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Avatar f tn I think that it will ease your feeling of unease. It is really important to understand what ADHD had done/is doing to you. As Fjbebo suggests, it is something that can be overcome - but to do that, you gotta understand it. So check out this link - and please post if you have any questions. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn I would agree that this sounds more like Tourette's Syndrome than ADHD. A good doctor should be able to help, and if he/she doesn't help, be persistent and find someone who can! In addition to medication, mediTAtion can possibly help with the panic response you are having to the tics. Massage, even self massage, and hot baths may give you a little relief from the muscular tension.
Avatar n tn I'm wondering if my daughter is really ADHD or what???? She's 5 and been "diagnosed" and now takes dexadrine 5mg twice a day. somedays she is great. yesterday we had a 2 hour bus ride and an hour in a waiting room and she was awesome.. no problems at all..wouldn't adhd kids be wound up--this was with no medicine in her.. She's quite mellow--she only has a tantrum every now and then, with or without medication..
Avatar f tn Hello, this is just my opinion and only that. Your son is very young for kindergarten. He must be one of the youngest in the class. Most kids are 5 before the enter kindergarten with the majority turning 6 during the school year. This can make a big difference in maturity level and developmental abilities. He may just not be ready for the enviroment yet. This is a real possibility with your son.
Avatar f tn My son has ADD or ADHD. I have seen it both ways in his chart. I have tried to figure out which he has..but the docotor who diagnosed no longer within reach...I have tried to read about it...there's alot of info. My son is hyper--but I feel that his level of hyperness is normal for his age. Can anyone break this difference down for me and tips for each would be welcome.
Avatar f tn He is very hard to control and deal with and I see the stress and havoc it causes.So I wonder if it is something that is avoidable. Note that I'm pregnant,I wonder if it is caused by some sort of deficiency or is there anything I could do to increase the chances of NOT having a baby/child affected by this.
468747 tn?1207169357 I have spoken with Doctors whose opinions are conflicted between ADHD and ODD or a Bipolar disorder. What is your opinion? Please help!
Avatar f tn my daughter is always emotional an cries all the time. now heres where i have the problem she is now having an outburst, she is very aggressive.always intterrupting a conversation an she is grabbing an trying to fight me she even grabbed my 62 year old uncle an tried to shake him. she is also very impatient. when i or family member try to talk an discipline she walks away or turns head in the middle of the cnversatio.. this is outside of school.
Avatar f tn Hell yes lol I had them the very beginning of it I'm 13w ur a little further than me..
Avatar m tn The clinician will be able to offer you feedback about the tactics you are employing, while he/she considers the possibility of any condition in addition to the ADHD. It also may be that he is overmedicated.
952564 tn?1268368647 Things are not well for me in general. I'm feeling mixed for many days now but this is a problem I've been having for a few months. At first I thought it was just me but now I am starting to worry and I'm thinking it may be a sign of something else going on but a sign no one would pay attention to. It seems like a silly thing but at this point I am worried. When I answer the phone at work I am supposed to say "Good morning...." or "Good afternoon....
Avatar f tn You also tell me that you bummed it from somebody and it helped your symptoms. So, what is your question? Yes, Adderall works for ADHD. Yes, if you have ADHD, as you said you do, it will most likely work for you. It will make you loose some weight as it is a stimulant medication and "speeding up" and weight loss are some of the side effects.
Avatar m tn It might be sensory processing disorder. check out this link -
778631 tn?1238260276 What ADHD med does your doctor have you on? It should definitely work by now. I am also on ADHD meds but I do not feel like you do. What is the history of ADHD medications and Did anything traumatic in your life happen recently or in you childhood? You are going to have to see a therapist so that you can talk through these problems that you are having. It really sounds like you are having severe depression and need some help.
Avatar f tn in school he is always telling his teacher i cant do this i hate you i hate my life what is going on with him is it autism is it add is it seporation problems what can i do to help him it hurts me to see him like this
Avatar f tn Is it safe to become pregnant, having anxiety disorder? I don't even want to try, if the baby may be unhealthy. I also don't want to be on any meds. while pregnant. What do you think guys, should I try, or no?
Avatar f tn // If there is anymore questions you have, please feel free to post. Best wishes!
Avatar f tn Is it common for children with adhd to lie and steal? What suggestions do you have for these issues? He is only 8 years old. He is on medication when he is at school at his moms house and then he is not when he comes to our house. Even on the medication he steals and lies. We have tried grounding him on several occasions each time taking things away and for longer periods of time. We tried taking him down to the police station so that a police officer would talk to him.
Avatar m tn Amphetamine is speed. It is a controlled prescription substance, but is also found on the street and is illegal in that form. Street names are meth, crank, crystal. If this was also found in your urine along with the clonazepam, and you did not take either, then it would be good to see if you can retake the urine test.
Avatar m tn You are certainly doing the right thing by requesting testing. It is very difficult to help a child unless you know what the problem is. His actions at school certainly are typical of someone with ADD. And yes, by now, he certainly may be hating school because he has such a difficult time coping with it. I would definitely suggest doing some research on ADD/ADHD so you can understand what is going on. You also might want to read, The ADD/ ADhD Answer book." , by Susan Ashley.