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Avatar n tn I have had conferences with the teachers and they keep bringing up ADD and ADHD. I took him to the doctor when he was 5 to have him checked and was told that if i dont think he has it then he probably doesn't and he didnt exhibit symptoms when he was at the office. When he is at home he will color, read, and do puzzles for long periods of time and not exhibit any add or adhd behaviors.
Avatar n tn 2 out of 3 of my children have been being treated for adhd for 2 years now. my 3rd child has been showing signs of adhd more so then my other children at the time their signs started to appear. he sees the same dr so he knows the history and the troubles of my other children. after knowledge of adhd being hereditary in many cases, my problem has been diagnosing and starting medication. after many packets and pages of questionnaires, he scores well above the qualifying standards.
Avatar f tn But when inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsive behavior are the norm for a child, it may be a sign of ADHD. ADHD can lead to problems at home and at school, with family, teachers, and peers, so it’s important to identify the symptoms and get help.
Avatar f tn hi paulMD my son hasnt been diagnosed yet with adhd but thats what i need help in hes had problems with his behavour from the agae of 3 ive been to my gp and to my sons school about his behavour as hes seeming to get worse and worse as each week goes by my gp told me that i would have to see his school teachers so that they can refer him to an educational phschologist which they did but for some reason they are putting my sons behaviour down to him wanting attention but my son gets more than eno
Avatar n tn i have a 4yr old she was diagnosed with adhd and she has been taking adderol for almost a yr now and it hasnot work sence the begining. now her doctor want to go from 1/2 pill in am and 1/2 pill in pm to 1 whole pill in am and 2 pills in pm. i refuse because she sees things that arent there when she was taking 1whole ill before. now im scared to give her more because we had so much trouble in the begining. and i dont know wht to do.
Avatar f tn How frustrating for you to have to find that out after the fact. In support of ADHD, however, these medications for children with ADHD without seizure disorders are a Godsend if diet changes and behavior modifications do not help. The right medication has to be found for each individual child just like other disorders. ADHD is neural disorder just as seizure disorders. Both affect the brain but in different ways.
Avatar f tn does anyone have a child with these symptoms? I looked into ADHD and it could be that but he is well behaved at school even though he hates it so I am not sure it is the right condition...I prefer to look into it before going to the doctor again because my son would have to come and he would hear all the things being said which I am not sure would help at this point.
Avatar n tn I feel bad yelling at her for having all the energy, but it makes me crazy. I don't know if she has ADHD, because she can sit and play with her sister for hours, barbies and polly pockets. She has a really good imagination and can spend hours doing art or playing outside, her attention span is good, but she is easily distracted when doing other things, like homework. She talks and is in constant motion. Any ideas about what I can do to stay sane?
Avatar m tn And when you add that to the startling lack of discipline doled out by insecure parents who just want to be “friends” with their children, teachers don’t look quite so bad for wanting to take the easy route. Most of the problems of these boisterous and aggressive children (usually boys) can be solved by dietary modifications.
Avatar f tn He always goes up to the 5th grade teacher and asks her to explain to him what she said he was supposed to do. He just doesn't seem to understand directions. She said he stares off in space and she thinks this is why he misses directions. I think he misses the directions because he can't seem to understand what she is saying. We did have him checked for an Auditory Processing Disorder and this came back negative.
5856747 tn?1403352282 It was once thought to be three times commoner in boys than in girls though not all studies support that figure. About 50% of ADHD children will carry the condition into adulthood. For the rest their behaviour will modify as they grow into adulthood. Controversy: In the recent past and even today ADHA struggles to be accepted as a “disorder” as distinct form behaviour or “boldness”.
Avatar n tn I have had conferences with the teachers and they keep bringing up ADD and ADHD. I took him to the doctor when he was 5 to have him checked and was told that if i dont think he has it then he probably doesn't and he didnt exhibit symptoms when he was at the office. When he is at home he will color, read, and do puzzles for long periods of time and not exhibit any add or adhd behaviors.
327385 tn?1378364331 Sounds like your talking about my daughter, and she has ADHD. They started her off on Adderal XR, but she is now on Vyvance (sp). She did and does all the things you have listed, including the stealing and not knowing why. Your best bet is to try and find a peds doctor that specializes in ADD/ADHD. If she is found to have ADHD, so of the things she does might not go away, like the stealing.
Avatar m tn I am a 19 year old who has had a long list of odd symptoms for as long as I can remember. I have never really thought about ADD/ADHD however as I didn't realize some of the issues were associated with the disorder. I would like to get peoples thoughts as to whether or not this list of symptoms seems to fit the bill for ADHD, or if perhaps it is something else. I clearly plan to see a doctor soon but would still like to gather as much information and ideas as possible.
Avatar m tn I did some scrrening test online for adult ADHD and they returned very likely.I will talk to my psychiatrist about this thursday.When i was younger many teachers would write on my test inatentive,i was doing everything to fast at math and always did mistakes on simple calculations.I always had trouble wrting essays,my mind would not work and cause distress,and also when had to read a book.
Avatar n tn has anybody tried omega 3 fish oil supplements for adhd treatment? I just read about it online and was wondering if anyones tried daughter currently takes dexadrine but it just has too many side effects..she's 5 and can now fit back into her size 3 pants and they are too big. She used to wear a size 5. she's losing weight so we've requested numerous blood tests to be done..just looking for something else to try in the meantime..
Avatar f tn //, these things do sound familiar. Here are two links that will help you with more information about ADD. Feel free to ask on this site or the other one is you have any more questions. Oh, does any one else in the family have this problem? The links are: Hope this helps. Best wishes.
Avatar f tn hard to understand - He was prescribed Aderal from the psychiatrist and Focalin from his regular pediatric, however I refuse to fill the scripts - I am not satisified with this dx - Now this past summer was wonderful - all behavior symptoms were gone - except for the ithchy tags and tip toes but now he has started humming, grinding his teeth and siffling - about 2 wks ago the humming, grinding and sniffling has subsided, but he is now having some type of facial tic - facial tics that are so not
Avatar n tn A diagnosis for adult ADD/ADHD must show that the symptoms started in childhood. For various reason many people with ADD/ADHD reach adulthood without an ADD diagnosis. I was diagnosed after two of my children were. I was in college as a psychology major at the time and did most of my research papers on it because I was worried about what that meant for them. Most research and information seems to be geared toward children but it is being recognized more and more in adults.
Avatar f tn It can be with something like autism or adhd or alone (my son has it only) and it can look like adhd and is often confused for it. Treated differently --------- so it is important to get an accurate diagnosis. Again, an occupational therapist evaluates for this and does the treatment. It involves things that directly work on the nervous system as well as behavioral techniques and coping skills. A kid with sensory needs help usually with all of these.
Avatar f tn And ADD or inattentive adhd is very easy to miss by doctors, teachers etc. So point being, someone in your family could have adhd or add and unless you really know what to look for - you wouldn't know it. Point being, my brother-in-law has adhd. I probably knew him for 20 years before I realized he had it. And, I think that he got it from his father (also my wife's father) who was a brillant Cal Tech scientist. And nobody would have ever thought his dad had adhd.
Avatar m tn It certainly is worth your time to check out SIDS. You also asked about ADHD and here is a pretty good site (with symptoms) for that. Both this site and the one mentioned by specialmom have lists that can be printed out. Perhaps if you fiance looked at these it would be helpful? I should also add that a least part of what he is doing is kind of normal for 5 year old boys.
Avatar m tn These days there actually are neurological tests that support ADHD diagnoses. Symptoms and careful, loving team work, being an advocate for yourself or your child are what is most important. Nothing can be accomplished by hurting eachother. Of course there are people who are misdiagnosed with adhd when they should not be.
1453183 tn?1287852619 Beside the book I mentioned, a very detailed book is, Sandra Rief’s "How to Reach and Teach Children with ADD/ADHD". It will give you a ton of ideas for working with your son. It is a big book and covers a lot of very specific areas. If you are going to keep home schooling it will definitely help you. However, being realistic - you are avoiding the problem. Sooner or later he is probably going to have to re-inter the public schools.
Avatar m tn One final note, I see that you are asking for some clinical data on using DMX at low doses for add/adhd. One of the reasons why that information is not readily available is because the data was not sufficient to warrent using it for such. There are numerous drug trials that go on in this country in which the end result is not favorable to the drug. I think the tricky part with DMX is that fine line of dosing and its addictive nature.
Avatar f tn Yes it is possible to Misdiagnose ADHD and the person really has Seizures. And the drugs they use for ADHD and ADD can cause Seizures among other things. I am not a Doctor but my son has Seizures and he was on two Different Drugs ADDERALL and Then we tried Concerta until I found out he was Having Seizures,and one of the Doctors said to me that it could be from the drugs . I took my son off of the Concerta .And my son will never take those drugs again. And my son still has Seizures every day.
Avatar f tn But most Doctors won't check for other things,and Teachers also won't think of it being anything but ADHD or ADD and sometimes both and they may even add in Bipolar.Instead of cheking evrything out. And what I mean by that is that they won't run blood test to see if there is a reson why things are going off. Like Checking there thyroid levles and Sugar levels and other blood levels that can give them more info on whats going on.
5084598 tn?1363364541 Well, ADHD is for life. It doesn't go away, you just learn how to cope with it. So my first question is what kind of a doc is your new doctor and how did he evaluate her? Current clinical practices require that the symptoms be present for 6 or more months and that they occur in two different places. In other words, the doctor can not just examine someone once in their office and make a decision. Hopefully, you did more for your daughter then just take her off the meds.
Avatar m tn Hi, for a long time I have felt like I had ADHD. I asked my mom to get checked, but she doubts I have it and says I am a teenager. Though I feel like my case is too extreme to just be a teacher. I do sit still in class. I shake a lot. I always tap on the desk playing imaginary piano. My attention span is very short. I always pay attention for five minutes then I zone out for a while. All my teachers recognizes my inability to focus in class. I cannot read at all.