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Avatar m tn try Sudafed, its always hel;ped me when I had sinus infections, u can take mucinex for the mucus, Tyenol cold and sinus congestion, and Claritin allergy if its allergy related, get losts of rest, Vitamin A,C& D is a good supplement for sinuses. hope these help u and hope u feel better soon! good luck hun!!!!
Avatar f tn 5 mg klonopin and they were yellow now my dr gave me 1 mg and they are green and im freaking thinking im allergic to them..can you be allergic to the color in will be my third day on them...
Avatar f tn Hello ladies im currently 37 weeks & have a very bad cold which makes it harder for me to get sleep at night havent gotten good sleep big tummy++ ugly cold u can imagine right..... Anyways is there any medicine that i can take that wont be risky for anything to happen to my baby ??
Avatar f tn He could have allergies even after testing, JANUARY, THAT'S THE BEGINNING OF TREE ALLERGIES.. GOOGLE IT. I also have a horrible cough that leaves me exhausted.. Chest x-rays, mri's, cat scans, allergy tests only show grass, weeds as allergy related. He could have post-nasal drip causing him to cough. Elevate his bed (pillows under mattress) portion. He could also have "reflux" and should try otc prevacid for acid reflux..stay away from spicy foods.
Avatar f tn Yes! Its from the extra mucus you produce which makes your allergies you get worse. I rarely get allergies and when I do it will only last for like 4 days max....with being pregnant I had allergies with a sore throat for a whole week (checked for strep which came back negative) and now im in my second week with it with just extra mucus but no sore throat.
Avatar n tn im 26 year old woman. I always get lingering coughs when I've had a cold or flu. Ive noticed i do often feel a bit faint or out of breath, and feel like my heart is beating too fast (my heart is ok though, ive had heart echo recently). I cycle to university and sometimes I will just feel quite short of breath while riding (which is odd as I expect I should be getting fitter).
Avatar m tn SO, NOW FOR THE INTELLIGENT ANSWER.... Mucus over-production is caused by an irritation such as allergy, virus, or bacteria. It's your body's attempt to flush out the offender. In your case, the mucus is clear, seems to come and go, and doesn't come with other symptoms suggestive of infection (fever, malaise, pain, etc). Most likely, you have simple allergies to airborne allergens.
Avatar f tn so i think that food allergy is the way to continue this... the ER doctor that saw him when he had the mucus diarrhea said that is wa most likely due to the antibiotics.. however.. at this stage.. i dont think so.... i think its exactly what you guys aresaying.. hes allergic to alot of food.. and his intestines are tired of it. making the app today. thankyou you guys!!
Avatar f tn I was wondering when did the doctor start checking to see if you were dilated ? And how far along were you when you lost your mucus plug and what did it look like and feel like ?
Avatar f tn Since this process began, now even when i hold a glass with cold water in it, my fingers get red and itchy. Do I have an allergy to ice cream? Or sensitivity to cold? Or something else completely different?
Avatar n tn This could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. It could be sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and facial pain or pressure. Post nasal drip could also be due to allergens. These are substances like pollen, dust, animal dander, certain foods, insect venoms and certain medications. Exposure to allergens causes a runny nose with a resultant post nasal drip where secretions from the nose go backward into the throat and irritate.
Avatar f tn If you get a very high fever take Tylenol as directed on the bottle. An anti-allergy medicine may help your ear ache if necessary.
Avatar n tn Usually when you have a sinus infection, in my experience anyways, the mucus is thin and has a yellor or green color to it. If the smell persists I would definitely see a doctor, it could be a sinus infection and you may need antibiotics. Have you tried rinsing with something like a netipot? You can get them at walmart and it looks like a little pot. You just fill it with water and the saline pack it comes with and it cleans out your nose and sinus.
Avatar f tn But no mucus is draining from my nostrils. My tongue also whitish in color and sour/bitter in the morning when I wake up and it last during whole day. At first I thought the whitish tongue is due to GERD. Moreover my eyes having a discomfort pain, my under eyes also get swelling - bluish/ purplish in color. I keep having a pressure pain all over my forehead. Bottom line is, the extra mucus makes me miserable, breathless and affect my personal life.
Avatar m tn Thank you very much for your reply. Your help is very much appreciated. I think we have ruled out an infection - I don't have a raised white blood cell count and there are no other indications (no pain, my nose isn't blocked or running, the mucus is normal color and doesn't irritate the throat).
Avatar m tn Symptoms of allergy include itching, swelling, mucus production, muscle spasms, hives, rashes, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, cramping, diarrhea and wheezing. Dog allergens also attach to a dog’s fur, which carries the allergens about. The allergen attaches to carpets, upholstered furniture, mattresses, and clothes. Diagnosis of allergy can be done by skin ***** tests and patch tests. In this a little amount of allergen is injected into the skin of the forearm by a doctor.
Avatar f tn I grew up in Eastern Europe and we never used medicine for colds and/or allergies and I never had any problems with runny nose, mucus etc... Four years ago my daughter started preschool and she started being sick. Every two weeks she would have cold symptoms, eventually I got the same symptoms. We were never sick before that. Eventually, I reached for tylenol cold for her and myself, doctors refused to look into in, they said they don't treat colds.
171768 tn?1324230099 t feel well from the recent cold, is producing and swallowing excess amounts of mucus which is making her gag and otherwise struggle with feeds and digestion. About the wad of mucus in her diaper, I don't have a clue. I wouldn't particularly like to see you go around switching formulas just yet, b/c you won't know if she got better b/c she eventually got over the cold/mucus issue, or if the formula switching caused her to get better.
Avatar n tn Do you suffer from asthma or allergies? When you cough up the mucus, what color is it? do you have any shortness of breath? I have both allergies and asthma and the cough you're describing sounds a good bit like the cough I get with my allergies and sometimes the asthma. It's very annoying, for sure!
Avatar m tn Hi, I am a 21 years old women whos been suffering from allergy. Its been 5 to 6 months now that i am carrying this thing in my body. I havent visited to an allergist since. Anytime of the day, I had this tiny pink circles on my body which would later becomes big and bigger, and its actually very itchy. At first it looks like an insect bite then it would turn out big and bigger. I am usually scratching it since its really very itchy. And this thing is very much annyoing. I sometimes want to cry.