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Avatar n tn We have lowered his dose which has helped to decrease the severity, but does not resolve the symptoms. He is on stimulant medications, as the non-stimulant line does not help. Has anyone else witnessed this problem and/or have suggestions on how to eliminate this side-effect?
Avatar n tn all stimulants can increase anxiety. Have you consider Straterra, a non-stimulant medication for ADHD? Straterra has antidepressant properties as well.
Avatar n tn There are both stimulant and non-stimulant meds (although they are typically not as effective), and because they are all controlled substances they must be prescribed by a doctor. Here is a pretty good link listed the meds with pros and precautions, etc. And this is a very good site with lots of information on the meds as well as many good links dealing with adult ADHD. http://www.help4adhd.
Avatar n tn The risk is that the treatment for the ADHD will worsen the involuntary muscle movements (tics). However, a non-stimulant treatment for ADHD, such as Strattera (atomoxetine), may benefit your son. So there are options and you can discuss these with your prescribing doctor.
Avatar f tn s a variable that needs to be considered in treating the ADHD. If it looks like either (a) her medication may cause the chewing, or (b) the medication is exacerbating her anxiety, it would be sensible to switch to a non-stimulant treatment (such as Strattera) for the ADHD. Talk to her providers about all this. Also, ask them if she thinks she might display a PDD-spectrum disorder. Compulsive chewing is not typical of such disorders except in the more severe categories.
4437866 tn?1388119624 I've heard good things about stratera. I believe it to be the only non stimulant ADHD med. Some kids don't do well with the stimulant type meds. With Josh I feel we got lucky because it only took trying 3 meds to find what works for him. He's now been on Concerta for the last 4 years and doing great.
Avatar m tn m so much more calm, neat, organized, motivated, punctual, and non-fidgety.
510969 tn?1212855281 All of the trial test results are the same - l-theanine is highly effective in the treatment of ADHD due to its ability to balance the neurotransmiters implicated in ADHD. The latest studies postulate that theanine modulates the levels of neurotransmitters, ie - if one's dopamine levels are too high, theanine lowers it. If one's serotonin levels are too low - it raises it. It also promotes alpha brain waves - the waves we have when we are calm, yet alert.
Avatar f tn Medications like Adderall can worsen paranoia and delusions. Perhaps a non-stimulant medication like Straterra would be of benefit.
Avatar m tn i have done this since i was probably 5, however only 3 years ago did i start picking and eating my shirts. i take the ADHD medication Vyvance and im about to switch to a patch. will this help with the anxiety. i really need help, i dont want to kill myself, i am only 16. please help me, i greatly appreciate it. (please pray for me if you can) thanks and god bless!
Avatar f tn The most frequent combination is a psychostimulant to treat the ADHD and an antihypertenisive (like Clonidine or Tenex) to addres the oppositional behavior. One thing you might consider is employing Strattera ( a non-stimulant) to treat the ADHD and to divide the Clonidine dose over the day to address the oppositionality. In other words, ask the doctor about giving some at night (he might not actually require .
Avatar f tn I’m tired of being tired. I sick of being scared. When I take an ADHD stimulant medication, the anxiety is reduced, for an hour, maybe two. Is the anxiety really gone? I’m still grinding my tongue on my bottom teeth. I’m probably just focused on non useful tasks. The tasks include: obsessive internet surfing, looking for home businesses (which I honestly believe will work, and may, but with an unusually high confidence.
Avatar f tn Strattera is a non stimulant med used for ADHD. Whether or not it would be effective for you, I don't know. This site lists almost all possible treatment options. Although for some reason, I couldn't find Strattera listed, so you need to google that. The site is And the following site also lists (with info) non stimulant meds (they do mention strattera).
Avatar f tn Compare the drugs Vynase to Intuniv- VS Adderal XR( I know that Adderal XR is a stimulant drug) Please advise as my son has been on Adderal XR since age 5 now 12, how long can a stimulant drug be used? Without Adderal XR his life is miserable for him ( I do not care about myself but what is best for the child) although he it better able to control impulse activity ,hyperactivity and aggressiveness but when medication wears off life get hard to manage.
Avatar f tn Don't know if this will be helpful, but just came across this while doing research. " Stomachaches or Headaches. No one knows why stimulants cause these problems in some children and adults. But often it’s helpful if the patient eats something before taking the pill. If the problem persists, it may be necessary to try a non-stimulant medication.
Avatar n tn I know this must be confusing to you - i.e., two doctors looking at the same objective data reach different conclusions. There is certainly abnormal brain activity. The question is what the activity implies for your son. There are many children who have abnormal EEG's but really no clinical symptoms. That might be the focus of your discussion with the doctors: what can your son expect in the area of symptoms; how might the abnormal brain activity influence his daily life?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know any other options for treating ADHD that do not involve medication? I have read a few sites regarding biofeedback but it does not specifically state what exactly the patient does... A desperate and frustrated mom who wants the world for her daughter!
Avatar m tn Methylphenidate is a stimulant. Your son is taking two stimulant medications which are generally indicated for ADHD, and sertraline, an anti-depressant, indicated for the treatment of depression. Risperidone is typically indicated for bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, however, it may have additional uses as well. Stimulant medications such as methylphenidate may increase the risk for new-onset psychosis; patients must be monitored for symptoms of aggression or hostility.
Avatar f tn As far as I am aware, there are no drug interaction implications between propylthiouracil and either of the active ingredients in the psychostimulant medications (methylphenidate and dextroamphetamine), or between propylthiouracil and the non-stimulant medication atomoxetine. But be sure to ask this question of your prescribers as well.
Avatar f tn She was on Abilify for a year and we recently discovered that much of her highly agressive mania was being caused by the ADHD medications she was on, including stimulants as well as non-stimulant. She no longer takes anything for ADHD, which has been giving her a lot of trouble lately at school. About two weeks ago her psychiatrist and I decided that the Abilify no longer seems to be working and we started her on Risperdal.