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Avatar m tn In this role, Lei helped organize national mobilization efforts including the Campaign to End AIDS and the Prevention Justice Mobilization. He built and maintained a national database of AIDS activists with over 10,000 members. Lei also collaborated with researchers, policy advocates, and community members to organize a series of trainings on HIV prevention research advocacy around the country. Lei joined the Treatment Action Group’s Hepatitis/HIV Project in 2008.
Avatar m tn are the hiv early ars same like the aids ars? or aids ars are milder? and does aids ars include nasal and nose congestion?
Avatar m tn Correct, this is a prevention forum and your thread has nothing to do with prevention and doesn't belong on this forum. * Anyone who continues to post excessively, questioning a conclusive negative result or no-risk situation, will be subject to action by MedHelp. Conclusive negative results or a no-risk situation will be based up the criteria MedHelp’s doctors.
Avatar m tn s no absolute guarantee even when you use a condom. But most experts believe that the risk of getting HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases can be greatly reduced if a condom is used properly. In other words, sex with condoms isn't totally "safe sex," but it is "less risky" sex." REF :
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Avatar m tn No you can not get HIV that way. I suggest talking with a Dr on how you aquire STD's. And if you think about it why would someone cut themselves and drop blood into your drink? If someone saw her do that, she would get fired and sued. So again don't worry about HIV or STD's.
Avatar f tn ve relationship with my penetration of the anus without a visor with a girl, but I know Is this girl infected me Aids visits to this relationship years and recently accepted the girl about a minute and not know if there were wounds on his lip, but I not on the lips of any injuries or festered felt fear of the AIDS virus, and for this decisions do my test Aids me make sure of a sexual relationship that was my penetration of the anus without a visor, which once upon a year and a relationship, etc.
Avatar n tn The administration’s program started small five years ago to meet a perceived emergency as the AIDS epidemic spread out of control. It has already provided drug treatment to almost 1.5 million men, women and children and supportive care to millions of others. The focus for the next five years will be on making some of the initial gains sustainable.
Avatar f tn I have hepc1a and i need help getting treatment i am basically homeless and dont know of any free resources where i am. I found out 5yrs ago and the dr said my blood was pure poison...
Avatar m tn He mentioned a prophylaxis and antibiotics. I was worried about HIV and thought that this prophylaxis was for aids. He gave me a shot and a 10 day supply of doxicycline (antibiotic). After, I realized that this was for the prevention of an STD. I have searched the internet and have not found anything about STD prophylaxis. I am now concerned/wondering what Shot I was given. Has anybody heard of this type of treatment??
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor, I was thinking of a new hiv/aids prevention method. It starts with if you cover the externel urethrtal orifice, with some sort of lets say duct tape. Will it help prevent the spreading of HIV. I was wondering since it is the only way vaginal fluid, or any type of bodily fluid could enter via oral, anal sex. Thus being covered, there isn't a way for the virus to enter nor leave. Your answer will be greatly appreciated and respected. Thank you for your time.
1530342 tn?1405016490 Dec 1st marked the 25th anniversary of World AIDS Day, a time when the president urges Americans to come together in support of those affected by HIV/AIDS, and continue the commitment to a world free from the disease. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton echoed President Obama’s views. “We have set the goal,” she said. “We know it is possible. Now we have to deliver.” How optimistic should we be about efforts to combat HIV/AIDS? http://tv.msnbc.
Avatar n tn org/posts/HIV-Prevention/If-someone-with-AIDS-put-some-of-their-blood-in-my-drink-and-you-didnt-know-and-drank-it-will-you-get-AIDS/show/1503244
Avatar n tn a female escort i mean a prostitue gave me a hand job and then she licked and sucked my nipples (im a man) can i get any std or hiv or aids
Avatar m tn I'm a HIV patient. I was diagnosed two years ago and I'm now under retro-viral treatment (Abacavir, 3TC Lamiduvina, and Efavirenz TM as known in my country), healthy, fit, high CD4 count, undetectable viral load. Recently, I met a person, we kissed and we practiced oral sex on each other. Eventhough I know my condition, and have always tried to avoid people practice fellation on me, he insisted and at the end I agreed. Now, I am really concerned about him.
Avatar f tn HIV Testing National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV/AIDS: Laboratory Tests National Center for HIV/AIDS, Viral Hepatitis, STD, and TB Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention HIV Risk Reduction Tool (BETA) https://wwwn.cdc.
Avatar m tn Before I cum, I pull out her anus, took off the condom and cum on the right side of her buttocks, not in her anus. I check her again and she was dry from anus and vagina. After we finished, I wipe off with my towel and I wipe her off with both toilet, paper towel with a little soap, and dap of water. Before I took her home, I check her again, and she looked normal. Afterwards, I took a shower and wipe off my penis with soap and warm water.
Avatar n tn doctor said it was a typhoid fever but when treatment start mouth ulcer is there and the treatment finish the mouth ulcer is there any chance of condom sure that i ejuculate in the condom and there is no breakage as the tip..
Avatar m tn After almost three decades of HIV / AIDS discovery, tons of research has been done on its tranmission, prevention and possible treatment ever since and all that information is available. There has been no single case of HIV transmission to men or women via receptive oral sex. That's why this only considered to be a "theoretical risk" or a risk of just an academic value.
Avatar m tn You can't transmit AIDS, AIDS is a progression of HIV.
Avatar f tn Hi there I get regular coldsores, often just before my period, but lately more regularly and in more places around my mouth. I know about Lysine but notice no difference when I do and don't take it. I try to have turmeric regularly also. Oh and I use 5% Acliclover Cream (ie Zovirax). I can get 500mg Valacliclover Tablets but they're a bit out of my budget to take daily and I don't want to damage my kidneys.
Avatar m tn thanks for your answer. To be frank with you this is not the first time I hear that. However many others tell me it's risky even AIDS prevention groups. Do not know what to think. Why is there no unanymous answer to that?