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513945 tn?1211345363 For your graduation, cover the redness with a good foundation. I like Elizabeth Arden flawless finish foundation, use their face wash for sensitive skin first. If you develop any other symptoms such as swelling or breathing difficulties seek medical help immediately, but providing we are just talking about sensitized skin, this is an expected side effect of accutane. Using products for sensitized skin will help. As well as Elizabeth Arden, I also like La Roche-Posay and Eucerin.
Avatar n tn You son needs to see a pediatric ophthalmologist in the near future. Ask your pediatrician to refer you to one OR find one at Those symptoms need an ophthalmologist to evaluate in person.
181575 tn?1250198786 Friday June 27 - For all parents and adults affected by hepatitis B 1:30 PM - 5:30 PM Featured Speaker: "Management and Treatment of Children with HBV" Dr. Phil Rosenthal, Director, Pediatric Hepatology, UCSF Childrens Hospital Guest Speaker: Dr. Sylvia Lebel, Hepatologist, Childrens Hospital LA "Who to Tell, What to Say" Bryan Choi, M.A. and Armand Cachero, B.A.
Avatar m tn The place in Arizona your friend recommended has no more "knowledge" than your local clinic. They don't have some secret cactus cure they're keeping from the rest of the world. Since you are planning ahead for your next test, (should that become necessary) and appear to be scouting for top of the line facilities, I'd like to recommend the Central Laboratory For HIV/AIDS in Cairo.
1881346 tn?1341924768 are you going a lot or just a little bit? Baby is sports on your bladder and the further along you are the worse it gets. Mention it to your dr. frequent urination can be a symptom of a glaser infection. Does it hurt to pee... They are very common on pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Clinique make a product called Post-blemish formula which fades the dark spots left behind after acne and discourages new ones from forming. They also make a pore-minimiser. Estee Lauder's Idealist skin refinisher is also good for making large pores smaller. Their foaming cleanser for normal skin gives a real soap-and-water clean and their exfoliator for normal skin will help turn your skin over more quickly.
Avatar m tn Dear Wildephyre, How are you guys? I hope well, and I hope that your daughter is doing well, also. Elizabeth City is in the northeast part of NC, and is not particularly close to any major pediatric cardiac surgical centers. The three centers that are closest to you include East Carolina University, in Greenville, Duke University, in Durham, and University of North Carolina, in Chapel Hill. There are cardiologists at all 3 locations as well as surgeons.
Avatar f tn Family stability is the foundation of a child's life. If your relationship with your husband is faltering, your son will certainly feel the impact. You should bring him to a child psychologist or other pediatric mental health professional.
997730 tn?1254278376 HIV/AIDS drug puzzle cracked LONDON (Reuters) - Scientists say they have solved a crucial puzzle about the AIDS virus after 20 years of research and that their findings could lead to better treatments for HIV. British and U.S. researchers said they had grown a crystal that enabled them to see the structure of an enzyme called integrase, which is found in retroviruses like HIV and is a target for some of the newest HIV medicines. more at link: http://hepatitiscnewdrugs.blogspot.
7157499 tn?1411821385 Very pretty! Elizabeth, I think is a strong, beautiful name. And pronouncable too lol!
Avatar f tn Hi doc I had unprotected vagina sex with sex worker on 8th of March , after 2 weeks had HIV fast test at New Zealand aids foundation the result showing negative ( they told me the fast test test ag and ab) and after another 2 weeks which is 7th of Apr I had full blood test also my doc told me test are ag and ab showing negative result , but she still recommend I do 12 weeks test, I was wondering what chance after 4weeks the result will change ?
Avatar n tn look up the national pediatric hydrocephalus foundation founded by mike and kim ilions.... my cousin has hydrocephalus and this foundation is nation wide and very supportive! They're on fb and have a website. just Google it.
Avatar f tn He is being seen by a pediatric ophthalmologist at Callahan eye foundation and thank you so much for the info..
Avatar m tn 24 March - hiv antibody test - negative 21 April (123 days after first exposure, 50 days after second) - take unigold recombigen rapid test at NEw Zealand Aids Foundation - negative. The counsellor told me these rapid tests are accurate if you get a negative result. Should I feel happy now? Can I stop testing?
Avatar f tn The Forum I was speaking of is the Pediatric Cardiology Forum; I was not sure if you were writing on the regular Pediatric Forum or the Cardiology Forum, neither being the Expert Forum.
690874 tn?1263050440 I am the Executive director of the IP foundation. I will try to answer some of your questions. It is not unusual for a baby with IP to have seizures, and kyou should consult a Pediatric Neurologist. As for the eyes it is also not unusual for there to be eye problems. For this you should visit a Pediatric Ophthalmologist. A description of how to examine the keys of a baby born with IP is on the web site.
Avatar m tn Kumar i tested at pink triangle foundation and they used the intec rapid test kit made in china.
Avatar f tn I tested negative With antibody test and also an rna test that looks for the virus. The counselor said the rNA decreases the window period to 2-4 weeks since the test is looking for the genetic material. Is this true?
Avatar f tn hi my son was diagnosed with hydrocephalus when he was 5 weeks old and he is now 8 months old he has not got a shunt he has had a third vetricalostomy and my question is just recently he has stopped breathing when he is asleep and will let out a loud gasp and goes ridged for a second i am not sure how often this happens during the night as it does not wake him up, and i was just wondering if this could be related to the hydrocephalus or somthing different or if it is nothing to worry about as i
Avatar f tn Also according to chech aids foundation , you have to avoid ejaculation in mouth , otherwise you have taken a risk , not big but also is anyway RISK. To do it or NOT?
1794093 tn?1357930759 So I haven't actually started ttc yet. I'm hoping to start at the end of Nov/Dec. Anyway I'm looking for friends or support to get healthy. I prefer to lose some weight but overall my goal is to have a solid platform that I can continue with through pregnancy... anyone else struggling with weight that's ttc?
979826 tn?1389036358 I was aware that she did get it done for u, but, I did want to let u know chiari is on the list and once the dr completes the form, it should be approved.....Laurie's son was sent to Disney and had the full royal treatment... And in case some one else would be interested they will know how to get this done : ) I am so happy u r going to meet ur soccer