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Avatar f tn What really needs to be adjusted is Dad. He needs to understand what ADHD is and how to work with ADHD kids. Hollering at her is like hollering at the moon, it ain't gonna make a bit of difference. And -- it's gonna get worse not better. He needs to get an understanding of what is going on and how to deal with it.
Avatar f tn Many adults with ADHD are able to take medications only when they think it is necessary (before a report is due, or a important business meeting), and so they are able to deal with their ADHD. Information about ADHD and how it effects you is the key to dealing with it. The more you know the better your chances are to deal with it. A very helpful book overall is "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.
Avatar n tn Dear Karry, It is unusual both to diagnose ADHD in such a young child and to treat with medication. However, there are relatively rare instances when this does occur. One such instance is when the child's level of hyperactivity is so severe that injuries can happen. Since the situation is unusual, it might be wise to seek a second opinion. If medication is recommended, Dexedrine is often preferred over Ritalin in very young (i.e., pre-school) children.
Avatar f tn hi there i have a 9 yrs old son who suffers from adhd and i know how it feels to coupe with adhd is very hard but the worst is the other parents who they doesnt even know what it is and you see them look at you and to your child and talk in to ears :( but know thx god my son has came out of it but he still have add...
4194487 tn?1370049744 Yes it is genetic, my husband has adhd n as far as i know he has 2 brothers with it too, but i have 3 kids n another in the way n my 3 do not have it.
1108951 tn?1258622290 he also may have a autism spectrum what im askin there any body else wo has achild this age with adhd or a autism spectrum disorder and what are doing and what kind of help are u so lost thisis so much to take inat one time dont know nothing much about either or what todo.any advice please feel free.
Avatar f tn iim trying to figure out what other medicines out there for my son he is 4 years old and he has ADHD really bad... he is already one medicine for it and i think his body is getting use to it and its not helping him anymore.. what other medicines out there...
Avatar n tn I have a child with adhd with anxiety, and a sleeping problem. He has been doing well. on strattera, and trazadone. he is growing. but now he is getting again "kicked out of daycare". he is killing me. Iove my son to death, but I don't know what else to do. It seems he does this on purpose to get to be picked up by mommy to be be brought home. I have read, listen and watched everything out there. The one that works the best is Magic 1-2-3... but he is good at home....
Avatar f tn I agree. I don't think the adhd is not the issue and it is true that many kids with adhd have some social skills problems and find younger kids easier to deal with. However, that is a huge age difference. What exactly does a 14 year old still "play" that would interest a 7 year old. We had an 11 year old that lived close to us that jumped on the trampoline with my young boys (then age 4/5 and 5/6). But I wouldn't let them go off and play by themselves.
Avatar f tn So essentially I think the answer is your child may or may not get ADHD. The good news is that you know that you have it. So you can watch for the signs and be ready to help your child if necessary. There is so much that can be done for a child now (even without meds), that the future is much brighter for kids.
706214 tn?1244526649 my boy was born at 28 weeks he is 7 now but the doc said he may have adhd what is that people say its children that cant be look after but i look after my
Avatar f tn The ADHD meds are widely abused around this area. I would be real leary of them.
Avatar f tn It's pretty good and will help answer your question.. It's about very bright children. It is now thought that Thomas Edison was ADHD. Or at least that he would have been diagnosed with that today. His mom had to pull him out of school and homeschool him. His teachers gave up on him but his mother saw something many others didn't. Like I said, it's a pretty good book. I think you would get a lot out of it. Hope this helps a little! Best wishes!
Avatar f tn You also might look into what counseling they have. It is also possible that you qualify for special consideration during tests, etc. due to your ADD. So there is a variety of ways to go. Also there are some very cool technologies out there that might liven up your studying. The pen that actually transcribes your writing as you write into a memory stick which can be downloaded to a computer - which could then orally repeat all back to you is just one example.
Avatar n tn Probably the main thing to consider is whether he is correctly placed within the school system. If he displays ADHD alone, and this condition is treated successfully, there is no question he should be able to function successfully. Your brief descrition invites questions about whether he displays some co-morbid condition alongside the ADHD and whether the ADHD itself is successfully treated.
Avatar m tn Has the school contacted you that he is saying this? Is he happy at home why do you think he is saying these things about his Dad,is his Dad involved playing games and sports, and guy stuff with him, Could you enlarge on the dynamics at home.
Avatar m tn For a three year old, that is often learned behavior. Who does she hear cussing? Whoever that is needs an earful of why it is inappropriate in a house with young, impressionable kids. Hitting-------- I recommend a book that you can pick up at the library or book store called "Hands are not for Hitting". You need to work with her to help her find other ways to express anger and frustration. You need to model the kind of behavior you want to see.
Avatar f tn I also want to stress what specialmom said about punishment. It is different for a child with SI or ADHD. In many ways you are not so much punishing as modifying their behavior. If you look at it that way and realize that to change one's behavior (which has been shaped over time), it takes time and consistency to do so - you will have much greater success. Of course, you do need the techniques to do so, and the book I recommended will help tremendously.
Avatar n tn It would help to know how old your child is. But essentially if you put into writing a request for an evaluation for special education services to your school principal (in the book, "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley. p 82) They must respond to your request. If you include the teachers and pediatrician's input it would be very hard to deny the request. They must respond (in California) within 15 calendar days.
Avatar f tn The fact he goes non stop would be a sign of ADHD (and also a crack baby). The fact that he is very smart would also indicate that he has learned how to manipulate you. Don't spank him. It won't work and only teaches him to hit other people when he is mad. Do obtain a copy of Lynn Clarks' book SOS: Help for Parents. I think it will help. Check the child behavior forum, there are a lot of parents having troubles with their 4/5 year olds and the advice given to them will also help you.
Avatar n tn I respectfully disagree with allmymarbles. Your son is not one of her children. To try and draw parallels is not good science. Furthermore, her kids went through school a while ago and the whole ADHD treatment is much better than it was then. The fact she talks about teachers wanting to drug the kids just to keep them happy show a horrible bias to the whole idea of medication to help a child.
Avatar f tn These types of activies help soothe an over active nervous system whether it is due to adhd, sensory or he is just like that. Also, talk about other things he can do rather than throwing the cup. Just keep communication going with him and try to be a good role model.
Avatar n tn If all you are doing is saying the letter and having her repeat it. I'm not surprised. the old saying for teaching spelling was see it, say it, touch it or write it. gotta involve all the senses. You should be using one of the brightly colored books, that have letters and pictures, etc. Can she recognize a letter if you ask her? that's a real important step - and if she can't it means you haven't been doing what I said above. by the way, just repeating the abc's isn't important.
Avatar n tn has gone out of town an they cant see my grandson till the 31 of this month and he has already been out of his meds. a month now and he is just climbing the walls, what I want to know is, is there any otc. medication that he could take that will help calm him down until his dr. gets him in to her. her.
Avatar n tn I suggest only using it if you have fallen behind at work, or school or whatever it is you do. Use it only when you really feel as though you could use an extra boost of focus. That’s all that is really necessary. Some people take it every day and that really is not healthy. Using it every day can lead to: Concerta addiction and withdrawal. However, if you’re careful with how you use the medication you should have no problem what-so-ever.
Avatar n tn Sam. You're thinking something, what is it? There's some theory that you have that you haven't expressed. Is it that you think he's still doing this both at school and at home, and the teacher is telling you otherwise to make you feel bad? I'm not trying to be insulting, I'm really trying to just understand what your theory is about why this is happening. If you don't think he's being medicated, what do you think? Best wishes.
Avatar n tn Anxiety is a very common co-disorder of ADHD. It is possible that a low dose of an extended stim med like Vyansse or Adderall XR would help you not only with your studies but reduce your anxiety enough that you could get off the zoloft. Frankly, I would make an appointment with your Doc. By law, the doc cannot share any info with your parents. Tell the doc what is going on.
Avatar f tn So hard to believe that you are getting the run around. What are the docs afraid off? I don't really know how the British system works. What I do know is that the more information you can get the more you can help him. Yes, its very important for the schools to understand him and his needs, but if you can't communicate it to them - who is going to. I suggest you buy (Amazon carries it) "The ADD/ ADHD Answer book," by Susan Ashley.