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2039791 tn?1329805342 when i woke up my day starts with flu and sneezing so much sneeze but little flu is there any kind of treatment of food for this
1777240 tn?1315627585 You can also be contagious and a public health hazard. It is a risk vs. benefit issue. The benefits of getting the flu shot far outweigh the risks. Influenza can kill you or others in the community. While a no one wants a flare, the risk of that is very low. You should discuss this with your PCP, but the neurologist may have a slightly "myopic" view on this.
Avatar n tn aha Perhaps it is a milk allergy ...
Avatar n tn Hi gaby! I too just started reading about this. I've been wearing VS IPEX, and BBV for a few years now. Last September '07 I started breaking out in hives ALL over my body and have not been able to figure out what is causing it either. I'm glad to see your post b/c I was about to shrug this off as not what is causing it since all the other women say its only on their breats and back. I guess we're gonna have to try not wearing them and see what happens?
Avatar n tn im 26 year old woman. I always get lingering coughs when I've had a cold or flu. Ive noticed i do often feel a bit faint or out of breath, and feel like my heart is beating too fast (my heart is ok though, ive had heart echo recently). I cycle to university and sometimes I will just feel quite short of breath while riding (which is odd as I expect I should be getting fitter).
1451438 tn?1285236545 probably just some infection or cold. or do you have any allergy? i have allergy reaction asthma and when it started i was all congested because of the allergy. and my throat was start to hurt because of me sneezing and stuff too i thought it was just the flu till couple days later i couldnt breath right. just make sure you get checked up even if its just cold i will go get checked since you have hard time breathing.
5919779 tn?1402699972 Some people do have a bad reaction to the flu shot, it is usually those people who have an allergy to eggs. Before you are offered a flu shot, the medic doing it will ask if you have a cold or feeling unwell and whether you have an allergy to eggs. If so, you would not be given the shot at that time until you are well. In the case of an allergy to eggs, you would not be given the shot at all.
Avatar m tn In the wake of the Ebola Virus, SARS, and Bird Flu scares, and now with Swine Flu (Mexico Flu) sweeping the planet, and with the continued overuse of antibiotics giving promise of worse to come, the reader is urged to consider this article in a most serious light. [url= http://www.keepwell.
Avatar n tn Because in shell fish there are components like tropomyosin, which have a propensity to cause allergy in certain people and is completely different to what causes allergy due to iodine. Best.
Avatar m tn My mom was bit by a lonestar tick (female, with the white dot) last night, I am VERY worried in regards to her developing the alpha-gel allergy.. should I get the test done right away or what do you advise? She had meat on the same day prior to the bite and today. This was our first incident of a tick bite so we were concerned.
Avatar m tn Hi Doctor From Past 20 - 25 Days on my right side on stomach only i am getting itchy bumps which are coming and going in 01 hour of span, i met with doctor and he told me i have some allergy called Chronical Attikera.
Avatar f tn A few months ago I kept getting stomach flu symptoms. I couldn't figure out what was making me sick. I thought maybe I was catching something from the dog, cat, or the chickens we raise. However, I was constantly washing my hands. I then realized it was the coffee I was drinking every morning. To test my theory, I switched from morning coffee to morning tea (Black tea). My stomach flu symptoms stopped. This morning, without thinking about it, I drunk coffee.
Avatar m tn Along with the lower Decadron® (dexamethasone) dosage at 4 mg vs 80 mg, this may account for the resurgence of your symptoms. You may want to ask your doctor if he can special-order the Kenalog® (triamcinolone acetonide) or would he be willing to increase the dose of Decadron® (dexamethasone). Finally, both of you may want to consider the substitution of a prescription steroid spray, be it for nose/sinuses or lungs, to provide the same benefit with less risk of side effects.
535822 tn?1443976780 re wearing, as VS makes many kinds...but I have been wearing VS Body Line for years now...Once I found them, both me and my breasts have been very happy...the bras may be expensive as he!!, but they're the most comfortable things I've ever worn, other than a pair of hands, and they give a good look and last a long time........I would imagine since I've never heard about this before, that this is either a newer line, or it is a newer "batch" and limited....
Avatar f tn But I am finding it hard to tell the difference between some symptoms of flu vs what I have with my anxiety.. Everyone keeps saying we need to be alert to worsening or new symptoms of flu, but I'm sure as some of you know when you have GAD or other anxiety issues know symptoms can be mis leading!!
Avatar f tn 10 minutes into the treatment I felt sever stomach and legs pain and short of breath. I was treated with extra hydrocort and other allergy treatments and the taxol was stopped. After 2 hours of rest I was send home. I read about the abraxane and want to ask my doctor to change taxol with it. Is it the right move? do i better my allergy symptoms with abraxane?
10947 tn?1281404252 I've had the worst rash develop since using the Body by Victoria Full Coverage Uplift bra. Red welts, very itchy, only on the sides and under my breasts, where the uplift pads are. I've stopped wereing the bra, any any bra for that matter since it hurts when I do now. My doctor e-mailed me the web-site with all the info re: other women with the same reaction. I contacted VS today, they've offered to rieumburse me for the bras and requested I send the bras back.
Avatar n tn I just found this listed, and it could answer your question. Check with your doctor or allergist about it! (I've not had flu shots for the same allergy, but perhaps there's hope!) http://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar n tn Hi there I have been using medicine for flu allergy due to pollens may be for 2 months..using bc pills as well.. I got facial skin very dry n feels itchy sometimes as well I feel small pimples in my skin when I touch my skin n gets very rough n bloat like when I use face wash any other cream..
Avatar f tn Hi - Please contact the reporter who broke the story based on the blog under victoria secret bra allergy and he will give you the attorney's name and phone number. They are putting together a class action lawsuit and all of us should be apart of it. I believe the attorney's name is Jim Climaco. Join the revolution against them and fight this from happening to other women!
Avatar m tn 2) how reflective are my symptoms of exposure to HIV vs the flu (i.e. the fever was non-recurring, the sore throat was mild, etc)? 3) is it necessary to wait 3 months to get tested? i appreciate your help.
382218 tn?1341181487 This explorative study investigated the influence of immunomodulatory treatment on MS patients receiving pandemic H1N1 (swine flu) vaccination in 2009 and seasonal influenza vaccination in 2010. Methods: We investigated the immune response to pandemic H1N1 vaccination among 113 MS patients and 216 controls during the pandemic of 2009.