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Avatar m tn // quotes studies showing a life-time expectancy of as much as 50 years from infection. There is undoubtly going to be great further advances in HIV treatment in the years to come. And some scientists haven't even given up on finding a functional cure or even drugs that would allow full erradication of HIV from the body.
1264385 tn?1276246909 pain,fatigue, dry eyes,mouth and every other part that requires moistuering. and swelling of my ankels and fingers. my reuhmatologist suggested i went on a biological treatment know as the retuximub. i have had it twice now. i went to see a consultant in london at the lupus clinic in st thomas hospital.after he checked me he suggested i had an hiv test done. which i did.and the reults came out postive, my question is is it possible wit all these medication to interfer with the result.
372366 tn?1284403873 Finally.....An Ontario man facing first-degree murder charges in the deaths of two former sexual partners,he failed to disclose he had the virus that causes AIDS and in some cases "lied" to women about his health status.
Avatar f tn It is using magnifiers, telescopes and other equipment to maximize your function with the vision you have.
Avatar f tn My question is about using anabolics while on treatment. I have told my hepatologist that I would like to do the Teleprevir treatment as soon as it's available. What is you opinion of continuing with low doses of anabolics while on treatment? The anabolics have made a world of difference as to how I feel, recover and heal. How would treatment affect this? To the laymen reader: This is a question fo a doctor.
Avatar f tn m so tired of feeling sick all the time. What do you think? Will I be eligible for the treatment? What types of treatment are there? Is it worth it? Thanks for any help you can provide.
Avatar n tn Is the question about hepatitis C, or about AIDS? This is a forum for hepatitis C, which is not typically transmitted sexually. Can you ask a parent, teacher, or adult you trust? If you are not sure about the safety of sexual activity, maybe it would be a good idea not to engage in sex until you are knowledgeable enough about sexually transmitted diseases that you can protect yourself. Some of these diseases can be deadly. Good times come and go. Your health, or lack of it, can be enduring.
Avatar m tn “…Similarly, a 2009 publication reported a possible association with chronic fatigue syndrome,[7] but three other studies found no evidence of XMRV in patients.[8][9][10] XMRV has not been established as a cause of either disease.
Avatar m tn // what you think?
Avatar m tn Today, HIV should not progress to AIDS with treatment. You have neither so it does not concern you.
Avatar n tn // (50% will develop aids within 10yrs)
Avatar n tn Hi Sleep disturbances may be caused by underlying physical or psychiatric disorders. Hence, symptomatic treatment of insomnia should be initiated only after a careful evaluation of the patient. The failure of insomnia to remit after 7-10 days of treatment may indicate the presence of a primary psychiatric and/or medical illness that should be evaluated. Both Ambien and Lunesta are used to treat insomnia.
Avatar m tn Dear friends! Finally I am starting treatment next week. Had few questions which I would appreciate help with. 1. On the first day of treatment, is it ok to start with sovaldi and ribavirin in the morning and intereferon in the evening? 2. Is paracetamol ok to take for management of flu caused by interferon? Or should it be panadol as my doc said?
Avatar n tn In addition, many common medications can cause leukopenia (see below). HIV and AIDS are also a threat to white cells. Other causes of low white blood cell count include: Influenza, systemic lupus erythematosus, Hodgkin's lymphoma, some types of cancer, typhoid, malaria, tuberculosis, dengue, Rickettsial infections, enlargement of the spleen, folate deficiencies, psittacosis and sepsis. Many other causes exist, such as a deficiency in certain minerals such as copper and zinc.” http://en.
Avatar m tn t there a proper vaccine for AIDS yet ? In other words why dont we still have a scientifically proved Medication or a Therapy that could kill the virus inside the body or reverse the damage to the immune system ?
Avatar m tn Thanks for the reply. i am deeply grateful. The generic brands that are readily available in india & vietnam are not as readily available in Nigeria where i live and if available at all, the price will be suffocate an average patient. Somebody mentioned that a weekly dose costs about N96000($600/week) and for a total course of 96 weeks, the cumulative cost will be unbearable for many Can i get it cheaper at your end.
Avatar f tn //en.wikipedia.
Avatar f tn what did you mean not anymore ? because i did find some info that was like 2010 and said that if you take the treatment right you wont get aids. how far before did you mean ? years ? months ?
634941 tn?1222839802 // gives all the details of gluten sensitivity. gives all possible available gluten free diets. However a word of caution; Please see a physician for his problems. He could also be suffering from Celiac disease, ulcerative colitis or any other form of irritable bowel disease. The symptoms of all these match with that your boyfriend. Please refer http://en.wikipedia.
Avatar n tn // Book Notes for "Pain Free 1-2-3" Chapter 4: Focusing on Nerve Pain I hope you'll find something to help.