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Aids treatment in china

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Avatar m tn Do anyone know anything about the AIDS treatment in China? I just want to prepare for the worst situation. If he is really infected, where can he get the best treatment in China, including Hong Kong? And if he wants to get the most effective treatment, which country is the ideal choice and how much will it cost? Please help, I don't want to lose him.
Avatar m tn sorry for my poor english to all person, i wanna know the risk of initiative oral sex in a gay behavior, can it transmit to me? very sorry to ask this question, in China AIDS information is too poor. I have pharyngitis, and gum bleeding when i cleaning my teeth.i'm so afraid of that. please reply me, thx a lot.
1530342 tn?1405016490 My daughter-in-law is working on AIDs projects in Africa. The epidemic is much larger there, partially due to poverty and lack of education as well as stubborn refusal by some of using condoms. Of course, I can't let this subject go by without mentioning the fact that Hep C now kills more people in the US than HIV/AIDs.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, I know my questions could be silly but I am really worried about this. Several days ago, I was on a train in China. As you may know, the sanitary conditions on trains can hardly be guaranteed. The toilets on trains are urinals instead of closestools. Because of the trembling on the train, my bottom touched the metal edge of the urinals for few seconds.
Avatar m tn Thank you for your patience explanation, I am from China, there is a saying, if a person be pierced by the used needle of AIDS people, the infection of HIV/AIDS probability is 0.
Avatar m tn Hello, everybody the expert!I'm from China。About AIDS window period in our country a variety of views!How many weeks to detect negative can completely eliminate the AIDS infection?AIDS window period is how long?
Avatar m tn Has anyone heard of this hiv like virus in china? If so please share FACTS with me! I'm hoping it's bs.!!
Avatar n tn Approx 8 months ago I received a protected (almost certainly protected - I was rather drunk) oral sex from a sex worker in China. It was a pretty awful environment and I became obessed about HIV and other infections on return home to the UK. I had an early duo test at 28 days (privately on Harley Street - London) and then a test on the NHS at 92 days.
Avatar m tn Dear Doctors, I was infected by Mycoplasma genitalium 2 weeks ago by a woman in China, Guangzhou. In panic i took first 200mg Levofloxacin x 3 days. Then Azithromycin 500mg x1day then 250mg for 5 days, and also 200mg Minocycline x5 days mixed with the Azi. Im now on the day after my last medication day, and i still feel a small burning feeling in my right thigh, near the blatter. It is not a stinging burning pain. Just a small burning. Not really a pain.
14193554 tn?1434871578 Hello doctor, I'm from China. No condom passive oral sex, The other is sex worker, her gum bleed, Can you infect HIV / AIDS.
Avatar m tn has anyone heard of the "aids like virus occuring in china?" i'm concerned beacsuse i have read stuff about it online where people have the symptoms but are hiv negative. and this orawell test came from china. any help???
Avatar m tn On the other hand maybe they do invest in HBV treatment development, they are just not that in a hurry to develop cures. You see if the government or the military would control the development of antiviral agents we would have a cure already, maybe even from Aids too.. But all this research is privatized and runned by greedy marketers and investors a like. That is why healthcare cannot be for profit. And that is why we have what we have.
Avatar m tn when i started to read aids like disease spread in china and usa after that i m feeling really strange still now.what do u think about this its a myth or truth?
Avatar m tn Hi,I'm a guy from China,I had sex with a prostitute a few weeks ago.During our sex,the condom was broken and we found it immediately.Then I went to the bathroom to wash my penis by water and shower foam for several times.Now I feel worried about my chance of getting infected with Hiv.Though I had asked if the prostitute had ever agreed with no condom sex and her answer was no,I‘m still worried that she might be positive to hiv.
Avatar m tn tests in malaysia are very verry good and reliable..i dont know where youre getting ideas about diagnostic equipment here being not long the test is approved by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia, then you are good to go..
Avatar m tn At least in Beijing, there is a leading infectious hospital (Beijing Ditan Hospital) that specializes HIV/Aids which initated the cocktail treatment in China. Its founder was in the same team with David Ho in Aaron Diamond lab in NYU. It does all kinds of hiv tesing, including the 4th generation Duo test, among others. I hope it helps.
Avatar f tn I got HPV recently and doctors in China made a laser surgery directly. now it's coming back more and more warts and i don't know what to do. the treatment was really terrible and harmful here and obviously doesn't work. What else could I do, as i cannot travel abroad now and cannot wait either as it's growing very quickly ? I have only one sexual partner now. He has it too of course.
Avatar m tn I come from China .soory for my poor English! I had a fist fight at the street yesterday. My hand was bleeding , the wound is 1cm large .My opponent is nose bleeding. I think His blood contact my wounds!So if he have Aids,Whether I will be infected? The Chinese doctor tell me I have high risk if he had Aids!I am very fear Now! Teak,help me!
Avatar m tn It might be our thing and it might not, its not the same study for HIV like illness that is going in other labs about the cases in china but this study is about cases in Taiwan that also had the unknown disease so it might be ,, What am sure about that now there is something found and they say it might be an immune deficiency and it might be caused from an infection ,, days will show us what we are waiting for http://www.deseretnews.
Avatar f tn Hello, I'm from China. The other day I licked a prostitute's genitals, had a slight ulcer on the tip of my tongue, and had a self-inflicted bite on the inside of my lower lip at noon. If the other party is infected with AIDS, I have the risk of infection?