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Aids treatment in singapore

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Avatar m tn // and there are many gay Sauna. Have safe sex and educated yourself about STD.
Avatar f tn I am looking for a hospital for treament, maybe in Singapore, France or US. Anyone can give me an advice. Many thanks :).
Avatar f tn 9, 2010 I am dharmesh cwada from india, 38, male, marries with one child i m TPHA POSITIVE 1;2. Because of this I did not get jobs in SINGAPORE. How Serious is TPHA being positive? What precautions can I have to exercise? Any medicine to turn TPHA negative? HOW MENY TIME IN RECOVER TPHA ,Thanks Advertisement Response from Dr.
Avatar m tn Anyone who knows if i can get the at least the fda approved test in either singapore or thailand. Any neighbouring country please.
Avatar n tn Congestive gastropathy with 4 band stopped bleeding. He is a diabetic patient taking insulin. Blood tested in National University Hospital Singapore where Hepatitis C Virus genotyping ( Type 3, subtype 3b) detected. Immunology report shows ANA : Negative (Sample value: 3.79 U/ml), AFP = 6.94 ng/ml. Patient in general has no complain and maintaining normal life.
Avatar f tn I think they treat groups for research in Chicago:
Avatar m tn hello people, i am a 19 yr old boy in singapore. i had sex with a prostitute here 2 days ago. i had got her number online. she was from phillipines. i used condom throughout and touched her vagina with my lips just for a moment. she didnt even give me a blowjob without the condom. i did finger her for a long time. she was very wet and her ***** juice was kinda white. do u think she had hiv? and in the end, she took out the condom and gave a handjob and then i came! that is it.
Avatar m tn SPH RESEARCHERS in Singapore are developing a treatment which could eventually lead to a cure for chronic hepatitis B (HBV), the leading cause of liver cancer in Singapore. Present medication can control the virus but cannot cure the infection.
694630 tn?1227710675 Aung, Schering-Plough is a manufacturer of HCV drugs available here in the US. They have an office in Singapore:
Avatar n tn does insurance in Singapore not cover all the costs?
Avatar m tn hi there, i'm Belguim guy who live in Singapore. I have hepatitis B and i dont have any viread since last friday. I urgently need to buy some viread. Where i can find it ? And a foreigner can live in Singapore witch hepatitis B ? thanks for yours answers.
Avatar n tn and the right eye had some critical problems so she had an operation in her right eye in Singapore last year...even after that operation she is having problems in that eye...and there is non-stop headache ......and the eye remains dirty even after washing it thoroughly .............She is using optical glasses for her normal eye power....What do u thing what should we do now?should we go to Singapore again or is there any solution that u can give...
Avatar f tn How come it happen that the bacteria is still on my blood.?I cant apply in Singapore because they are very strict when it comes to vdrl..i can pass on the interview but im always rejected during the medical..Im so depress because i really want to work in Singapore..I dont know if Singaporeans will accept that the cause of vdrl reactive is due of my chicken pox only..Pls help me..Tell me if there is any medicine or treatment i can take to make my vdrl clear or non reactive..Thanx so much..
Avatar m tn Move along you do not have an HIV concern.
Avatar m tn I made my assumption based on YOUR answer. I do have my own assessment and I don't have it baseless as far as I know. After all, this forum is created so that everybody could exchange his/her idea, isn't it? And I DO know Singapore, since I live in Indonesia and have been several times in Singapore.
Avatar n tn My Husband and I have just moved to Singapore though, so now I need to figure out a new health care system! Does anyone have any tips for pregnancy in Singapore? Doctors, Hospitals, what to eat/what not to eat?
Avatar m tn Excellent HIV/AIDS services are readily available in Singapore and elsewhere in Malaysia. It sounds like your father is in good hands. As you ask about testing ("based on this incident"), the answer is no. Strictly from a risk standpoint, testing isn't necessary. However, you were sufficiently fearful to come to a site like this for advice. Most such persons (in this case, your wife) should be tested.
Avatar m tn Right now I cannot sleep and the nightmare comes back to my mind. I need your honest expertise regarding this issue. I got tested here in Singapore AFA clinic - Action for Aids. I am wondering why CDC and other healthcare clinics tell that the 6 months window period will prevail? Please help me understand the matter. Why others need to be tested 6 months after?
Avatar m tn Is the negative test 10 days after second bali encounter meaningful? Duo at 10 days accuracy? If so id be retesting for the 2 x (same girl) in singapore. Presuming it is hpv can I pass on via condom protected sex? The bumps are under my foreskin so wouldn't come into direct contact while wearing a condom. What about oral? Would a girl giving me a bj catch hpv orally?
Avatar f tn Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate Tablet and Viread Tablet, are they the same in treatment wise? I went to CVS store, it cost 1000 USD to 30/300mg for Viread Tablet. is it too expensive? The staff there told me generic tablet is not available. But why I see it online as I said earlier? What happens if I take brand and then switch to generic like a year later? Will the generic medicine do the same? Thank you.