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Avatar f tn If my Dr had me in ADHD med and my OCD was getting worse over time I would asking question as to why I was on ADHD med only.
665851 tn?1225826009 I do not know if the OCD symptoms will go away. OCD is aggravated by stress. I advise you to make allowances to help her relax over the next few weeks. Maybe she should take a break from study and school for a little while. It may sound unconventional, but it is a small price to pay if it helps prevent the development of OCD. You could take her back to the doctor.
1551327 tn?1514045867 No real symptoms.
1210184 tn?1266001839 From what I can tell you just as a mental health consumer, ocd may be connected to ADHD but schizophrenia is not. Sometimes though people who have ocd can have obsessions about acquiring certain disabilities or conditions, schizophrenia among them. You might want to post in the ocd forum as well.
Avatar f tn the link is worth it because its really the anxiety that is bothering you. the link talks about treatment strategies that can help. And ya, the ADHD will really magnify the OCD because you will hyper focus.
217599 tn?1202850952 Someone with autism may show characteristics of OCD but may not have OCD. ADHD is another similar condition often confused with autism, but meds used to treat ADHD may not be useful for the autistic, (Ritalin comes to mind) even though at a glance someone would think they were the same thing. Ritalin is a stimulant, aka upper. Ritalin for the ADHD person in theory calms the person down.
Avatar m tn Sure sounds like a lot of the symptoms for ADHD or ADD. And people with ADHD/ADD can have both ocd and depression (many times caused by the effects of ADHD/ADD). Just found a great site that will give you a ton of helpful information. Go to - If you want even more information including ways to deal with ADHD. I would suggest buying the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.
1511164 tn?1301580782 Among patients whose symptoms are severe enough to warrant referral to clinics, obsessive–compulsive disorder (OCD) and attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) are often associated with Tourette's.[22] Not all persons with Tourette's have ADHD or OCD or other comorbid conditions (co-occurring diagnoses other than Tourette's), although in clinical populations, a high percentage of patients presenting for care do have ADHD.
Avatar n tn When my son was diagnosed with severe OCD at 11 yrs, the Psychiatrist said they were not ruling out ADHD but needed to get his OCD under control before they could look further into ADHD, unfortunately my son has not improved with his OCD and therefore no tests has been done as to whether he has ADHD. This discussion is related to <a href=''>ADHD diagnosis but lacking some symptons</a>.
Avatar n tn m sure they can refer you to a neurobehavior psychologist for the appropriate testing. It is not unheard of to have OCD and ADHD/ADD if that helps.
1551327 tn?1514045867 No symptoms of OCD, just some insecurities and lack of patience...but it is getting better.
Avatar n tn Niether OCD or ADHD would account for the behavior. His symptoms indicate serious emotional disturbance and he should be re-evaluated asap. If you have health insurance for him, contact the company and you will receive guidance about where to take him for an evaluation.
Avatar m tn Ever since I was a little kid i've been told I was ADHD, because of nervous habits and general weirdness. I was on ridalin, some other stuff; nothing really worked for me. I didn't finish high school, and I still have general weirdness about me and my life. The more I learn though, I think I have OCD. The nervous habits seem typical OCD behavior but not a real tell, having to move around and drumming fingers or whatever.
Avatar f tn My son has been Diagnosed with ADHD and OCD. He has been on ADHD medication since he was 4 and now newly diagnosed with OCD. They think the Vyvanse is making the OCD sympotms worse. I can see this since we placed him on Zoloft for the OCD things have improved somewhat. I feel so bad for him becuase our personalities are so different. I am very melow and laid back but also Type A. He is constantly getting into trouble over little things at school almost daily.
Avatar f tn However, if this is the only problem he is having - than it may be more the result of OCD. While maturation does help, learning to deal with OCD (and ADHD for that matter) will really help him as he grows up. So it really depends on how serious or widespread the problem is. Extreme competitiveness can be a serious handicap as your son ages. In the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley has a good section on page 66 and 67 on OCD and ADHD that you would find helpful.
574118 tn?1305135284 I posted a question in the ADHD forum asking whether an ADHD can become manic, so perhaps my previous OCD was transformed into ADHD and not BP. Seemingly ADHD and BP are interwinned. Because if ADHD CAN turn manic so why not many diagnosed BP are not so and are rather ADHD. I remember once my pdoc said psychic illness come in a group of diseases. Apparently nobody knows. I'm really fed up. Here in the middle of nowhere where i live i even doubt pdocs heard of the term ADHD.
6726276 tn?1421126668 I have had the symptoms of many diagnosis, wait around long enough, I'm sure to demonstrate them all again. My ADHD aspects seem to fluctuate with my OCD aspects. It's like my OCD becomes so exhausting, I'm ADHD. If I push long enough, my BPD kicks in, one more straw on this is old camel, I'm full blown psychotic. Only had a psychotic break once, but I believe that was the peak of mania, then my clinical depression set in, and ultimately was catatonic.
Avatar n tn I'm hoping someone here can help, perhaps a Ph.D. or someone with knowledge/experience of medicines-- I have been diagnosed ADHD since I was a little kid (early grade school) and diagnosed with social anxiety at 17yrs old (towards the end of high school). I've been on and off multiple medicines for both (I've been on 5-10 different drugs; see my personal feedback below on some of the meds if you are interested in that information). I also very much think I have OCD.
Avatar f tn the dr wants to place him on zoloft to treat the ocd. will this help with the adhd in school?? He is very smart and ahead of his class but cannot wait his turn and blurts, etc. Very active and constantly moving. We were also told he may have asbergers?? He loves video games and tv but does not play with toys. He is very loving and tender not a discipline issue at home, church or school. Please help!!! Do we medicate for the ocd? Do we medicate for adhd and ocd?? Which first???
Avatar n tn I was diagnosed with ADHD doctor still thinks I have anxiety and OCD .. anyways I recently went to go see a movie where someone was drugged then I started thinking about mind was racing. I kept thinking of different times it could of happened and I wouldnt know.. I am not sleeping because of this.. my heart races and Im becoming physically sick now. Im currently taking zoloft/abilify and adderall.. I dont know if I should generally be worried about this or its just my anxiety.
Avatar f tn My son has Asperger (mild), but we were told that in the future he may need an antidepressant for his anxiety. And that giving him a stmulant ADHD would not be a good idea. I would suggest you give it a try with another antidepressant. You may want a 2nd opnion to choose the antidepressant.
Avatar n tn Quick background: I have ADHD and 3 children with ADHD. I have had TONS of experience with ADHD. The three children all have very different "manifestations" of ADHD symptoms. I have read, and researched, I have controlled their diets (no aritificials, etc.), and we seemed to have settled on the appropriate medications for each child, with occasional adjustments in dose. Until late last year.