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Pediatric aids treatment

Common Questions and Answers about Pediatric aids treatment


19925620 tn?1486703093 com/medical-devices-global-directory/primary-care/pediatrics/pediatric-hearing-aids/phonak-sky-v-ric What do you think about these? They are good? do you know? :) Thanks for your time and answers.
Avatar n tn s Disease the methimazole will not cure her disease, it needs a permanent treatment ultimately, she has been on treatment for several years, there are significant side effects rare but important with the methimazole, these meds can cause problems with our white cell count and blood count, there is a true method to treating this problem and data to support things, you should talk with your doc and decide about surgery or radioablation, at age 16 the ablation is often suggested, she is pubertal an
Avatar n tn Is there any way to test her eyes to make sure that this is not a problem that needs some type of therapy or treatment? We hope she does not need surgery and wondered if there might be other methods to help correct the situation.
Avatar n tn Now my 4 year old granddaughter has been diagnosed with pediatric rheumatiod arthritis. I just read that it could be something handed down from her grandfather who had Agent Orange. Is this true and do you know the best place to get help for my granddaughter?
237053 tn?1258828426 and protested hugely -- and what do you know, she also had the same things I had. She tells me now, after a year+ into treatment, that she can tell the difference in how she feels. When I was unsure about the LLMD's diagnosis, I took my kid to her pediatrician and a pediatric hematologist [blood doctor], and neither of them could find anything wrong at all.
Avatar m tn Today, HIV should not progress to AIDS with treatment. You have neither so it does not concern you.
Avatar n tn Hi Sleep disturbances may be caused by underlying physical or psychiatric disorders. Hence, symptomatic treatment of insomnia should be initiated only after a careful evaluation of the patient. The failure of insomnia to remit after 7-10 days of treatment may indicate the presence of a primary psychiatric and/or medical illness that should be evaluated. Both Ambien and Lunesta are used to treat insomnia.
373367 tn?1246402035 I know most of you have more problems with your eyes than ears, but does anybody know much about low frequency hearing loss. My neurologist has told me from day 1 not to tell him that my ears ring, because "everybody's ears ring." I have been having painful ringing and just pain in my ears in the last month. I went to a hearing aid place and got my ears tested and they found moderate low frequency hearing loss.
Avatar n tn If it has been there all life and want to see about surgery to reduce amplitude of jerky movements. That would be a strabismus specialist or pediatric ophthalmologist. I don't know specific individuals.
Avatar m tn Since doctors hear in the US have told us there’s no available treatment at this time I am currently doing my own research on optic nerve treatment. I have found that there are several countries providing stem cell treatment for this condition. I'm trying to get informed on its pros and cons. What are the risk in treating the optic nerve with stem cells from donated umbillical cords?
Avatar m tn Bradycardia means your daughter's heart rate runs around 60, or lowere, heart beats per minute. If she is an athlete, that's normal; many athletes have rates in the 40s range. The same for the lowere blood pressure. Unless she is having cardiac symptoms, there would be no treatment, because it wouldn't be necessary. Was she evaluated by a pediatric cardiologist? If not, she probably should be.
Avatar f tn what did you mean not anymore ? because i did find some info that was like 2010 and said that if you take the treatment right you wont get aids. how far before did you mean ? years ? months ?
Avatar n tn We are in NC and fortunately have been referred to a great pediatric Endo at Duke. I have seen mention of Pediatric Endo at Texas Childrens Hospital (not sure how far that is for you). We will be starting medication as soon as our local pharmacy can get it in. I hope she responds well. I have been looking into the possibility of Thyroidectomy or Radioiodine Treatment if indicated.
Avatar n tn vision prior to this diagnosis and was manipulating objects, demonstrated what appeared to be good eye hand coordination for a child her age etc. (She was referred to a pediatric opthalmologist as a result of her pediatrician seeing a questionable lazy eye in one of her eyes during a test he performed). I just want to make sure we are doing the right thing for her. Any feedback??
Avatar m tn Your children should see a pediatric ophthalmologist for treatment of the amblyopia. Amblyopia treatment is best done at an early age. Treatment is not as good after age 5. This a visual system development (neurological) problem. Dr. O.
Avatar f tn you should ask your doctor for a pediatric dietician or nutritionist to meet with you and help you come up with meals she can eat this has helped us in so many ways! It is so hard to even feed a child who is so allergic to everything!! If you need recipe ideas let me know ! Some of our childrens allergies are the same. Let me know how it goes Good luck we have been there!!
Avatar n tn Is your dentist an orthodontist and if not I would consider a consult with one necessary at this point. If the dentist is, then I would consider the treatment appropriate for your child.A general dentist can do the extractions, i would consider how your child feels about the extractions. If she is uptight I would tend to take her to the oral surgeon.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have a 2 year old little girl who has had pubic hair and slight breast tissue for about a year now. We have taken her to the pediatric endocrinologist and have had blood tests, bone age tests, ultrasounds done. All have come back ok. She has now developed under arm odor. What could be the cause of this?
Avatar f tn The treatment depends on the cause. Please see the pediatric ophthalmologist. Dr. O.
Avatar m tn My 7 year old son has just been diagnosed with a severe astigmatism in his left eye and 20/20 in the right. The doctor who is a pediatric specialist has said he may need patching in addition to the glasses. He wants to see him back in a month. My question is why would we not started patching his good eye immediately, especially since timeliness really seems to be important.
Avatar n tn Working with a pediatric endocrinologist. Tries to avoid using steroids with the kiddos and we are using metformin to treat. Had difficult time getting up to full dose because of tummy irritation but going from the generic brand to the name brand which has a coating on it seemed to do the trick. First bone scan was 8 yrs and 7 months. Now 10 months later we have progressed to 11 yrs on the bone age scan. What are treatment options to arrest the bone age from progressing so quickly?
Avatar n tn Please refer few doctors that will provide Atropine treatment or therapy for myopia control. My boy's myopia gets worse every year!!
Avatar f tn Yes this is not uncommon at all in pediatric ophthalmology. Your child is at high risk of growing up with reduced vision in one or both eyes (amblyopia) You child needs to be under the care of a highly trained pediatric ophthalmologist. Glasses, patching will be necessary. If you live in a developed country with a pediatric refractive surgery unit sometimes laser treatment can reduce the high cylinder power (called astigmatism).
Avatar n tn Check with your local dental society in regards to any services that may be available to your son in regards to his missing teeth. They may be able to refer you to further resources that are either public or private. The usual process I would imagine is to maintain the teeth that he has to continue to have a cosmetic smile and something functional.