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Avatar m tn By the way, I have seen several studies that show that sleep apnea can produce ADHD like symptoms. In fact, there have been several posters on here that have had sleep apnea, been treated and their daytime behaviors definitely changed. Has anybody ever commented about you snoring or breathing loud at night? "Regardless of type, an individual with sleep apnea is rarely aware of having difficulty breathing, even upon awakening.
1453183 tn?1287852619 Also, a study published in Neuropsychopharmacology at the Finch University of Health Sciences/Chicago Medical School found that adolescent rats given repeated doses of Ritalin, proportionate to doses for children, are more likely to self-administer cocaine as adults.
Avatar f tn She did a complete exam with all kinds of blood work to rule out all kinds of food related allergies and such that could cause this behaviour. In the end, he has adhd, odd, and bipolar disorder which all run in the families. The hopes are that being caught at this age perhaps some of the curcuitry in his transmitters in his brain could be rewired and he may not need to be on meds the rest of his life. Life here is easier and he is doing better in school.
Avatar m tn Richard Saul March 14, 2014 Over the course of my career, I have found more than 20 conditions that can lead to symptoms of ADHD, each of which requires its own approach to treatment. Raising a generation of children—and now adults—who can't live without stimulants is no solution.
1460021 tn?1445739558 I don't want to access the disability type service to help me with my assignments because i heard that they note it in my file and it would make it harder for me to get into University or do further i have all the know how to do it in my head pretty much...but its just hard to get it out. I don't feel like a failure because of the painkiller addiction...that's what got me onto this path of wanting to help others so i don't regret it....
193137 tn?1367883663 The study found that students with ADHD who were on medication made gains in math that equated to about one-fifth of a school year, as well as gains in reading that were equivalent to the progress typically made in one-third of a school year. Reading improvements were noted in students who had been medicated for at least two rounds of the survey.
865817 tn?1255285681 I understand what why people would say the things about the meds they put kids on and I felt the same way. ADHD and ADD runs in my family and I know what Ritalin did to my brother and I didn’t want that to happen to my son. After almost a year of getting kicked out of every daycare imaginable I was facing having to get out of the Army which I could not afford at the time. Once they put him the meds it was like a miracle. Also, ask your doctor to place her on a time release pill.
Avatar f tn I am currently trying to fight for my child in regards to the behavior color chart system. Her behavior this year has been exceptional but it's also only the first week of school. It probably sounds like I have no reason to be concerned based on that statement. I promise it wasn't like this when she was in kindergarten. It was a very traumatizing experience for not only my child but our whole family.
Avatar n tn This is the first Web site I've found where there are people with the same symptoms that I have. I am a 32 year old male who lives in Seattle, WA. I have Thalassemia minor and suffer mainly from ongoing fatigue. I am ALWAYS tired, no matter how well I eat or what vitamins I take. Doctors tell me that I'm fine and "just need to avoid Iron and do some aerobic exercise." I would exercise if I had the energy to. It's comforting to see postings from people all over the world.
Avatar n tn Tics uaually start with coughing or throat clearing noises and progress throughout life with no two Touretters having identical symptoms or tics, however most people with Tourettes do not really like to be in a room with another person as they tend to both develop each others tics. I started with mouth grimaces, eye twitches, head throwing and throughout the last 33 years have managed to develop a good level of control.
Avatar m tn Hello, I am currently 25 years old and attending a University in Texas with hopes to enter med school in a few years. I have had ADD my whole life however I was never treated as a child due to the reluctance of my parents. Although I am currently a 'deans list' student I am encumbered by ADD symptoms which are severely affecting my ability to pay attention, comprehend, memorize, recall and speak fluently about subjects I am knowledgeable in.
Avatar f tn Ramesh Raghavan, a child mental-health services researcher at Washington University in St. Louis and an expert in prescription drug use among low-income children. “We are effectively forcing local community psychiatrists to use the only tool at their disposal, which is psychotropic medications.” Dr. Nancy Rappaport, a child psychiatrist in Cambridge, Mass., who works primarily with lower-income children and their schools, added: “We are seeing this more and more.
Avatar n tn Hi, I was diagnosed with bipolar in highschool and was also diagnosed with ADHD in elementary school. But when I try to look at my symptoms they don't seem to match. I go through a lot of cycles from normal to depression but I never notice myself in a Mania stage. I get talkative and can't sit still but don't show the classic symptoms of bipolar. But the problem is, between my ADHD and bipolar, I am beginning to have troubles in school.
Avatar n tn Maybe he simply cannot stand the constant barage of input into his nervous system from all of those kids. We moved Kyle from his first school (20 students in kindergarten) to a private Christian school that only takes ADHD kids. There are only 5 in his class and he is doing much better - fewer distractions. I am not trying to indicate that your child is ADHD, just that a setting with a large number of kids may not be what he needs right now.
Avatar n tn Rather, I believe my struggle with career choices to be the culmination of the same symptoms that have plagued me in sever facets of my life thus far, but this seems to be the most tangible issue for me. I am a 21 year old male. At an early age (5-10) my parents were told by school doctors/specialists that I demonstrated typical ADHD symptoms. Throughout school, I was disruptive, inattentive, and generally off-task nearly all the time.
598237 tn?1225647072 I do think parenting comes in to it - or lack of it in some cases. i work full time in the national health service, have a child without ADHD and i am pretty sure than i do not need to resort to medication in able to get the best out of my son. Maybe you need to look your teaching skills if you feel children with ADHD are a constant disruption - i feel they are fun to be around - and you can learn alot from them.
Avatar f tn my grandson was miss diagnoised with adhd than it was maybe autism now its detachment disorder yes he has something going on yes he has been labled I have been struggling to know what to do in his school situation he is in a special class 5 students 6 teachers he is 6 yrs old and the age of the other kids vary fom 6 to 16 they use time out room as big as a walk in closet for disipline sometimes with door locked for way over 30 minutes at a time by himself.
Avatar m tn it may have been another episode of BPD, further episodes to the ones she had had prior to her pregnancy in 1943-4. Her symptoms after birth, in 1944, may have been similar in some ways to those that occurred with her BPD earlier in her life. The book The Bipolar Child by D & J. Papolos(Random House, NY, 2000) brings out the extent of the current mania of interest in BPD in children. 2.7.
Avatar m tn ) As at your age, ADD/ADHD have been hot diagnosis and teachers look for it in elementary schools! Now ADD is harder to spot but most kids with ADD have struggles that are quite prevalent throughout there life. It wouldn't just start in college for example. So, if this isn't something you've felt for as long as you remember, I'd say it is more related to depression. And boredom. Frankly, endless reading with pressure to do well on the outcome is hard. Anyway, I'm here to help if I can.
Avatar n tn I would venture to say that you are no longer taking Adderall to control the symptoms of your ADHD, but in fact your using it like people use COFFEE!!!! You also made reference in your posting that you will take an extra dose of Adderall if you are coming off a long night of drinking or have a paper due, cigarettes and so on. LISTEN TO ME NOW GENUINE203; BASED ON YOUR COMMENTS YOU CLEARLY HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO UNDERSTANDING OF THAT WHICH YOU ARE INVOLVED.
Avatar f tn And don't say its my enviroments fault either, i was breast fed, almost never in daycare, went to the best school in my city for grade school, and the 24th best school in the country for high school (which i failed out of once because my ADHD killed me, and i didn't have it in check. So i went to a place that specializes in ADHD got a psychologist, learned how to meditate (by the way i HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND THAT FOR EVERYONE!
Avatar m tn The psych today said that he felt it couldnt be aspergers as he is social in school(my brother has aspergers and I can see a lot of the traits in my son). I think it is aspergers along with adhd. Any advice????????????????
Avatar f tn SO - your son has a MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS (in my state, the ADHD ALONE is enough for a 504 Plan!). His ADHD and Tourette's Syndrome qualify him for accommodations. Since he is NOT below grade level, you may not be able to get an IEP - unless you can get it in with the Tourette's diagnosis as you stated above. If you have an outside medical evaluation, that should be all you need to get the 504 or IEP written.
Avatar f tn I was first diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in 7th grade.... My doctors started me out on Ritalin (SP?) the drug worked wonders for my attention and drive, literally wonders. But after about a month or two the side affects were just way to harsh...lost all motivation to eat, lost the ability to get an erection, developed insomnia...
Avatar f tn My older son only has antibodies, but he has a few symptoms, cold, hair was falling out and he get tired some. He has lost some weight in the last few months, my younger son keeps gaining. They won't treat my older son because his levels are normal. Younger son take 100 levothyroxine a day. They want to add t3 next week to see if this will help him.
Avatar f tn He has been suspended from the bus now for 3 days and has been in in-school suspension about 10 days so far this year, and in the past 2 weeks he has been suspended for 1 day each on 2 different occasions. It seems everything that I read says that he will behave better at school and the drs office, but will be more apt to have outbursts and tantrums at home.
Avatar n tn But, many of us have found it to HELP us with the addiction problems and personal issues that ADHD had caused in our lives. I am proof of that. Not treating ADHD is not a very good option. Find another doctor. Talk to a therapist. Get help. You don't have to stay in pain. And for those out there looking to get help with ADD/ ADHD, know the risks, follow the direction of your doctor, and then make up your mind. My life is 1,000x better after taking adderral.
Avatar m tn I agree with both of you. I have seen some horrible teachers out there(some when i was in school) that wouldn't give their students the time of day. For example, one of my teachers actually kept after school office hours to "help" students who were having trouble in his class.
Avatar f tn making a lego model, but may be unable to pay attention to what they should do in class. ADHD can have some similar charteristics to that so that the child may find it difficult to pay attention and concentrate and may also find it difficult to sit still. Sometimes it just takes time for everyone to see and agree what the difficulties are. I presume all these concerns were brought up for a reason. My son can also over react emotionally to some things, but can cope at other times.