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Avatar f tn If he is only being tested for dyslexia, I can also send some links on adhd - kind of sounds like he could have what is now known as inattentive adhd. This is a good overall link on the dyslexia/adhd connection. At the bottom of this link are some specific things that can be done to help with dyslexia. https://www.kidsinthehouse.
Avatar f tn I would not be above giving a slight shrug and a chuckle, while saying, "Oops! Glad you caught that! I have a touch of dyslexia --" then smile and move on. Dyslexia is socially acceptable in a way that Lyme surely ain't.
Avatar f tn For preschool-aged children, evidence-based behavioral therapy alone is recommended as the first step toward treating ADHD symptoms and associated impairment." So even if meds are not given - the therapy is recommended. They can not just ignore the situation and say come back later on. You can read about it here. If you do want to check out the ADHD aspect - this site has a pretty good list of things to look out for.
Avatar m tn These days there actually are neurological tests that support ADHD diagnoses. Symptoms and careful, loving team work, being an advocate for yourself or your child are what is most important. Nothing can be accomplished by hurting eachother. Of course there are people who are misdiagnosed with adhd when they should not be.
1053987 tn?1279308110 The key to distinguishing between the two is that, to warrant a diagnosis of ADHD, the symptoms must have been present in childhood. The ADHD-like symptoms of BPII begin at any time with the onset of the disorder.
Avatar m tn Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
Avatar m tn I'm going to a neurologist on Tuesday to determine what's wrong with me, but I exhibit many symptoms of epilepsy, yet nothing shows up on an EEG. I already have migraines, but I also have an extremely rare neurological condition called Persistent Aura without Infarction, a member of the Visual Snow entity, which was decided as 'not a migraine complication, but a new disease entity' last year.
Avatar f tn old son who has learning disabilities, specifically with reading and writing (dyslexia). He was diagnosed by a neurologist with ADHD primarily inattentive. He was put on adderal, concerta, and stratera, respectivey. On all of these meds, he experienced anxiety, inability to sleep, nightmares, crying and depression. He was then put on imiprimine, which he was on for approximately 1 1/2 years now.
Avatar n tn html ----------------------------------------------------------------- EEG Neurofeedback, clinically researched technology that offers new hope for individuals suffering from the effects of neurological trauma such as anoxia (oxygen deprivation), clinical depression, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, migraine and cluster headaches, stroke, epilepsy, open and closed head trauma, post concussion syndrome, whiplash, sleep disorders, learning disorders, ADD, ADHD, and dyslexia. http://www.neurowaves.
Avatar n tn Im a single mother with 4 kids,1 who was sexually abused by her step father,1 whos father sexually abused his 1/2 sister and who has been diagnosed with adhd, ptsd, dyslexia, and possible boderline personalit dis, 1 who is 100% disabled with Rett Syndrome,hypotonia, and full sibling to the last three,1 who is 4 full sibling to the last two seems to be perfect,socially better than her 8 year old brother.
Avatar n tn 3) Surgery is not always best I'd be happy to hear from other people with arahnoid cyst that have also symptoms that match with DYSLEXIA. Some of the symptoms I am now having are: Difficulty expressing my thoughts, be it orally or written, it is like I forgot how to be concise. The words I need when talking/writing don't come to mi mind.
Avatar n tn I can be tired after 12 hours sleep! Can I be suffering symptoms from my thallassemia. Does any one else feel the same way that I do? This is a little bit hard for me, but I don't want to complain.
Avatar n tn I would like to get her assessed for that as well as adhd. She was diagnosed with adhd but the Dr now has decided that we are exagerrating and that she just has anxieties.
Avatar f tn Can anyone tell me does Straterra help ODD symptoms of ADHD? My 17 year old special needs daughter has been diagnosed ADHD with ODD for 10yrs, she has the other Dyspraxia, Dyslexia etc extras as well. Recently at a hospital appointment it was decided to put her on Strattera after being on first normal Ritalin then about 7 years ago Concerta, the goal being she eventually, hopefully will be able to just be on Strattera to help her and GOODBYE RITALIN!!!!
Avatar n tn Im 34. A few months ago I got to know I have 2 arachnoid cysts. One is 6cm x 5.5cm. No headaches nor seizures. As my neurological exam was normal my neuro-surgeon was about to discharge me for good, so I told him that I've seen an important deterioration in regards to my language skills (I always had a few mild dyslexia symptoms but now I have many others & they are getting worse with time). My big cyst displaces my broca and Wernicke areas where language are produced.
Avatar n tn Kids with ADHD often have aggression and conduct problems. Kyle's was solved by adding essential fatty acids to his diet. He has used Efalex since May 1999, but there are other good EFA products on the market that can improve behavior. The key seems to get 480 mg DHA per day along with the other Omega-3 fatty acids (specifically long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids). Kyle also needs AA and Efalex is one of the few EFA products that constains AA.
Avatar f tn ) with Lupus, S H Purpura, Raunulds, Severe Chronic Fatigue, a very bad case of Whooping cough (after being vaccinated), Hypo Glycemia and a very fast matabolism, ADHD, Dyslexia, I've suffered injuries to the cartilage in my chest from normal play. I've also always had very dry skin, so much so, in fact, that my mother used to douse me in lotion and put me to bed with gloves and socks on. I don't really think I have Lupus. I don't display the (what I consider) basic symptom of the face rash.
1059647 tn?1255039454 I used to hear the term dyslexia a lot. Not so much anymore. Your ADHD could have easily been the cause of your reading problems. Check out this link from good ole Wikipedia. If your reading skills have gotten better then the ADHD was probably the primary cause and you have learned to adjust. Your major problem is (in my opinion) that your were (and I am sure still are) a intelligent girl.
Avatar n tn Hi, all of your symptoms point to a possible hormonal problem rather than ADHD. The lack of concentration, lack of focus, loss of interest/inability to do the things you used to love, Weight gain, even possible depression.Those are classic symptoms of a Thyroid problem or a Hormonal imbalance.If so, your symtoms are not going to get better on their own and they will probably get worse. You should see your doctor who can run a simple blood test to check those things for you.
Avatar f tn The Lawlis Peavey PNP Center is a clinic founded by Dr Frank Lawlis and Dr Barbara Peavey providing comprehensive integrated assessment and treatment planning for individuals dealing with problems involving neurological issues and related symptoms, including Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD), Mood Disorders, Bipolar Disorder, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, Memory & Attention Disorders as well as other Neurological and Spectrum Disorders.
Avatar m tn prescribed you because it is in french. There isn't a medicine for autism or for dyslexia - as far as I know. I wouldn't take the meds until you have the title translated and figure out what it is for. Concerta is supposed to work well for ADD symptoms.
Avatar n tn Our 8yr old Caucasian son is currently experiencing chronic and debilitating head, stomach, knee and skin pain. He also complains itchy/burning skin/scalp, dizziness and nausea. Symptoms appear to be aggravated with heat and activity. He constantly complaints of not feeling good, has general malaise, fatigue and stays in bed most days. In the past he has had: • [2008-current] Chronic head pain • [2010-current] ADD, dyslexia and dysgraphia.
Avatar n tn There's no way I can assert that he displays sensory integration disorder, but he definitely displays some symptoms that increase the likelihood of this. Given his difficulties, it would be very sensible to have him evaluated.
Avatar f tn Her schooling, however, became more and more difficult for her and she was finally diagnosed with Dyslexia in the third or fourth grade. She developed anxiety as she got older and found it difficult to go to school because of it. She is now 14 and is anxious all the time. She is now home schooled and has been "cutting" (self-injury) to relieve the anxiety she feels. She was put on Paxil last week, which hasn't begun to work yet. Dr.
Avatar f tn 2yrs epilepst, 5 ADHD Dyslexia, learning disabled. I am under re-evaluation of diaagnosis as well :MS Adrenoleukodystrophy and noticed so many symptoms aare the same as Asperger's as well as his previous diagnoses. have you ever heard of an Asperger dx actually turning out to be ADL? My brother as well was dx Asperger's and he is also under going testing for CnS/Neuro diseease.
Avatar f tn Hello dusty. I have ADD or ADHD, Dyslexia, and Cerebellar-Vistibular Dysfunction. A mental condition that's in remission for months so far. Doctors have suggested CFS a few times. I had bad cortisol level test when a teen and a hair analysis showed adrenal problems. I'm still wondering about my thyroid. Here are my symptoms:
Avatar n tn Several previous studies indicated that some physical symptoms reported in ADHD are similar to symptoms observed in essential fatty acid (EFA) deficiency in animals and humans deprived of EFAs. We reported previously that a subgroup of ADHD subjects reporting many symptoms indicative of EFA deficiency (L-ADHD) had significantly lower proportions of plasma arachidonic acid and docosahexaenoic acid than did ADHD subjects with few such symptoms or control subjects.
Avatar f tn org/forums/Child-Behavior/show/64 Now since you have posted to an ADHD forum, if you would like any information on what the symptoms are for ADHD (or Sensory Processing Disorder which also can make kids very active), please let me know. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn I'm going to a neurologist on Tuesday to determine what's wrong with me, but I exhibit many symptoms of epilepsy, yet nothing shows up on an EEG. I already have migraines, but I also have an extremely rare neurological condition called Persistent Aura without Infarction, a member of the Visual Snow entity, which was decided as 'not a migraine complication, but a new disease entity' last year.