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Aids medicine in india

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Avatar f tn thank you for your reply firstly no one told me you are effected by HHV 8 only i read this in internet because of HHV 8 also spread from sexual roots anyway have few more questions 1) you said 'you'd not get that in india' mean HHV 8 not spread in India? 2) my son need steroid inhaler also so long term steroid using will makes him immunity low in future? 3) my son is only 7 year age i can't force him for frequently hand wash and wear mask etc..
Avatar m tn I am not aware about his CD4 count or viral load. He stays in a small village in India and under treatment of the doctors of Government Hospital and takes medicines for HIV (subsidised by government) prescribed by them. Last month he was hospitalised due to severe fever and weakness and dignosed with Intestinal TB. He also has chronic piles. He has also lost cosiderable weight (50%).
Avatar m tn Iam suffering from IBS since 4 yrs...
Avatar m tn TB usually affects people that have full blown aids but if your sex was unprotected penetrative vaginal or anal sex then you need to test 3 months post--exposure.
Avatar f tn Since you are in India. the guidelines is 6 months as per south Asian bodies, but u can absolutely trust any result thats post 3months mark. Also since u have said your encounters are post 8 months. u have covered the longest window period. Test is the only way to know your status, not symptoms.
Avatar m tn Sovaldi received regulatory approval in India in January 2015 – the first country in Asia to approve the medicine. Read more: http://bit.
Avatar m tn I met a sex worker in the famous red light district of Amsterdam on 24th April 08. Though I had protected sex with her, I was scared if I am infected with AIDS. After I returned to India, I had undergone PCR DNA HIV 1& 2 test after 22 days i.e., on 15th May 08 (as suggested by a sexual medicine specialist here). The result was 'Negative'. I was very happy. It has been almost 4 months. I am right now experiencing muscle pain in the upper thigh portion (and also sometimes in groin..
Avatar m tn I had a minor encounter in India and got 4th generation test. Im little bit worried after reading that. Pls somebody conform the reliablity of the test. or anybody know the prevalance of HIV group O in India.
Avatar f tn I got tested using the Abbott Architect here in India. I was worried about Group O and other groups because I lived in Europe for 3 years. All my tests here came back non reactive. I was OK until I found out about the fact that the control for Group O was not available in India, infact it is only available for use in the USand Europe. if the control for Group O is not being used then how can I accept the test to be conclusive?
Avatar f tn "thyronorm" - that's a synthetic T4 med from Abbott labs in India, I believe. What country are you in? What happened to your daughter does not happen to often. Was your daughter just diagnosed with hypothyroidisim and no cause? Hypothyroidism for those that still have a thyroid can differ: 1)Permanent Hypothyroidisim : The disease is called Hoshimotos and is forever. Its caused by antibodies attacking the thyroid. In this case meds are increased as the thyroid dies off more.
Avatar m tn As a precautionary medicine, I get the medicine from India either myself or through a friend/family member traveling between India and the US. Due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic, I am running short of medicine. I have my prescription and medical certificates to support my condition. I am curious to know if I can get Levetiracetam refill in the pharmacies in the US or will a doctor prescribe this to me without me going through medical tests.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know about the AIDs epidemic in India?How are the government authorities taking this disease up here?Also would like to understand that what does it take to open an NGO to help support AIDs patient in India?Also how informed are members in this forum about the epidemic in Developing countries?I would like to be one of those who would actively go out and help in the rapid spread of safe sex edcuation in this country.Pls help and guide me dear members.
Avatar f tn How Serious is TPHA being positive? What precautions can I have to exercise? Any medicine to turn TPHA negative? HOW MENY TIME IN RECOVER TPHA ,Thanks Advertisement Response from Dr.
Avatar m tn But the I dont see any update in the Roche website or any other pages on this change. With all the problems in the Pharmaceutical world in India, I am not sure if I should go for the drug or not. What should I do? I need to get the injection tomorrow.
14789551 tn?1436522262 s dad had gone through a hip replacement in India. He suggested me to go there since they provide best facilities at low and affordable cost. I want to know the reviews, Is hip replacement in India effective?
Avatar n tn Hearing Solutions One of the best hearing aid center in India in terms of good services and quality hearing aids brands. They provide special effort for individual patients having their hearing aid fitting proper and according to International guidelines.
Avatar n tn What is the difference between medicine-Thyroxine and Tyronorm available in India, and which type of thyroid has to take thyronorm and thyroxine.