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Avatar m tn I had a minor encounter in India and got 4th generation test. Im little bit worried after reading that. Pls somebody conform the reliablity of the test. or anybody know the prevalance of HIV group O in India.
Avatar m tn I am not aware about his CD4 count or viral load. He stays in a small village in India and under treatment of the doctors of Government Hospital and takes medicines for HIV (subsidised by government) prescribed by them. Last month he was hospitalised due to severe fever and weakness and dignosed with Intestinal TB. He also has chronic piles. He has also lost cosiderable weight (50%).
Avatar m tn TB usually affects people that have full blown aids but if your sex was unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex then you need to test 3 months post--exposure.
Avatar n tn The debulking was performed in Safdarjung hospital, New Delhi, India. It was an advance stage and the cancer cells had also attacked at the outer layer of unitary bladder and rectum. Through surgery uterus, omentum, overies, appendix and nodules present on the rectum and bladder were removed. At the time of operation the CA-125 level was 342 U/ml which came down to 69 U/ml after surgery.
Avatar f tn Did someone tell you that you have HHV8? HHV8 is Kaposi sarcoma - it is a cancer that is much more common in sub-Saharan Africa than anywhere else, and is often associated with having AIDS, though you don't have to have AIDS to get it. It's not at all likely that you'd get it in India. Prednisone can make your immune system weaker, but when they talk about immunocompromised patients and KS, they mean things like advanced AIDS, not prednisone use.
Avatar f tn Since you are in India. the guidelines is 6 months as per south Asian bodies, but u can absolutely trust any result thats post 3months mark. Also since u have said your encounters are post 8 months. u have covered the longest window period. Test is the only way to know your status, not symptoms.
Avatar m tn entecavir is very cheap in india both brand or generic, so it may be much cheaper to get it in india, generic should be around 50USD per month
Avatar f tn Does anyone know about the AIDs epidemic in India?How are the government authorities taking this disease up here?Also would like to understand that what does it take to open an NGO to help support AIDs patient in India?Also how informed are members in this forum about the epidemic in Developing countries?I would like to be one of those who would actively go out and help in the rapid spread of safe sex edcuation in this country.Pls help and guide me dear members.
Avatar m tn it is difficult you may try pharmacies in your country to order generics from india, online pharmacies, friends in india to send the drugs
Avatar n tn Hearing Solutions One of the best hearing aid center in India in terms of good services and quality hearing aids brands. They provide special effort for individual patients having their hearing aid fitting proper and according to International guidelines.
Avatar m tn so anxious about AIDS.....CAN u specify which test detect AIDS?? I think normal antibody tests dont detect aids...donno..
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with my husband many a times in past several years. But I do not have even a single symptom of HIV AIDS. I do not have any symptoms.
Avatar m tn Why would you link scabies and nail infection to HIV/AIDS? Probably 95% of people in India who have both scabies and nail infection don't have HIV. HIV test results always trump symptoms and your test result means that you fall into that 95%. This forum is not a substitute for professional mental health care. If you persist in linking everything that is going on with your body to HIV then you are beyond the scope of help that this forum can provide.
Avatar n tn Hi had sex with a CSW in India while i was drunk but it was condom protected checked after having sex the condom did not ripped or torn and was perfectly fine but did not checked by putting water in it.As you know AIDS rate in India is quite high especially in prostitutes i am kinda concerned abt this incident.Should i do HIV test and shall i go for STD test as well because sucking of boobs and fingering was also involved...
Avatar m tn Thanks 4 reply i have asked him how he is getting he told me that he is getting from medical shop it is pentazocine lactate 30mg/1ml-he is taking almost 300mg(10*1ml)average from last 5 years it is very difficult for him to comeout can u give some suggestion and the treatment of detox or the place where he can go he is my best friend. his family doesn't know abt this. sometimes he said to me he will go for suicide.
Avatar n tn Very weird question but this is what happened to me when I was on a visit to India 2 days ago. India has high rate of HCV infection.
Avatar f tn Even before those tests she asked me to take antiviral already. But I wanted to start treatment with my doctor from my country because it would be easier for me in the long run. I think I can already start peg-inf because my hbsag quantity is 2990 iu/ml. I am really really frustrated; I just want to have one doctor who can guide me and know about latest treatments.. it's really disappointing.