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Avatar f tn // You can see a lot of posts by parents whose kids have temper/misbehaving issues. You can find a lot of good advice here if you ask for it. If after reading the signs of ADHD, and you have any more questions or need more information, please post and I will be glad to respond.
Avatar n tn when should tell the child about adhd & odd, it been 3 months that child been told have adhd & odd, father wont agree with the dr recommending. want know when should i tell my child have adhd & odd? i know for years that child have it but father never beleive me then he finally admit he have adhd too and that he knew his child would have it before he met me.. what i am suppose to do? as single parent. a should i tell my child have adhd & odd?
Avatar f tn It can be with something like autism or adhd or alone (my son has it only) and it can look like adhd and is often confused for it. Treated differently --------- so it is important to get an accurate diagnosis. Again, an occupational therapist evaluates for this and does the treatment. It involves things that directly work on the nervous system as well as behavioral techniques and coping skills. A kid with sensory needs help usually with all of these.
Avatar m tn Almost all information for ADD/ADHD is on kids but according to MedHelp :: or about ten million adults. With that many adults affected why is 99% of the information only about kids? Where can info on adult ADD/ADHD available?
1274559 tn?1284135818 I am wondering why you need to have medicine for ADHD? can you handle ADHD without medicine??? I mean is the Medicine necessary?
Avatar n tn The best resources I have found are the online forums (ADHD specific) and going to bookstores such as Borders and Barnes and Noble and taking about 10 books on ADHD to the cafe area and skimming them for a few hours. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I hope that you are slowly introducing things back into his diet and watching for reactions. I have seen cases where well meaning parents literally wound putting their child on a starvation diet and thought that because he wasn't running around like crazy he was getting better. Anyway, I just hope that you are getting sound nutritional information for his diet. At his age, there can be long lasting consequences if done wrong.
494976 tn?1302714301 com/ - as sensory will many times get mistaken for ADHD. In terms of ADHD, this is probably one of the most informative sites - Let us know what you think. Specialmom monitors this site on SPD - And I, of course, monitor this site. Together we have a lot of resources that can help you.
Avatar f tn // and let me know what he is on and the dose of it. Has the dose ever been adjusted at all by his doc. In other words, did the doc start off low and slowly increase? Oh, and Mark has an excellent question ...what kind of a doctor are you seeing. finally on his soft voice. Is it all the time or only at home. Has it only been this way for this year or was it like this last year? How old is he, what grade is he in and when is his birthday?
1390055 tn?1365618655 I had been put on a number of different medications at different times to see which medication worked best for me, and we finally settled on taking Concerta, and did this so for about 3 or 4 years. In the time I was off of my medications, I developed Major Depression, Body Dysmorphic Disorder, problems with managing stress which lead to PTSD, developed non-bacterial chronic prostatitis from the stress, formed more Obsessive Compulsive behaviors, and a horrible case of Hypochondria.
Avatar f tn The problem with doing that is that it only makes the recovery process that much harder for her/him. The parents and close siblings to the person addicted needs to go to meetings and therapy as well to get unaddicted to their child. It ***** to believe that something (and often in a parents eyes-something your child did that was so selfish and stupid) now YOU of all people need to get treatment.
Avatar n tn and his teacher is saying he needs to see a doctor and get on meds for his attention problem(sometime wandering in space). He has all a's and b's and knows everything being thrown his way, so to me it seems he must be paying a little attention to accomplish that much. I personally would feel worse if my child did not drift off or daydream(isn't that what kids do?) but his teacher keeps harping on us to get him to a doctor.
Avatar m tn I found this forum after searching "signs of ADHD" for the hundreth time. I have suspected, for at least two years, that my five year old may have ADHD. My husband, however, thinks that my son is simply an "active boy." We have talked to our pediatrician and parents as teachers instructor, but they both have said that he is really too young for them to be able to discern whether he might have ADHD. We have even had him evaluated by the public school panel that does IEPs..
Avatar n tn Still looking for the link that is specific to recess for ADHD kids, but this is very good as it covers the latest research. It would be interesting for the teachers to try starting out the day with physical activities for the kids an see if they notice a difference. The link is - I am glad to hear what the teaching situation is.
Avatar m tn an Algorithm and Explanation for Process of Care for the Evaluation, Diagnosis, Treatment, and Monitoring of ADHD in Children and Adolescents -- I think my main question would be - is your doctor a pediatrician? The reason I ask is that, your son might well do better with a psychiatrist or a psychologist that has more experience with ADHD kids.
Avatar f tn // Do post this identical post over there. But let me give you some ideas I have learned from reading and posting over there. In a nutshell, your attempts to change his behavior while using known techniques, just aren't being used in a manner that will help with tough cases. Essentially consequences have to be immediate, consistent, age appropriate, and last consistently for 3 weeks.
Avatar n tn What I have seen in my practice is many kids conditioned to not take responsibility for their behavior because they were diagnosed with ADHD and on meds for it. I also dealt with my share of parents who refused to discipline their kids because they felt that disciplining a child diagnosed with ADHD doesn't have control over their behaviors and therefore shouldn't be disciplined.
Avatar m tn Find out about support groups for children with ADHD (if that is where you think you are heading), also contact any national organisations in your country for ADHD and ask if there are any services for supporting parents eg. in the UK you can get a volunteer who will come to your house to play with your child, or accompany you on family outings, or babysit, etc.
1604185 tn?1297790000 So you don't say specifically where your areas of concern are for your daughter in school. I will tell you that for a sensory kid (again, similar to adhd)------- doing much of what they call "heavy work" outside of school hours helps him maintain himself in school. Simple things around the house like animals walks such as crab walk, bear walk, snake, leap frog are good. Jumping on a mattress pulled on the floor.
Avatar f tn Most of the things you have tried work very well for someone without ADHD. And as you have found out - it doesn't work for kids with ADHD. What it does do is to drive the kids and the parents farther and farther apart. I have tons of information that can help you, but I need to know a few things first to help me help you. Is she on medication? How is she doing at school? Both grade wise and social wise? Does she have either a 504 plan or an IEP?
20044847 tn?1539208632 // for quite a long time has demonstrated this to me many times. But back to your question. The thing is that a child with ADHD does things impulsively (without thinking), and if they are young enough will regret it afterward. As they grow older and more hardened, this begins to change for the worse. So what he is doing is pretty typical. So, yes, if he has had warnings and is thinking about it he can change for the time being.
Avatar n tn It is the major book that I recommend over on the ADHD forum. Hopefully, this will be a good start for you. I always monitor the ADHD forum - so please feel free to post any more questions over there! Best wishes.
Avatar f tn My second child is a four year old boy. I am becoming increasingly concerned for him because of his behavior. Ever since he was born his behavior has always struck me as different. Some of the highlights include: He would cry so much for long periods of time. During car rides he would scream the entire time. I finally found something to console him--a particular Norah Jones song which upon hearing the first note (seriously) he would stop. About six months of age he began head-banging.
15876915 tn?1443650213 // If you have any questions about any of these feel free to repost here or if on the ADHD site. So to sum up. check out the books I mentioned. Stop punishing him at home for what he does in school. Practice instead ways to avoid getting into trouble. Make home a happy place and it will carry over. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn // and I have seen these symptoms many times. Sometimes even in kids in college. And as a person who taught middle school for many, many years - this is also very familiar to me. He has many of the symptoms of ADD. And, I have seen so many kids who are intelligent and have just given up due to their ADD. Doctors, teachers, tend to miss it because of the child's intelligence. For me, the best clue was always frustration...followed by giving up.
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Avatar n tn Another thing is that in August we began taking Strattera for ADHD. He has really adjusted to this well and doing well. We considered the Strattera as a culprit but the pain began before taking it. A few other symptoms that we've seen over the past year off and on that we have passed off as nothing and we've just now started re-thinking them. Headaches, joint pain in the knees and ankles. Numbness and tingling in the feet and legs. Pain between the shoulder blades.
Avatar n tn sorry to interrupt this thread but ihave a question and of course I could not post....ok,,,,monday I called my doc for something for pain (I asked for only enough until i could get into see her) she called me in 20 ultram 1 tablet 4 times a day...on thrusday i went to see her and she is sending me for an MRI to make sure i have not herniated any more discs and she is working on trying to rule out a few other problems...
Avatar n tn Add to that much guilt I have for not spending more time with my parents, and I guess maybe you get some picture of where I am at. I have tried counseling and some other anti-depressants but nothing has helped. So, I feel like effexor is my last hope.
1309735 tn?1275583364 I am hopeful you end up ok but I too have agoraphobia ( I could't go out by myself or in big groups or stand infront of class or even go to class sometimes, failed out of school all on a missed diagnosis ) I recently got xanax adderall ( for adhd add combo as well ) but the xanax really just stops my panic attacks and some of my anxiety . I am what the others were talking about , I feared the meds like paxil effexor ( spelling?