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Avatar m tn 2013 Annual Meeting of the European Association for the Study of the Liver HCV Phase III Studies and Approved Agents In this downloadable slideset, Paul Y. Kwo, MD; David R. Nelson, MD; and Stefan Zeuzem, MD, review results from HCV phase III trials and key studies of approved HCV agents from the 2013 European Association for the Study of Liver.
Avatar m tn Yes you are right. I wrote subtype N instead of B. And as you state, B is a subtype of group M (group N is extremely rare according to the article - just 10 cases as of 2006).
Avatar f tn Boceprevir was evaluated for genotype 1 HCV infection in randomized, double-blind phase III trials of treatment-naive patients (SPRINT-2)[28] and treatment-experienced patients, not including null responders to pegIFN/RBV (RESPOND-2).[23] Based on the theoretical concept that reducing viral levels before the administration of the DAA agent might protect against resistance, boceprevir administration was preceded by a “lead-in” phase of 4 weeks with pegIFN/RBV alone in both trials.
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Avatar m tn 2000 and whose ALT usually is between 30 and 40, should they follow the first group of guidelines which recommend no treatment for those HepB carriers, or the second group of guidelines that do recommend such patients to be treated!!! What are your perspectives on this crucial issue on treatment (necessity of medications)???
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Avatar m tn I have read one of the yesterdays thread regarding 3rd and 4th Generation antibody test that failed in a cameroon patient as mentioned in that article for HIV group O. I had a minor encounter in India and got 4th generation test. Im little bit worried after reading that. Pls somebody conform the reliablity of the test. or anybody know the prevalance of HIV group O in India.
Avatar f tn The results are IN - 24 weeks AFTER End of Treatment! Daclatasvir and GS-7977 By Sean R. Hosein From Canadian AIDS Treatment Information Exchange July 2012 Daclatasvir was the first oral HCV NS5A inhibitor to be developed. GS-7977 is a nuke with activity against NS5B. Both drugs have powerful anti-HCV activity when used separately. In study AI444-040, researchers in the U.S.
Avatar m tn 53am BST ZURICH, June 26 (Reuters) - Roche Holding AG said on Thursday it had received European Union approval for a shortened treatment course for Pegasys in combination with Copegus for certain hepatitis C patients. The 16-week course will be available for patients with genotype 2 or 3 strains of chronic hepatitis C who have low virus levels before starting treatment and show rapid virological response, the Basel-based drug maker said.
Avatar m tn It is true that others had and have AIDS as well, especially hemophiacs and IV drug users, but the main group to originally contract AIDs (in the US) were Gay and Bisexual men. In addition, AIDS came on the heels of a major Gay rights movement across the country. AIDS just became part of the focus of a larger movement.
1530342 tn?1405016490 I read something this morning that there is a group in Canada whose basically cured cancer but big pharma stands in the way of production.... It's be nice to see some of this stuff cured.
Avatar m tn 5%) of patients in the group that stopped treatment met the primary endpoint of sustained HBsAg loss. None of the patients who continued treatment achieved the primary endpoint. Many patients also saw reduction in HBV DNA.
408795 tn?1324935675 Our interim data suggests a potential solution for hepatitis C patients in areas where treatment access has been restricted as a result of the high prices demanded for branded treatment," said study author Dr. James Freeman, of GP2U Telehealth in Hobart, Australia.
7593014 tn?1414212474 European Medicines Agency advises on compassionate use of a new combination therapy for chronic hepatitis C Press release 21/02/2014 (excerpts) Combination of ledipasvir and sofosbuvir to be used in patients in urgent need of therapy to prevent progression of liver disease Compassionate-use programmes are set up at the level of individual Member States.
Avatar m tn It should be mentioned though that several of the tests do not comply with European and Dutch legislation and therefore we are not sure if these tests are safe and effective, i.e. if they can harm the patient or give the correct result. With the CE mark the manufacturer declares that the test complies with the legislation. It is not allowed to sell tests without CE-mark in Europe and has transferred the sales of tests without a CE mark to another company in Asia.
137025 tn?1217764741 Willow, did you treat with Telaprevir in the early trials? Or are you waiting to try it still? For some reason, (maybe I have you mixed up with somebody else), I thought that you were in the trial before. I was in Prove 3 Group C, the no Riba group and I didn't clear it by week 4. But, I don't consider myself a non-responder. I consider myself a partial responder because I had a huge drop in my viral load in week 1-2. I just rebounded because of not have the Riba in the mix.
Avatar m tn have continuous static in right ear....and have fullness feeling in the left .....difficulty hearing in large group setting......I have not seen anyone about any type of hearing aids.......
Avatar m tn 13/3, median age 34 years , 6 HBeAg positive) in Group B continued the NAs therapy for 48 weeks. Median baseline HBsAg was 209.64 IU/ml in Group A and 193.18 IU/ml in Group B. Results: In GroupA, eight out of 16 patients (50%) had a continuous HBsAg decline which lead to HBsAg loss (<0.5 IU/ml), HBsAg seroconversion was observed in five of them (31.3%) . Quantitative HBsAg highly decreased to below 10IU/ml in twelve patients (75%).
Avatar m tn May 13, 2010 WASHINGTON -- Drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline terminated a trial of eltrombopag (Promacta) in liver disease patients due to an increase in thrombotic events in the treatment group, the FDA said. Six patients (4%) taking eltrombopag had a thrombosis of the portal venous system compared with one patient (1%) on placebo, the company said in a letter to healthcare professionals.
Avatar f tn I've never taken it, although I know it is mainstream in European pharmacies. Even though it can't cure HCV, it is reputed to provide some benefit without resolving the virus itself. I would say the wide consensus, if not the rule, is to never take it during interferon/ribavirin treatment. Here's one link of dozens in the archives of this forum about milk thistle: http://www.medhelp.