. Also, do you use/have you heard of the sinus prescription Nasonex?
Avatar m tn Can anyone guide me about treatment for such sinus issues. Is any regular tablet or solution I can take avoid regular problem of sinus headache. Does inhaling steam or message with hot water will reduce my trouble? I do get some relief with hot plastic bag message.
Avatar f tn I was in the rain for 3 hours June 22nd, had sinus drainage ever since, saw an allergist he put me on an antihistamine last week, Sept 22. Now I have a severe sinus headache. Do you think this is an allergy or something else?
2048234 tn?1330814100 Thanks both of you I will try that when I get home. I just thought it was strange at 40 days.
Avatar f tn Headache, fever, halitosis, fatigue, dental pain, cough and ear pain. Headache, while not uncommon is classified as Minor only because it is a relatively insensitive and non-specific symptom, not because it is unimportant to the patient. Note how few of the above symptoms your husband has experienced. There is evidence, in recent years, to suggest that many headaches or “pressure” attributed to chronic sinusitis are not really caused by acute or chronic sinusitis.
17020225 tn?1455749597 I am very prone to migraines, food allergy headaches and have lots of sinus/allergy headaches. I hope you find some relief soon!
Avatar f tn I like the Omnaris best because for me, there is no side affects and it is non-habit forming. Now when the weather changes, I sometimes still get some of the facial pain and a sinus type headache, but it is nowhere near the level that it is when I am not taking the Omnaris. About three weeks ago I stopped taking the Omnaris for about a week, to see if I still needed it. (This was on the advice of my Doctor) Within that week, I expierenced the worst sinus headache I have ever had.
Avatar f tn nasal congestion; facial pain; headache; fever; general malaise; thick green or yellow discharge; vertigo; blurred vision, feeling of facial 'fullness' or 'tightness' which worsens on bending over; aching teeth, and even halitosis. A doctor can diagnose sinusitis by medical history, physical examination, X-rays, and if necessary, imaging modalities such as MRIs or CT scans. If symptoms persist, it is best to see your ENT doctor for further evaluation.
Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, allergy shots can be associated with flu like symptoms. Other wise it can be a sign of upper respiratory tract infection or sinus infection secondary to influenza virus A and B, parainfluenza, coronavirus and human metapneumovirus. This can be complicated by bacterial infections. If bacterial infection is suspected then appropriate antibiotics will help. Otherwise pain killers against prescription will give you quiet a relief for your headache.
5574172 tn?1376700381 Depends on how far along you are if you're in the first trimester it's ok to take light pain med or non drowsy allergy meds i just asked my Dr and he said it's ok. As far as being further along i don't know.
Avatar f tn Some remidies actually make the pain worse. I have tried different pain relivers, migraine meds, sinus sprays, sinus rinses and allergy medications. I have had very minor allergies all of my life. The most significant one was to sever temporature changes that caused hives and breathing issues. I have mild congestion but have never had any sinus infections. Looking for some different type of treatment that might be effective in stopping the problem for more than just a few hours.
Avatar n tn sinus problems, weak,tired ,neck and shoulder pain and very emotional,bad headache specially around the eye
Avatar m tn Hello, I was hoping to get others input on what other things I should be considering with a constant headache I have been having. Basically I have been having constant pressure/pain around my right temple, right sinus and right eye. The pain is not sharp, more dull and achy and has not let up for 7 months. I am 33. I have had a fairly extensive work up with no answers. Namely, and MRI of brain and neck, blood chemistries, CBC, lyme (western), nerve conduction and EMG of arm, leg and neck.
1100851 tn?1345729474 Sounds like a sinus headache. Maybe a sinus infection? Try taking a decongestant for a few days and if it doesn't improve, or if you have a fever or have yellow stuff coming out of your nose, go to the doctor.
Avatar m tn Ive had this headache for 4 weeks now i woke up with it one morning. it was above my left eye. it has since migrated to around my eyes and then towards the back of my head and has decreased in intensity. its not throbing but hurts when i exert myself or bend over. if i sneeze it hurts my head pretty bad for a couple minutes. about a week ago i started having hearing problems. I have loud ringing or buzzing in my ears and voices sometimes sound like robots.
1430620 tn?1283212080 I have frontal sinus pain usually three to four times a week; the pain starts at the bridge of my nose at beneath the eye brows. This happens often after I eat and the pain continues until it's a migraine headache; I thought to add that the nose area get's cold as well... My migraines are increasing in frequency and in severity and I've had them for about 25 years now.
Avatar m tn So I guess one of the reasons causing my headache is allergy. For one thing, I can not bear the smell of grass, especially when I see people mow grasses outside. I will start feeling itching in the eyes and nose, then, bad headache. So I took Excedrin for pain relief. It worked well after a little while. But the worst of all, I seem to rely on the Excedrin whenever I had the same kind of headache, which I do not really know a name for the kind of headache.
Avatar n tn Hello eye strain can cause this type of headache, but it sounds like it could very possibly be sinus or allergy related. A lot of people are having problems right now with the change in the weather, different allergens in the air etc. The headache location you are describing is exactly where sinus headaches are located.
Avatar f tn And it is common to mistake migraine pain for sinus pain. The presence of an allergy history can also cause headaches as well. Generalized headache, nasal congestion, and watery eyes may be caused by seasonal allergens or food. Antihistamine medication usually provide relief. Merry Christmas!
Avatar n tn Hi, I suggest you also get a complete eye examination aside from the neurologic consultation. A sinus headache also needs to be excluded. Have you any previous sinus infections before? Do you have any history of allergies? A diagnosis of migraine headaches is usually given once other possible causes of the condition has been done.At this point, we may be considering a tension headache , headache secondary to an eye problem and a sinus headache. An MRI scan may be able to help.
267076 tn?1270674331 The last couples of days I've had a terrible pain on my forehead above my left eye. It comes on quick and at first feels like pressure. Then it turns into a burning pain - like someone opened up my head and pored boiling water into my head. It lasts for a few min and then lets up. I've never had this type of pain before. It seems to come and go. My head is stuffed up and my nose on that side is stuffed up. Does this sound like sinus?
Avatar n tn pray,go see sinus Specialist,go to church and drink alot of water,try household cleaning method such as epa approved and Allergy killing vacuume cleaners bagless.and steam rug carpet cleaners with non Allergy fighting ingrediants,and Sinus Allergy bedding and pillows furniture,and air condition.But go outside to.Do not Smoke,or use Alchole.God Bless you and I hope you feel better and get well Healed.
2088782 tn?1333221786 I think you might have an abscessed tooth or a sinus infection. It's most likely a dental thing. Milk allergy is very common, and certainly stopping it is logical. If it is your sinuses that are the cause of your problem, then stopping dairy will bring you relief. There are many good alternatives now. If you are not allergic to nuts, you might try almond milk or the new one that is a mix of almond and coconut milk.