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Avatar n tn I am at the early stages of PPT (I also have postpartum anxiety) my endocrinologist put me on Tapazole 2 weeks ago. I have a mild soar throat but I believe it's merely the remnants of a cold. However, I am losing an insane amount of hair, above the average hair loss due to postpartum. Is this the combo of thyroid, meds and postpartum... I'm on tapazole 10mg daily dose. Is there something I can do? I had my blood work done on Friday and WBC was normal... does it fluctuate easily?
475300 tn?1312423126 specimen not frozen (not applicable for PPT™); PPT™ not centrifuged; specimen received in ”pop-top” or ”snap-cap” tube Limitations: The NGI QuantaSure™ assay has a quantitative range of 2-2,000,000 IU/mL or 5-5,000,000 copies/mL.
Avatar m tn I am 38 male heavy smoker with high cholesterol and on treatment. I have a vague symptome of sudden shutdown of my energy/syncope/shock for only few seconds. No ppt or relieving factors. No pain ,chest symptoms or unusual stress. This problem repeated over two weeks and becomes more frequent lastly. no other medical condition.
Avatar f tn I was referred to a internist right before Christmas who told me to quit nursing I should get a scan but he felt this was PPT ( Postpartum Thyroiditis ). I said no to weaning and he said I could wait 5 months at which time if I was still Hyper I would have to wean and get the uptake scan to rule out Graves. I was told the only help for me was beta blockers which I could not take while nursing or lots of rest because exerting myself would only exaggerate my symptoms.
Avatar m tn You may have postpartum thyroiditis (PPT). PPT is considered a "temporary"/self-resolving thyroiditis. It usually starts with a hyper phase, followed by a return to normal and then a hypo phase. However, many women only experience the hypo or the hyper, not both. TSI (thyroid stimulating immunoglobulin) is the antibody marker for Graves'. If you have that tested, and it's elevated, you'll know you have Graves'.
Avatar f tn I have a 7 month old son and my thyroid is way out of whack. Because of my somewhat recent pregnancy my endo seems to think that I have PPT. I have researched this and PPT goes from hyper to hypo and I thought if this was the case with my sons age I would be in the hypo stage by now....also I have no inflammation which I'm pretty sure would be required for a thyroidITIS diagnosis.
163305 tn?1333668571 The study results suggest that long-term exposure to an ultra-low, environmental dose of Roundup at an glyphosate-equivalent concentration of only 50 ppt (parts per trillion), in an established laboratory animal toxicity model system, can result in liver and kidney damage, with potential significant health implications for humans as well as domesticated animal and wildlife populations. The study performed by Dr.
Avatar f tn You could have Hashi's, but it's more likely you have postpartum thyroiditis. PPT is a variant of Hashi's, but many people recover from it on their own. It usually presents as an initial hyper phase, followed by a return to normal and a hypo phase, although some people only experience one of the phases. Your FT4 is only 29% of range, which is low of the 50% target. Many of us found FT4 had to be about 50% before our symptoms were relieved.
Avatar n tn m glad to read that I am not the only one with Thyroid issues! I am the proud mother of a new baby girl who is now 4 months old and I suffer from PPT, I had it with my first child and now I new the signs I acted fast and saw my endo. The problem is that I've been prescribed Tapazole to help me with the hyper stage until hypo sets in, and honestly, I'm really scared to take the medication. The list of side effects seem pretty severe. Is this the best process for me to take.
Avatar n tn Has your doctor diagnosed post partum thyroiditis (PPT)? Your TPOab is somewhat elevated, which usually indicates PPT. It's considered a variant of Hashimoto's thyroiditis, which is autoimmune thyroid disease and the most prevalent cause of hypo in the developed world. PPT is usually a temporary condition characterized by an initial hyper phase, a brief return to normal and then a hypo phase. Hashi's, except in its very early stages, usually causes hypothyroidism.
Avatar f tn Could any one help me to know what is my results means specially 2 things in my ppt: (Pre). (Best) Tlc 7.86. 8.90 Rv. 1.92. .90 Rv/tlc 26.44. 10.
Avatar m tn WHY THEY JUST CHECK THE 48WEEKS TREATMENT IF THEY KNOW CLEARANCE IS IN THE FOLLOWING YEARS!WHY THIS IS THE FIRST TIME I READ INTERFERON MONO CLEARS HBSAG 31-66% AFTER 7 YEARS? anyway the most important part is combo of nas and interferon and results to improve response and hbsag clearance.
Avatar m tn Today, HIV should not progress to AIDS with treatment. You have neither so it does not concern you.
Avatar n tn Hi Sleep disturbances may be caused by underlying physical or psychiatric disorders. Hence, symptomatic treatment of insomnia should be initiated only after a careful evaluation of the patient. The failure of insomnia to remit after 7-10 days of treatment may indicate the presence of a primary psychiatric and/or medical illness that should be evaluated. Both Ambien and Lunesta are used to treat insomnia.
Avatar n tn Hi, This issue is regarding my Father who is 63 yrs old.Very recently he started facing some problem as described below. He used to for a walk every morning.Very recently he started feeling pain on his left side of chest & left arms after he walks for 10 min.Also sweat drops are flowing out at the back side of left ear.He becomes tired very quickly & feels short of breath.But after taking some rest he feels ok again.He never had any heart issues earlier.
572651 tn?1530999357 If you go through the listing on the left side of the page, any of the presentations that are in BLUE have a powerpoint presentation connected. Save the ppt to your computer and then view it normally. again, I wish we had access to the entire presentation and not just the slides, but there is still lots of meaty content here.
Avatar f tn what did you mean not anymore ? because i did find some info that was like 2010 and said that if you take the treatment right you wont get aids. how far before did you mean ? years ? months ?
Avatar f tn So this morning I had a ppt and I'm so nervous because I've had several miscarriages. I wonder what my chances are this time? I'm so scared, nervous, and excited all at once..
Avatar f tn However, PPT is usually temporary, though it may come back to haunt you later in life. PPT typically starts with a hyper period, a brief return to normal, and then a hypo phase. Please post both sets of labs with reference ranges so we can see where you are/were in the ranges.
Avatar m tn Anti-HDV-IgM ODs decline during successful PegIFNa-based treatment and high baseline values may be predictive for treatment response. " what Anti-HDV-IgM ODs means ?
Avatar f tn insisting to reach your dream of having a baby,sure this day is waiting u,when the test gives PPT,iam now beginning my 7th pregnancy month having twins after a succeded trial of IVF.
Avatar m tn Is there anyone who can answer my question?
Avatar n tn I've had tinnitus and benign essential tremor for over twenty years and have tried everything both alopathic and alternative. Finally after having a vasectomy and being given an opiate I realized that it calmed the noise in my head and stopped the tremor. Before that I was drinking heavily and my doctor prescribed hydrocodone which was compounded to avoid additives. I took that for about three years.